Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Art of Pori, the Love Sponge

Pori, the Love Sponge is one of the harlots in "The House of Hellish Harlots".  The public demo of that has been updated to v0.025 and can be played here.  Here is a lovely pic of her, showing her in all her comfy loveliness.

While I'd love to say I was responsible for this, the piece was independently commissioned by Mark45 and he kindly gave me permission to share it.

The artist is HunggryCroissant and more of their work can be found here.

I like this.  If I was to add art to HoHH it would be through profile pictures like this.  The ideal GUI for HoHH would likely take the form of a book with artwork on the left page and the text on the right.  Unfortunately, I lack the wherewithal to create this, so the project will likely stay text-only for the moment.  What I did think of doing was to create a profile page on houseofhellishharlots.com and list all the harlots with profile pics and details (Kind of like Monster Girl Encyclopaedia, but if all the monster girls were offering services in a massage parlour/brothel).  Art like this would be perfect for that.


  1. (Succubi Lover)

    She looks fucking terrific lad! It makes me almost forgive her for what she does to you if you go to her with no semen. By Odin's beard, that death was more horrific than what the Subway Succubus did to the poor chap.

    Although Pori looks more like a slime girl and less of an android though. Pori looks more like Balooba. But the art is still fantastic.

    Would be great to see someone do art of adult Cerulea. Speaking of the "little girl" succubus, does she have a need to feed on humans like Rosa or Verde? If a random human is dropped in her domain, would she shape shift into her amazon form to seduce the man or get the human to play games with her or draw with her?

    1. She's pretty close to how I'd have Volumpula drawn, although the slime girls are a little more gooey.

      Baloobia will be tricky. She's heavily influenced by the slime girl from Lust Grimm, but I'd like art of her to establish her own identity rather than just being a copy.

      I did want to get art done of Cerulea's 'flapper' form to complete the set, but something came up at the time and when I contacted the artist to see if they'd be interested in doing HoHH commissions, I go no reply. So I don't know if they've changed their email or just busy.

      Cerulea is fairly chaotic. That's why the others were fearful of Phil even seeing her. How she'd react to anyone entering her domain would be very unpredictable.

  2. Holy shit she looks fucking amazing MEH. I hope to see more art of the harlots. As for fighting succubi? How about a faction of Alma Elma like succubi that train in combat and know how to fight, but they don't use it to kill humans.

    They use their combat skills to dominate resisting men because they get their juices flowing over beating down a human. Just like Alma and will almost never use their combat skills to outright kill a human, rather they would incapacitate the human.

    Kind of like that succubus from "Busted Bankster" didn't throw any serious attacks at the dude and just wanted to restrain him.

    You can create lust daemons that can fight.

    1. One of the original faction ideas was for 'fighting' succubi. Anna Boa is a member of this faction. I cut the base game requirements to needing 5 factions rather than 7. I do have a lot of ideas for various 'erotic wrestling' harlots that will show up as independents, then show up as a faction if I get around to adding more.

      It will probably be heavy emphasis in the erotic part with the player character mostly being submissive to represent it's still a brothel.

      I would like to create a more 'sex combat' type game at some point. I'll probably reuse some of the same succubi/monster girls, only this time they will get to fully show off their techniques to subdue and restrain.

  3. Very well done. I wonder if Balooba hates her for being better than her. Hey do succubi spirits exist? I remember reading a novel where a woman had a succubus spirit inside her and in order to prevent the spirit from eating her from the inside out, she had to fuck at least once a day.

    Does something like that exist in the Dominion of Lust? Succubi spirits body snatching humans, bro?

    1. I know that book. It's Charles Stross's Jennifer Morgue, if I remember right.

      I really hated that book. I loved the previous one, but felt Stross had a guilty fit about writing a fun, whizzbang James Bond story and changed it into an annoying preachfest halfway through that wrecked most of the internal logic. A shame, as I really loved the book before it.

