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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 35: Succubus Village (Dungeon)


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Side quest done in Gold Port, it’s time to get back to the main quests set by the king of Grangold.  We need to investigate the succubus village and the ladies’ village for the causes of their unrest.

Both villages are to the southwest of Gold Port.  The terrain changes back to green plains and forests, but it’s still the same wandering monsters as the rest of Grangold.  Succubus Village can be found here:

Beware: Succubi live here

We don’t have to look very hard to find the unrest.  On entering the village proper we’re greeted with scenes of chaos.  There are fights breaking out all over the place and – unusually – it appears to be succubus on succubus.

The game represents the fighting as angry RPG sprites crashing into each other over and over.  This doesn’t seem very succubus-y to me.  Surely, if they’re succubi, they’d fight in a certain... ahem... “style” – i.e. trying to screw each other into submission.  Which means we’ve probably just walked into an epic angry orgy.

(Now that would make for a hot story!)

One side is trying to drain every man they see into submission.  Judging by the poor slobs spread out all over the place, they seem to have taken out most of the village.  The other side are trying to stop them, or at least prevent all the menfolk being reduced to dried-fish status.

So, who’s behind all this?  It can’t be Eva this time.

Ah, so this is the culprit.

A... succubus?

The nope-uccubus calls herself Natasha.  She’s got everyone riled up because the village refuses to hand over a man to her.  It’s not even an important man, but him being alive pains Natasha greatly.

Yowza, what he’d do to piss her off?  Hell hath no fury like a nope-uccubus ignored.

We don’t fight Natasha just yet.  It looks like we’ll have to pick our way through the mass orgy brawl first.

As Succubus Village is a returning location from the original series, I was expecting it to be populated with monster girls from the original series.  So, I was surprised to run into this bunch of lovely ladies.

Welcome to the succubus village

There’s too many of them.  We need to get out of here.  You run.  I’ll... ahem... hold them back.

The quartet’s temptation move is to go right for our weak spot.

Brings a whole new meaning to attack his weak point...

Yeah, I guess that would be effective.

The Bad End is suitably erotic as our gorgeous succubus harem smothers us in sensual delights.

A lot of people "lose" in the Succubus Village

It will come as no surprise to hear I rather enjoyed this Bad End scene.  The only disappointment is that the Bad End heavily implies all four are going to take their turn riding us to sexual ecstasy, but in the art we only get to see the green-haired succubus have sex with us.  This is the same for their request move back at the castle after they’ve been recruited (like the Nefertiti lamias and UN_DO slime girls, they’re recruited as a quartet).  While it feels a little harsh to criticise a game with as much H-content as MQ:P, I would have loved to have seen all four get their fair “share”.

They aren’t the only new encounter.  There’s even a new maid succubus as well:

Maid succubi.  So... many... fetishes...

She also has a crazy amount of request scenes in the pocket castle.  Five (technically 6), to be precise, which is very generous considering she’s your basic wandering mob.  She “likes” vacuuming Luka’s dick with a vacuum cleaner…

Don't try this at home unless you fancy a trip to your local A & E

…or her tail:

Now for the "real" vacuum suck...

She also has a handjob-with-panties scene, a paizuri scene and two separate sex scenes.  Mei is a very talented maid even if most of the time she gives off the impression she can’t be doing with Luka’s shit right now.

I can’t remember the artist’s name, but I think they have a similar succubus as one of the bonus encounters in Succubus Prison.  As with most Bad Ends in that game, the scene has some animation, so you get to see her tail pump out the contents of the protagonist’s balls and gulp it down, rather than just read about it in text.  It’s well worth checking out.

(As anon points out in the comments, the artist is Cool Kyoushinsha.  Yes, they do have scenes in Succubus Prison.  But you might know them more for Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, especially considering it's a moderately well-known anime series...

Yeah, I probably should have known that.

Ironically, this is also the series that spawned the "Don't lewd the dragon loli!" meme.

Japan.  Always weird.  Always awesome.

If you want more of Mei, Cool Kyoushinsha has more pictures of her on their pixiv account.)

