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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

HoHH Art Commission - Alsharajea Hira, the Corruptress

After seeing how Pori turned out, I contacted the artist, and ran a poll for patrons to pick a HoHH harlot to have art commissioned for.  Alsharajea Hira, the Corruptress won and this is the finished result.

Reception on Patreon has been pretty mixed.  I think a lot depends on how thicc you like your succubi.  Personally, I think it conveys her raunchiness pretty well, but I also understand it might not be everyone's cup of tea.  We all have different preferences.

I hope you enjoy anyway.

The artist is HunggryCroissant.  They have a gallery on Eka's Portal here, and they gave me this link as their artist page if you'd like to contact and commission them:

I've put aside a little war chest for character commissions, so I hope to get more harlots commissioned in the future.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Art Commission - Setouchi's Illustration of Volumpula

A while back I set aside some money for an art commission of Volumpula. That fell through unfortunately. Fast forward to about a week or so ago and one of my patrons (thanks Stephen!) pointed me in the direction of Skeb, a Japanese site that facilitates commissions of various artists, including some of the artists of Monster Girl Quest. I love Setouchi's work, especially his gooey slime girls, and put in a request. This is the result:


It's lovely. Volumpula does make for a nice soft comfortable bed while she gently drains away all that... tension. If you're not aware of who Volumpula is, she's a pink cushionblob. About a year or so ago, while first experimenting with Twine, I created a couple of monster girl CYOAs. One of which was "Escape Volumpula, the Pink Jelly". That can be played here: Escape Volumpula, the Pink Jelly Setouchi did a great job here. I love his monster girls in Monster Girl Quest, so to be able commission him to draw one of mine is a dream come true. I'll talk a bit about, in case any of you are interested in commissioning pieces for yourselves (which I highly recommend). It's an intermediary site. You put in a request. It's put to the artist. They say yay or nay, and then you get the piece within a certain time period. Setouchi was very very fast with both acceptance and delivery. Some things to note. You deal through the site and not with the artist directly (In fact it is frowned upon to contact them outside of the site). English requests are translated to Japanese with DeepL. As with all machine translation, it's a good idea to run the output Japanese through the translator to make sure you roughly get back to the original English. (I originally described Volumpula's colour as "cherry-blossom pink", which came out as "cherry red" - glad I caught that one!) Payment is taken on submission of request and then held until the artist delivers the piece, so make sure you have the money up front. The work is for personal rather than commercial use. I think that means it's okay to stick it up on a blog or social media site, but not okay to package it up in a game for sale without asking the artist for additional permissions beforehand. This means I'll need to find a different approach if House of Hellish Harlots progresses to the point of needing artwork. If you have a favourite monster girl from MGQ and would like to see more pieces of her in action, I'd recommend dropping in a request. As you can see from Setouchi's page, there are a lot of MGQ pieces requested by fans. There are also other MGQ artists on Skeb such as Shiki (although currently closed to commissions) and Xelvy. Overall I found it an easy and professional site to use. I think I might commission a few more pieces in the future. Never hurts to have more artwork of sexy monster girls and succubi floating around!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Can anyone recommend a good slime girl artist?

My initial plan was to use some of those lovely patreon bux to commission some artwork of Volumpula to go with her CYOA.  (when I finally finish the monstrous thing - Volumpula, do you have to play with your food this much?)

Unfortunately this appears to have fallen through.  No money changed hands, so there's nothing to worry about there.  The artist didn't get back to me after initial contact, so I have to assume they're busy, or the commission wasn't something that interested them.  Nothing wrong with that.  It happens.

I'm still keen to get a piece done (mainly as a thank you for the people that have contributed).

Here are the details of the piece:

Character Detail

Name: Volumpula

She's a slime girl with so much additional mass it forms a bed-like blob beneath her.   Her human part looks like a gorgeous woman in her mid-twenties with a voluptuous hourglass figure.  The blob part looks somewhere between a large circular waterbed or gigantic over-stuffed cushion.  Both blob and woman look like they're made out of translucent pink jelly (standard slime girl transparency).  Shade of pink should look more unnatural rather than being mistaken for human skin tone (should look more like berries or artificial plastic/rubber).

