Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Public demo version of "House of Hellish Harlots" updated to v0.025

Not quite the "hopefully, by the end of the week" as I originally said, as October was bedevilled with technical problems for me which ended up in me needing to replace my computer, but I've finally managed to update the public website version of "House of Hellish Harlots" to v0.025.  It can be found here:

The major change is the addition of an accelerated restart mode.  I got plenty of feedback about how annoying it was to have to go through the Barman's introduction and warnings for every new game and so added an option to skip that for subsequent playthroughs (similar to how the original car journey and Madam's tour are skippable on subsequent playthroughs).  I also extended this to the Madam's explanations of how Mulligan Tokens work.  The accelerated restart option drops the player right in at the first round of harlot choices.  This should make the game a lot more playable!

I've also given the demo a designated endpoint.  There were reasons for the "we've run out of harlots" comment from the Madam, but it probably seemed weird to players to get it after only seeing 6 of 40 harlots.  Now, the demo runs for the first 5 rounds.  The 5th round is a designated special mini-boss round.  No 'mini-bosses' have been added yet (they will have slightly longer and more complex scenarios than the regular harlots), but I've moved back most of the really dangerous harlots to round 5 to temporarily fill that role.  This should reduce the chances of the player getting a first round of harlots that are impossible to survive.

I've added a changelog section to the webpage, so the full details can be found there.  I've also added some separate sections for links and begging for any artists to take interest.

Patrons are slightly ahead at the moment as I released a new version at the end of the month that includes two new harlots.  They are at v0.026 while the public version is at v0.025.  Because I want patrons to feel like they're paying for something (and if you wish to support this project, you can do it here), I'll continue to maintain the early access approach of patrons getting the new version a month before the public update.   

As for the overall look of the website, yeah, my webdev skills... suck.  I'm definitely very boomer-esque when it comes to that department.  I probably spent most of last night screaming at the screen because I'd change a font size, hit publish, only for the change to be completely ignored (likely because some other global setting I'm unaware of is overriding it).  That's something I'm just going to have to keep working at until I get better.  At the moment it sort of displays okay as plain white text on a black background to me, but I don't know if it's doing crazy stuff like white text on a white background for other people.  If you notice anything off, please let me know.  Also, because I am clearly noobish, any hints, tips, feedback and suggestions will be gratefully received!

The idea I had for the website was to have it spoof a high-class brothel/massage parlour website, with sections for facilities, ladies available, etc.  As I'm not sure I'll be able to add artwork to Twine without it slowing down to a crawl, a nice interim step would be to create a "Ladies" page that lists all the harlots with a profile and picture.  Think Monster Girl Encyclopaedia, but with the profile listing what services they offer and specialties.  The current site is a long way off that at the moment, but I think that idea is doable and something to aim for.  Consider it a work in progress I'll keep tinkering with to make better

Anyway, have fun and try to avoid those Horror Ends!


  1. Osculia Suffocati was awesome. Is she the same succubus that froze Bate by blowing a kiss at him? Is she a "Red Lips Succubus"?

    About the succubi imps, why do they knock a man unconscious or paralyze him to bring him to a lust daemon that can soul suck him? Why can't the imp keep the man all for herself?

    And you know, despite the power levels and hierarchies, it's pretty clear that succubi tend to be the most "popular" female lust daemon. The other lust daemons like slime girls feel like "second class citizens" compared to succubi and yes, I know there are weak succubi, but the succubi tend to be the most involved party.

    I wouldn't be surprised that succubi are the official or unofficial "mascot" of female lust daemons of the Dominion of Lust.

    1. Slightly different succubus. I'll probably give her a scenario of her own later. Both use their lips to hypnotise their prey. Their kisses are slightly different. Osculia is more about erotic asphyxiation while Red Lips is more conventional sex acts (kiss to take control, then blowjob to drain life).

      The scarlet imps are sort of like a servant class. They follow the orders of the other lust daemons. They could take a man for themselves, but the punishment they'd receive later wouldn't be worth it.

      I still haven't finalised the hierarchies. Some succubi in the House look down on other monster girl types, but some of the 'lesser' monster girl types are also capable of having very powerful individuals.

  2. Can you get rid of the black space at the bottom. Like if you scroll all the way to the bottom need to scroll back up to the next choice. Also need to scroll up after clicking save or restart.

    Typo: She sips her wine and - like the sirens in the moves

    Would vote for Ygolia revisit. Where you can tell the Portly Gentlemen she does have the bits in the correct place? Would she need a new room for a new game?

    Gurosadotrix when? Do those end with a visit to the nurse?

    Queen namedrop? Anymore references planned? Or a early appearance? Then you can Mulligan for a Bad End? Probably won't be able to Mulligan mid bosses or Queens?