      I prefer more tangible demons than the typical possession stories. I wouldn't rule it out though. Definitely some fun that can be had with the concept.

  4. The pic looks cool. She looks like she's made out of shiny pink bubble gum. Anyway, are you going to include harlots that like a man to be dominate?

    I really liked the scene of the MC banging Pix over the couch. Do some succubi love it when a man takes control of them, or are all succubi pretty much femme fatales that love femdom?

    Succubi that enjoys human men trash talking her while doing rough thrusts into her?

    Do some succubi like maledom or most are into femdom?

    1. It's something I want to work in. Because of what they are, the lust daemons need to take an active role. That doesn't rule out some seducing through being submissive. The Bed Mimic does that in one of the H-space stories. I have other ideas for harlots that - similar to Pix - prefer the man to be on top and in control (or at least, think he is).

      Those scenarios will probably be fewer as I find the femdom succubi hotter, and the hotter monster girls are easier for me to write.

      It is something I will try to include though.

  5. I honestly don't get the Intelligence factor. How is that going to help against a harlot? You can simply watch out for things by talking to the Elegant Lady, Barman, or the big boob witch.

    Does the Intelligence give you more speech options? Its not like the MC is gonna impress a harlot like he's Einstein. They all would just want to fuck him...

    1. INT is an underused stat at the moment. There is one harlot in progress that cares about it. For a while I did wonder if I should include it at all. Despite being a 'classic' RPG stat, it's a difficult one to include here.

      I do have a use for it as an additional hint system. It's only minor at the moment, but there are some scenarios where a higher INT character will notice something a lower INT character doesn't. I want to add some scenarios where that insight is much more critical, I just haven't had any solid ideas for them yet.

  6. What's the point of the Hell Hounds tho? In your prototype scenario, you had the protagonist get killed by a fog succubus if he lingered by the car for too long or didn't enter the House.

    Why use the hounds when you could have just had a bunch of elemental succubi guarding the place; from the fog succubi to the earth succubus that can create quick sand in one of your stories. I forgot the name but it was about a dude escaping from another succubus only to run into the earth succubus.

    Or the Hell Hounds are supposed to be "evil" Bouncers?

    But the dude above me has a point about intelligence too. I never had to raise it and have passed the House multiple times with Intel at 1.

    1. Hellhounds are internal security while the fog succubus is external. I might add more elemental succubi on external duties. An Earth Succubus would fit very well. And maybe a dryad type.

      While I don't think I'll be elaborating on the House grounds segment that showed up in the very early prototype, their harlot scenarios will probably show hints of how they handle intruders (quicksand, dragged into bushes, etc).

      And yep. INT is a fairly safe dump stat at the moment. I think it's the only one where a player can't be killed for it being too low. I will try and correct for that in future. It's a little trickier to test than the more obvious "are you strong, agile, tough enough?"

  7. *Billy*

    Yes, INT is the garbage stat of this game unfortunately, Hydra. The three most important stats seems to be just DEX, WILL, and CON. The other stats being used just to bypass at least one harlot (STR to pass Anna Boa, DEX to pass Nerei, and AGILI to pass Chen and so on). I never had to use a potion for INT and have completed the demo multiple times no matter if my INT was 1 or 5.

    INT in your typical fantasy game was just to see how much a tactician the DnD character was. Sometimes INT meant how high your mana is and how fast the mana can regenerate, like Warcraft.

    I was wondering how you were going to use an INT stat in a game like this…

    Maybe you can have a PC with a higher INT be able to ask more questions and get access to special dialogue with a harlots and NPCs that someone with a low INT won’t get. Maybe a high INT will have a higher chance of the PC investigating the House, or having a higher chance of being part of a Bar event.

    The Elegant Lady did say that the House has secrets that even she can’t spill, and you did say you were going to put in a “quest” so that it will allow you to have “safe sex” with Sgriosar. Maybe someone with a high INT can gain the knowledge to complete the quest and to expose secrets of the House that someone with low INT can’t do.