Here's a pic of Milfy from the Violated Hero 2 game to give an idea of what I mean (she was the primary inspiration for Volumpula).  Volumpula is pinker, bustier and the bed/blob part is bigger.

Any resemblances between Milfy and Volumpula are purely... ahem... incidental.
She has a glamourpuss face with sensual pouty lips and big eyes.  Her "hair" is a slightly darker shade of pink, "big", curly (given her slimy composition will look more like froth) and cascades down to below her shoulders.

The soapland slime girl from the Wicked City anime is a good reference point for hairstyle.  It's a nice callback as she's the first instance of a sexy slime/blob girl I can think of in popular(ish) culture.

His body-to-body massage got a little too close...

Volumpula lounging seductively on her "bed" and looking out at the viewer as if she's trying to tempt them into joining her on her "bed".

Optional.  The room has pink padded walls, floor and ceil.  A pink girl on a pink bed in a pink room is likely to be lost completely in a sea of pink if not done carefully!

If anyone knows an artist who might be a good fit for this, please drop a link to their work and commission rates in the comments below.

Alternatively, if you feel inspired and fancy creating your own representation, please feel free to go ahead and have fun.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Looking to Commission a Cover Artist for the Sandwiched by Series

Ah, the Sandwiched by series.  Originally it was supposed to be a series of 5-10K word novellas, wholly self-published by me, released monthly over the period of a year.  While the stories are only connected thematically (monster girl threesomes), I intended it to be a trial for later serials that did tell an ongoing story over the period of a year (Okasare Kenny).  Provided I could prove I had the discipline to keep to a monthly schedule (because I didn't want to launch into a proper continuous story and have it go AWOL after a couple of months).

That didn't go so well...

So much so, I think it's time for a relaunch and a Sandwiched by series that does adhere to the original vision.  I'm even making it easier for myself as the first 5 are already written (as well as chunks of 6 and 7).  So let's try and keep to a schedule this time so 2019 can be about the gorgeous, freaky, sexy weirdness of Okasare Kenny.

(I haven't forgotten about Succubus Summoning 301, don't worry.)

In keeping with the concept of relaunch, I think it's time I did a little more with the cover art.  I think the basic design is fine.  The monster girl silhouettes... less so.  Here are the originals for reference:

Was I trying to draw a spider or an ant here?

Originally, to contrast with the other silhouettes, I wanted the slimes to be blue and transparent.  I had nowhere near the art chops to make that a reality.

This one didn't turn out too bad.

Panic, panic, deadline approaching.  Stock art assets to the rescue...  To be fair, I didn't really give my brother (who's done most of my other covers and helped out with this one) much time to pull this one out of the bag. 

Deadline panic again.  Less said the better.  As with the slime girls, I wanted to contrast these with the other silhouettes by making them flesh coloured.

At this point I'm looking for someone with decent art skills to redo the monster girl silhouettes/covers.  I'm looking for sexy stylised rather than anime for the monster girls.  Think old-fashioned chic.  Or something like Persona 5.  Stylish, basically.  I already have template files available and just need the monster girls positioned around them.

I'm willing to offer $40 per cover and there will likely be 12-13 pieces in total, meaning the overall commission will be worth around $500 if I like what I see.

Yes, I know this figure is more in the range of commissioning fan art than commercial artwork.  It's pretty much what I can afford and justify with current sales at this present point in time.  If I really like someone's work I might be pushed higher and of course, if sales increase I will have more money available for future projects.

There is a little bit of time pressure as I want to re-release Spiders around the 13th of January and would ideally need the artwork for that by the 10th.  Yup, it's short notice, but I'm hoping that as they're silhouettes, the pieces should be fairly quick and relatively easy to create.

If you're interested, please contact me at for more details.

Also, if anyone has suggestions for other places I can post this request without feeling like a human spambot (DeviantArt maybe?), please let me know.