Wednesday, December 08, 2021

HoHH Art Commission - Alsharajea Hira, the Corruptress

After seeing how Pori turned out, I contacted the artist, and ran a poll for patrons to pick a HoHH harlot to have art commissioned for.  Alsharajea Hira, the Corruptress won and this is the finished result.

Reception on Patreon has been pretty mixed.  I think a lot depends on how thicc you like your succubi.  Personally, I think it conveys her raunchiness pretty well, but I also understand it might not be everyone's cup of tea.  We all have different preferences.

I hope you enjoy anyway.

The artist is HunggryCroissant.  They have a gallery on Eka's Portal here, and they gave me this link as their artist page if you'd like to contact and commission them:

I've put aside a little war chest for character commissions, so I hope to get more harlots commissioned in the future.


  1. That ass looks nice and juicy :D you know, if you dropped Alsharajea in Hazbin Hotel/ Helluva Boss, she would fit right in and wouldn't be out of place.

    She'll probably want to join Versosika Mayday's Succubus party gig so she can go to Earth to have anal sex with male spring breakers.

    Too bad that unlike the succubi in that Hell, she has quite a lethal sex. :)

  2. Oh! Oh! You got an artist!? Please do a piece of Ceraluea. The one where she's a sexy amazon gang banging Phil with Verde, Rosa etc, or are you only doing harlot commissions?

    She's the only one with no artwork.

  3. Interesting art but as fierce as she looks, she's still considered a "young Succubus" by Hell's standard. Despite looking all tough and acting all aggressive, Verde is most likely stronger than her.

    Hey Hydra, have you seen "Meru the Succubus"? I'm sure you'll like it.

    1. I've seen clips on porn sites. Her design doesn't click for me. I prefer the bigger-boobed MILF-type succubi. :D

  4. I understand why you need to have the succubi go after humans (love the pic btw) but you didn't say WHY they have to Mr Hydra. I get it, the demon on demon sex is boring and you do it for world building but what are the reasons why human males are sought after?

    Their souls? Their sperm tastes better? The demons get off on fucking humans? Is there a goal to corrupt humans?

    1. Souls, or at least a hint of that essence. I'm still undecided on how daemon vs daemon works. They can drain energy off each other (maybe even drain to death if weak vs strong), but humans are preferable as they have an 'essence' daemons don't. It's something I haven't fully fleshed out.

  5. *Billy*

    Ah! Another harlot art work and she looks amazing Hydra! She's actually not that bad, just don't go to her when your tank is full.

    I'm writing more about the House and im still a bit confused by the Doctor was.

    1. Why is she collecting human semen and running a Build-A-Succubus operation? The anon does have a point about human sperm.

    2. Does human semen have special qualities over incubus semen? Hence why the Doctoress isn't "milking" incubi?

    3. What is the Bottle of "Milk" gift? What's inside it?

    4. Are those backstories about the Charms true (like the one about the man ignoring the sex charms of a Succubus and died for it) and if so, did they take place on a sperate Earth?

    Thank you Hydra and im still tweaking the fanfic.

    1. To 3: I'd say that one's pretty obvious...

    2. 1) She likes making things but is a little scatterbrained about it. The Queen of that faction (it's not The Doctoress) will likely provide most of the explanations. I have some rough ideas, but haven't finalised them yet.

      2) Daemons prefer humans. Tastier.

      3) Yep, that one should be pretty obvious. ;) It's milked, but it ain't milk.

      4) Different Earths/worlds.

  6. (Succubi Lover)

    My, doesn’t she have quite a great ass, huh?

    (1): The Amazon position can work in real life; it’s not just in hentai. However, the girl riding the guy must have a decent amount of strength and stamina and the guy must be nimble enough to stretch his legs. It is an unorthodox position that isn’t used much because both the guy and the girl finds it uncomfortable, but that shouldn’t be an issue for succubi and monster girls. Don’t believe me? Check out a sex video called “The Amazon Position” on Pornhub.

    (2): As for Fanfics being done of your story? Yes, I unfortunately can’t find any fics of your work, lad. And Fanfics are generally used to expand on characters that don’t get justice done for them on the real show and the creators will sometimes not go in a direction the audience wants them to go, or Fanfics can offer “what if?” scenarios:

    What if Phil’s best friend survived and wasn’t killed by Rosa?
    What if Phil’s warlock “friends” where actually decent nick blokes that tried to help Phil?
    What if Phil killed the spider girl in the arena?
    What if weapons were able to work in H-Space and the soldiers can use magic like Phil?

    You are right that Fanfics tend to be filled with characters screwing each other, or a self-insert/OC character being placed in the setting so he/she can screw the canon characters, or screw other OC characters. The most popular fanfics tend to be power fantasy harem fics of the OC obtaining God-like strength while collecting and banging hot girls.

    (3): Interesting, so the Tiers aren’t just about the daemons having a high-power level? Are you saying lad that you could have a dangerous high-level lust daemon like a “Red Lips Succubus” being a Tier 1 harlot instead of a Tier 3? I though the higher the Tier, the more cunning, ruthless, and powerful the sex daemon would be.

    1. 1) I might check that out. I'm toying with making the 5th faction an erotic wrestling one, and it would make sense for that to show up there.

      2) What ifs could be interesting. The Succubus Summoning series happening at all was me going "What if the succubi didn't kill the student and took him home instead?" That worked out pretty well!

      3) Yup. Tiers are determined by the Madam and her twisted sense of 'fairness'. The more rebellious high-level lust daemons are pushed back to the later rounds and don't see as many men. The Tier 1, early round harlots are either weaker lust daemons or high-level lust daemons that are more loyal to the Madam and more willing to play along with her game (i.e. let men go they could easily seduce to their doom).