    What do you think, Hydra?

    1. Plan for INT is to have it reveal more hints over the course of the game.

      The usefulness of the stats is currently unbalanced because I've added a lot of harlots of a faction where the main mechanic cares about CON.

      It should balance out as I add more harlots that have different requirements to survive.

  8. (Succubi Lover)

    Yes, the INT stat is indeed a miss, lad. However, how come you didn't add any of the other stats? Would an Endurance stat, Charisma stat, Wisdom stat, and maybe a Luck stat would have helped you in a game like this?

    As far as your INT stat, it could work. Like Billy said, maybe the male character having a high INT will open up new dialogue options for the harlots and NPCs and a higher chance of the PC taking part in a Bar event.

    If a warlock ignored his imp lad telling him not to go but he goes to the House anyway, would the demonic imp abandon him, or would the imp be able to bang the harlots too? Or no because the harlots will only be interested in humans and won't like banging a demon?

    As for the whole succubi invading the Earth and taking humans, we do see a glimpse of this in the "Milk Maid" one shot where succubi and incubi for swooping down on panicking humans and snatching them off the street.

    And as I recall, you were thinking of writing a one shot about a bunch of succubi and other daemons assaulting a college right?

    1. I wanted to avoid stat bloat and overlaps. I think I originally had 5 physical and 5 mental, then chopped it down to just 5, then added AGI because there were a few harlot ideas that called for that stat and I couldn't do it with the others. INT was the weirdest as that always seems to be a core RPG stat, but it's really awkward to implement for this game.

      On the warlock + familiar, probably depends on power of warlock and bond. Familiar likely takes the soul if the warlock is a novice to stop someone in the House getting it. If more powerful, wouldn't enter, but might try to provide help. The Portly Gentleman is hinted to have connections with Dominion of Greed. They are helping him, but can't bust him out. Familiars are mostly only interested in their particular 'sin', although there are daemons with influences from other dominions. (They have a primary Dominion, but are from a border area so their primary urge has a secondary slant to it)

      I have an overarching plan for the short stories and they're all meant to be snapshots from different points in that overarching story.

  9. (Succubi Lover)

    Sorry lad. I almost forgot to add. What does the Madam's true succubus form looks like? Does she have six wings like Minagi from MGQ or she looks like Nurse Honey (big wings with horns shaped like a crown/elk) and does she change the color of her skin and does she have elf ears?

    You stated she's a very high level succubus and like Nurse Honey, does she deliberately look more human to let down the guard of humans?

    1. She's very 'open' at the moment. I haven't finalised her true form, power level or her final role.

      At the moment I'm leaning towards humanoid succubus that is uglying herself up a little as The Madam.

  10. So what will the cat girls be like in the House? We CANNOT forget about the cat girls dude. They are just important as Mountain Dew and Doritos to me dude.

    Also what do you mean by uglying herself up? Why will any succubi deliberately look ugly? I thought bring sexy was their thing?

    1. Cat girls do feel like a must. It's a monster girl I don't really write. Then again, so were fairies and then the House gained a 4 or 5 of them. :D

      The Madam is quite a powerful succubus with a weird concept of fairness. She does it so she's not overshadowing her less powerful gals.

  11. *Billy*

    What's awesome Hydra is that you are just getting started. We are just scratching the surface of how many harlots you got so far. Hell you don't even need to make a harlot, you can literally pull one from other stories like Boobella and Asypha.

    You could add:

    -Shadow succubi spirits that Ntye summoned when she was banging Phil.

    -The two succubus-like lizard girls.

    -Celestrico and Sulpa from Okasare Kenny.(kind of jarring that you added in Asypha first) also was Celest really not attracted to Kenny?