    Since you have her name how far have you thought of her character/scenario?

    Does she wear heels?

    1. I'll have to check on the black space. Could be an issue with how Twine lays it out. Is this on a computer or mobile device?

      I'm keeping one slot open per faction for patrons to vote a favourite to get a repeat visit. If Ygolia wins that vote (when I run it), she'll get a new 'game'.

      Unsure on the Gurosadotrix. She'd probably be a Clive Barker cenobite type of harlot. I'd definitely be unleashing Horror Head on that one. Main problem is figuring out how to leave the player able to continue at the end of it.

      I still haven't figured out the Queen's scenario. I've moved away from writing the harlots faction-by-faction, so that should give me more time to work out what she's like and what her scenario entails. I suspect she'll be more like one of the MGQ's sexy abominations.

    2. Both computer and mobile on Google Chrome.
      Looking forward to more of the traditional succubi.

  3. The roleplay with Campbell was hot. It was funny that she was calling the dude Mr Blond. Given the fact that she loves spy movies, I wonder what is her favorite Bond. I wonder if Campbell would cream herself if she got her hands on Sean Connery and Austin Powers.

    You can also use that for fuel for a Koontz/Brite story; a James Bond like spy investigating them and falling prey to succubi :)

    I hope we get more harlots into roleplay. Would love to see one with a succubus pretending to a big bad Demon Lord and the PC is pretending to be the Demon Hunter that is held hostage.

    Also Gurosadotrix? My god, that means you got succubi that get turned on from bleeding a human.

    1. Connery, definitely. Maybe not Austin Powers. She might find him a little too annoying.

      I did get halfway through a "Sandwiched by" story that featured a spy investigating a Koontz/Brite type villain. I need to drag that out of hiatus at some point.

      I like the idea of a dangerous lust daemon doing 'conventional' roleplay. Baloobia also does it with one of her repeat scenarios. I think those are fun, so I'll probably create a few more.

      As above, yup, a Gurosadotrix would likely be very gory.

  4. (Succubi Lover)

    I played the new Demo, and it is MUCH better than your old one, lad, and it is really shaping up to be one hell of a great game, Hydra. Yeah, I agree about the humans going to deep into Hell. They won’t be getting blown to pieces by powerful magic attacks, but will encounter lust daemons that are very good at restraining them. It does kind of suck that the Slaanesh daemons aren’t like that.

    Then again, Warhammer 40K was all about fighting and killing and I guess the creators of the franchise didn’t want to make a faction of daemons that are only interested in capturing and fucking humans to death, even the supposed “lust daemons” in 40K still need to be the generic “rip you to pieces” monsters that we have seen countless times.

    It doesn’t help that they keep hammering in that lust can mean other things than sex. I get that lust can also mean the desire to have something, but why is a pink-skinned devil girl with multiple arms wearing bondage gear, tentacles for hair, crab claws for hands, and teeth on her TONGUE have to represent that?

    Our society is strange that we can show people getting torn asunder by vicious ugly daemons in shows like Helluva Boss, but a woman’s naked tits that shown just for a second are bad.

    I hope to see more different harlots; I liked the new harlots, especially Campbell and Bebi. It was quite chilling on what they did to the PC; I like it as it shows that even the succubi/lust daemons that appear friendly and nice will still snuff your life out without hesitating if you make the wrong action. It shows that they are STILL daemons, and they regard human life as pointless, much like a person not losing any sleep for stomping on a nasty bug.

    I did feel bad for Pel V; she’s supposed to be a lust daemon and she can’t really “eat” a man unless he climaxes. It’s no wonder why she’s teased by the succubi. She probably hates Sammy because the idea that a human girl can get a man to make a man cum better than she can must sting her.

    1. Cheers.

      WH 40K probably has the usual limits to work within. As you said, violence and gore is far more acceptable than sexy stuff, so the chaos demons have to be more about the rip'n'tear. Can't scare the moms and the pops with the wallets for their teen kids by making Slaanesh too pervy.

      I haven't kept up with GW for a while. I always thought their worldbuilding was pretty solid and, unlike the US game companies, they usually found very good authors for their books. Not sure how it is nowadays. In the past it was strongly implied Slaanesh cultists got up to naughty stuff off-screen even if it wasn't spelled out directly.

      I always though GW was clever with how they separated out the chaos lords. While GW's games are mostly battle sims, Chaos would be more about the cults and infiltration, and I like how the big 4 are set up to go after different areas of society - Slaanesh to corrupt the wealthy and hedonistic, Tzeentch for the academics after forbidden knowledge, Khorne for lovers of violence, and Papa Nurgle for the poor downtrodden peasants. I've always liked GW's worldbuilding even if the company itself periodically goes through phases of taking the piss in terms of money-grubbing and being overly protective of their IP.