While we’re back in the pocket castle, it’s worth having Eva in the party while talking to the succubus harem (they’re even given the name “harem”) to pick up some extra snippets of background information.  Apparently poor Eva is very accident-prone (likely due to her Jack-of-all-Trades, Master-of-None nature).  It sounds like she was banned from the Succubus Village for burning the mayor’s house down and other calamitous acts of clumsiness.

While the presence of two brand new encounters in an old location is a pleasant surprise, it does make sense.  The succubi in the original series were all NPC characters rather than generic monster girls, so it would be a bit weird to fight them over and over as random encounters.

The original Mincubus, Lencubus and Maccubus are present as one-off fixed battles taking place around the village.  They’re sort of pseudo-boss fights, but obviously not as difficult.  There are similar “fixed” fights (as opposed to the usual JRPG random encounters) with the new succubi as well.

Mincubus can be fought in the petting zoo type enclosure to the left of the entrance.  After beating her, she’ll run off to her house where you’ll need to fight her with her sister, Lencubus.  As with the original series, the prostitute Maccubus can be found in the pub, where she’s pretty much bukkake-d the entire bar to unconsciousness.

Not 100% sure, but I think they got new battle sprites for this game.

Mincubus and Lencubus


The village is split in half by a river.  The mayor’s house, and I believe our destination, is found on the north shore.  There’s another fixed battle with various harem members to clear the bridge, and then we can move onto the mayor’s mansion.

The mansion is right at the top of the map.  Inside and upstairs an elegantly attired woman can be found upstairs in one of the bedrooms.  Surprisingly, she’s human.  The succubus lying at her feet is bemoaning the fact she lost a sex battle to a mere human.  So I guess she’s the battlefucker, but we’ll need to take care of whatever has the village in such a state of upheaval first.

To do that we need to go downstairs and find out what the hell is up between the succubus mayor and nope-uccubus Natasha.  But as I’ve just passed a thousand words for this post, it will have to wait until next time.

(which sort of makes sense – I normally split posts between town and dungeon, and they’re sort of combined here.)


Here’s a sexy pic of Maccubus to compensate (because posting a pic of Mincubus would likely get me arrested...)

More new artwork?  She was mostly covered in semen in the original series, if I remember correctly

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  1. Finally!
    "(Now that would make for a hot story!)" Yes... one would pay to read that... one would like to see more of the battle between verdè and co in succubus summoning...

    1. Thinking about whether it would work best as a scene in Succubus Summoning or as a standalone story.

    2. Might be fun for Succubus Summoning~. Or for Phil to be stuck in some sort of succubus orgy again, except this time with less fear of being sucked dry and soul drained? :D

  2. I'm surprised you didn't have a stronger reaction to seeing the battlefucker take out a succubus.

    1. I did laugh. It was a nice touch. It sort of fits the universe where you're going to get some weak succubi and some skilled humans.

    2. Clearly, you need to write a story about a man who's human girlfriend is able to out-compete the succubus contender.

  3. the artist for the succubus maid is probably COOL Kyoushinja, he wrote & drew many manga series

    1. I looked him up and realised it's the same guy behind the dragon maid anime series. Now I feel kind of ignorant. :D

    2. I did not know that, pretty awesome. Bet now he has a popular anime his price will go up for comissions so hope trtr paid him for his work in part 3 already

    3. Cool Kyou is an MGQ fan. I'm sure he won't charge much.

    4. I think that's pretty awesome. Creates a manga that gets made into an anime series. Still has time to draw artwork for smutty indie games.

      He also has 2 succubi in Dieselmine's recent succubus game.

  4. Bandersnatch from the previous chapter is probably also cool kyoushinja's art

  5. Eva burning down the mansion was "clumsiness" alright.
    In either castle dialogue or one of the Grandeur theater skits, Eva calls it being tsundere. The succubus mayor calls it terrorism.

    You see, the succubus mayor has really been pushing potatoes as a ration/alternative food source over men. After being given too many of the things, Eva seems to have snapped and went on a rampage, tearing apart the crop fields, burning down the mayor's mansion, and maybe more. That's how she got exiled.

    Give one as a gift and almost every succubus but the mayor will not be pleased, some giving a "...." reaction. Eva's affinity will drop. Alma Elma also has a comment about how lately she's heard of succubi fearing potatoes.

  6. It is nice to see Maccubus not covered in semen for once.