    -The succubi gang bang group from "Succubus Orgy" (Lappa, Pampanne and Yuemuma are my faves)

    -The succubi that "attacked" Verde from the Pleasure Palace.

    -The tentacle/smoke monster girl from Cerluea Circles.

    Also are there tentacle monsters that exist in the Dominion of Lust? Like instead of raping tentacle monsters that assault women with dicks, you get female tentacle monsters that look like women and attack men with semen sucking tubes?

    1. Yep, there are definitely a lot of story characters I want to bring in. Some I have the mechanics fleshed out for, others I'm just waiting on figuring out how to use them.

      Also, a yes on the sucking tube tentacle monsters. If it's a story, I normally focus on making them a monster girl (probably some kind of scylla), but I also normally hint at strange fauna/flora being capable of it in H-space.

  12. I want to get into the story so badly but it just makes your heart heavy when you stop to think what's happening in the background Mr Hydra.

    I think its just because im so used to Monster Girl Encyclopedia this just feels terrible for me.

    When I discovered that there isn't any real human opposition and a powerful daemon like Carny can not only get away with killing a large group of humans but there is no humans can keep him in check. And your admitted there are literal world ending daemons around...

    The warlocks may be humans that can do magic, but they aren't using their powers to keep daemons in check and are actually dooming Earth by making pacts with the daemons.

    Did you really have to make the humans as fucked as mankind is in Call of Cthulu? Just so you can justify succubi sex?

    Can you at least mention there are human deamon hunters or monster slayers in the background? Not just hunting succubi but are capable of taking on daemons like Carny.

    Also Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. It's kind of like Call of Cthulhu, but the monsters drive people mad with pleasure rather than weirdness.

      There are checks and balances to keep the daemons from just gobbling up a world any time they feel like it, but it's not the usual good vs evil conflict.

      Some humans can fight and not every daemon is completely OP. Because I'm predominantly writing femdom monster girl/succubus stories, the only windows into this world tend to show the protagonist being snared and then helplessly drained. If the hero resisted the charm and put a silver-tipped crossbow bolt through the succubus's skull, I wouldn't have any sex for my porn story!

  13. Hoped you had a good Thanksgiving MEH but is the Buxom witch based on the stereotypical anime loli with big boobs or did you take inspiration from the goddess of Wicca that has three forms. The maiden (young girl), the mother (middle-aged woman), and the Crone (old woman).

    If the Doctoress is supposed to be a succubus version of the Angel Scientist from MGQ, then who is the Buxom witch based on?

    And who is the Elegant Lady based on? I've been getting Lady D from Resident Evil Village vibes from her.

    1. Yep, Buxom Lolibaba is a reference to the concept of child/mother/crone. It also shows up in old Arthurian myth.

      I wrote the Elegant Lady before seeing Res Evil's Lady D. I'm guessing they're derived from the same influences (vintage glamour fashion from early 20th century - ish).

  14. Lol nice pic of Pori dude! Yo did any SJW bother you about your stories not being that "inclusive"? Did you ever get questions like:

    "why aren't there any black succubi? Why do they look like white girls? Wheres the negro, asian, and hispanic succubi?"


    "why aren't there no black dudes that get sucked dry. Why is it just white males?"

    Questions like that. Did that ever bother you by trying to force their narrative on you? Thanks Hydra and hoped you had a good holiday.

    1. I think I'm mostly blacklisted from the "cool" kid circles nowadays. It's fine. it's not like the old days. There are ways to route around them nowadays.

      Also, SJWs generally exhibit typical bully behaviour. If you ignore them or stand up to them, they usually piss off and look for softer targets to bully.

      The only considerations I have for my stories is are they sexy and are the characters interesting. Sometimes I'll reference race or some other characteristic if I think it's relevant to the story. Sometimes I'll keep the description of a protagonist intentionally vague so anyone can picture themselves having "fun" in their place.

      Succubi are extra-dimensional daemons. Our concepts of race are pretty meaningless to them.