      As for my lust daemons, yup, as sexy as they are, we're still sheep to them and most of them don't have any qualms about making lamb chops out of us.

      I thought that would work for Pel-V. I wanted a range of personalities and a bratty succubus with a glaring weakness isn't something I normally write. I think she'd be okay with Sammy as Sammy has a similar problem - she's only human, so if a man is empty, she's not going to be able to get him to come. Same as Pel-V.

  5. I was wondering why the Doctoress is so hell-bent on collecting semen, but then I looked up what is inside semen…

    Semen is not only used as “fertilizer” to produce a child when going into the “egg” of a woman, but the semen contains enzymes/properties like Zinc, Glucose, Sodium and so on. There was even a shocking revelation that swallowing semen is quite nutritious and is safe for a woman to ingest, but only if the man doesn’t have any STDs, or suffers from having blood in their semen (Hematospermia).

    It’s no wonder why the succubi/lust daemons can’t get enough of it. Then again, you did say that every succubus/lust daemon are basically “semen vampires” so there’s that.

    But why is the Doctoress interested in collecting only human male semen? Why doesn’t she collect incubi semen? Is human bodily fluids more special?

    1. The Doctoress is meant to be similar to MGQ's Promenstein. She's looking for good quality semen to produce better artificial beings.

      I like taking the 'semen vampire' approach. For conventional horror, the vampire or demon usually has to take a break from the sexy stuff to fang the victim in the neck or rip their guts out. Giving the succubi the ability to drain life by having their victim overproduce semen and dump all the body's resources into it keeps the sex aspect flowing for longer, which is better for maintaining eroticism.

      (And also, paradoxically, gives the horror an extra cognitive dissonance angle as the reader knows what's happening, knows they probably shouldn't want it, but is still turned on anyway.)

  6. Um do succubi have elf ears? Or do they all have round human ears? Does the SS 101 crew like Rosa have elf ears?

    And what about the head wings? Does Nicole have the Morrigan from Dark Stalkers head wings or its a trait that some succubi have.

    1. Varies.

      I gave the SS crew Morrigan head wings, but regret it. I keep them for consistency, but would have probably left them off if doing it again.

      Elf ears generally work, I think. Adds exoticism without making them look too weird.

      Overall, it probably depends on what the inspiration is and what type of succubus it is.

  7. Hey dude, do you know where I can find more stories similar to your work? Stories that features dangerous seductive succubi that are alien like and see men as food or toys.

    No "friendly neighborhood" succubi.

    1. mjm202036 on literotica. I don't think he has as much time to write nowadays, but I read his early stuff and that inspired me to get writing again.

      Other than that it's a bit hit and miss. Main problem is I really don't like a lot of YA tropes and most modern writers tend to fall into the stock Urban Fantasy blueprint. Older work tends to be better, but they're from times when you can't really write the good stuff, so it's mostly implied.

      I'd love to write a version of Arthur Machen's "Great God Pan" that fills in the gaps and goes into graphic detail of what the feminine daughter of Pan got up to. The original was written in 1894, so I guess Arthur couldn't do it otherwise the authorities would have dumped him in prison. :D

  8. Are you going to include an "Ara Ara mommy" succubus? A succubus that gets off on treating human men like her child by breast feeding the man and acting very sweet and caring to him. What kind of harlot would be like that?

    I closest thing we got to that is Khanara.

    1. Probably. I'm trying to fit in as many fetishes and sexy scenarios as I can. That seems a very likely one to include.

  9. (Succubi Lover)

    Ah, so the Doctoress is based off of the angel doctor from MGQ? Interesting. A mad scientist succubus that creates “fake” lust daemons to gather semen. About the femdom in your stories, lad…

    It’s really good, I do not deny that, but I feel that the best kind of femdom is when the strong female character dominates a muscular tough guy. The femdom doesn’t hit as strong if the succubus is dominating a submissive nice guy that is already being obedient to her, or a dude that looks like a kid (looking at you Luka-boy). It’s why I prefer stories like “Slayer vs Succubus” or the “Milk Maid” one over “Streetwalking with a Succubus” or “Summer Dance”.

    And no, I mean no diss towards Nicole, she’s fucking fantastic. Just wished she banged more tough and masculine looking men.

    And yes, you can say that the femdom is mainly the female character being sexually aggressive towards a reluctant guy and fucking him silly while he “spunks his life” away and that’s fine, but in my opinion, femdom is the best when it’s used on a fit tough guy with a I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude.

    1. I try and vary the guy characters when I can. The Japanese works tend to be a weird mix of actual shota and Cloud-from-FFVII fake shota (looks like a spiky-haired kid, is actually a trained soldier with a couple of year's experience).

      The Nicole stories where she fucks the brains out of a shy guy are always fairly popular. And shy doesn't always have to mean wimp.

      That said, I also really like the concept of 'fighting' succubi that use sex magic to subdue their opponents. I haven't managed to pin down the idea properly, but I would love to a game or fiction series where a typical fantasy adventuring party discovers the succubus 'sex' dungeon is just as dangerous as the regular ones.

  10. Lol I bet A.D.I.D.A.S by Korn is playing in the House.


    Also one of the charms mentioned that a man kept himself awake from fear of being attacked. Do succubi that specialize attacking men in their sleep and draining them through their dreams exist? Dream based succubi.

    1. Yep.

      They probably overlap with the Dominion of Sloth. Their 'thing' would likely be drugging someone to sleep and (very) slowly draining them with pleasurable dreams.

      I have a few rough ideas for harlots like that, but nothing finalised. There's only Cibi at the moment, but she's... a little scary.

  11. Succubus: "Let's fuck! I'm going to give you so much pleasure!"

    Sigma Male: "Putting my dick into a vagina that has ran through a hundred penises? No I won't. I am not controlled by my sex drive."

    Succubus: "Foolish human, all men want to spunk their load at the end of the day. Watch your tongue little human..."

    Sigma Male: "Am I supposed to feel intimidated by a being who's sole purpose is to give men boners?"

    Sigma Make Grindset.

    1. A lust daemon is not going to have a lot of luck with anyone not interested in sex at all. The target has to have a glint of interest they can work with.

      When faced with someone like that, I guess that's where the claws come out and we get the horror gore. Maybe - lust daemons aren't super-strong.

      I've tried to figure out how to write that slant, but it mostly ends up with a depowered daemon that isn't very scary. :D

  12. Damn didn't expect the Sigma Male meme to reach here. The thing is even a Sigma Male won't last in the House. Succubi do have ways to make a man bow down to them.

    The closest thing to a Sigma Male is the badass dude Flint from that charm back story. Dude so badass a succubus killed him out of spite for refusing her seduction and becoming a scary bed time story told to young succubi.

    Flint is indeed a Sigma Male.

    Flint's Sigma Male rule: "Don't fall for enticing succubi, they only bring men to ruin. Resist them even if it will cost you your death; at least you died standing up and not lying down."

    1. I normally get lost on the whole Sigma/Alpha/Beta male thing. 'Have a lot of money' is probably the only real 'rule' that matters. :D

  13. *Billy*

    I love how the older and more experienced the succubus is, the more alien and predatory the succubus is.

    Like compare Panta to Osculia. Panta is nice and friendly and doesn't want to take much out of a human while Osculia makes it quite obvious she just wants to eat you whole and has "bended" the rules so she will always be a second visit.

    I can see why the Madam made it so that the Round 1 harlots would get first bites. Weak and lowbie harlots like Bebi and Panta wouldn't be getting any "bites" if high end succubi like Osculia were to get the first dibs.

    1. Yep, that was a nice way to tie story and gameplay together. The Madam lets the weaker ones go first so they get a chance to get someone. Although the succubi/monster girls do vary in personality. Some just aren't interested in killing, even powerful lust daemons.

  14. (Succubi Lover)

    Shy and awkward just means the person lacks confidence and doesn’t know how the “right” social cues; I’m not saying the shy and awkward guy that is scared to talk to girls is a beta male wimp and the arrogant muscular tough guy is a “better” man. But there is a two-way street to this, Hydra.

    A man that lacks confidence is just as bad as a man that has too much confidence. A man with little confidence creates shy and socially awkward guys and a man with too much confidence creates boastful jerks.

    I get succubi like Nicole wanting a man because he’s innocent and a good person, but being shy and insecure is considered an “unattractive” trait for men. Which confused me when reading about the Succubus Heart Squad proclaiming shy and awkward men are better than outgoing men. That means they would rather bang the nervous guy that stutters a lot in “Street Walking with a Succubus” over Chad from “Chad’s Challenge”.

    But I digress…

    Regarding the “fighting” succubi, they are actually quite dangerous when underestimated. An asexual man with no sex drive is still vulnerable to getting struck by a lust spell that would jizz his pants and overload his senses. He may not be interested in sex, but the dude still has a dick, and he can’t just deny what his sex organs are feeling.

    That’s why you created those two knight stories (Succubus Keep/Knight vs Succubus), and the Slayer vs Succubus story to show that even a battle-hardened man that knows how to fight is gonna be lunch if he underestimates a succubus.