Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-6 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Groundslime Day continues for Ian Jackson...

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-6 A Sticky Starting Scrap

“You’ll never hit anyone with a strike that slow,” she said, again delivering her lines like a self-aware cartoon villain.

Fuck!  So it wasn’t that option after all.  What else was there?  There was the bottom option, the seventh command.  He hadn’t tried that yet.  Selecting it brought up a second list of options.  He selected one at random.

Suraimo’s eyes lit up.  “Oh.  You liked my paizuri so much you want me to do it again.  I can do that.  With pleasure,” she added.

“Huh,” Jackson said.  He hadn’t said that at all.

Suraimo crouched down and dived forward, taking him down at the waist.  Jackson landed on his back on the path with Suraimo hugging his waist.  Giggling, she found the button of his pants and pulled them down, again exposing his penis.  Not again, he thought, even as another part of him felt a thrill of anticipation.

“Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,” Suraimo said.

She placed hands on either side of her generous breasts and pushed them together around his cock.  Sandwiched between two moist and elastic boobs, it didn’t take long for his manhood to surge up to its full length.

“Bounce, bounce, bounce,” Suraimo teased as her upper body bobbed up and down.

Jackson saw his erection roll around as it was buffeted between her transparent tits.  It was slippery within her cleavage and erotic shivers ran through him as she rubbed the soft mass of her breasts up and down his cock.

His enjoyment was sullied as he watched his health bar gradually get eaten away.

He was losing, again.

“Hey, what about my actions?” he asked.

It was supposed to be turn-based combat.  His seemed to have vanished.

“You don’t get any more actions,” she said.  “Bounce, bounce, bounce,” she added with a wide grin.

“Hey!  How is that fair?” Jackson complained.

Suraimo paused and looked at him quizzically.

“You did select the option: ‘Use paizuri on me until I come.’”

“I did?”

That was what the command did?

“Hold on,” he said.  “If I come I lose, right?”


“So what’s the point of a command that causes the player to instantly lose?”

Suraimo placed a liquid hand on his chest and looked down at him with her head tilted to one side.

“How else are we going to know what moves a player wants done to them,” she explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.  She shook her head.  “I’m not sure you understand this game at all.”

She continued squeezing her breasts up against his cock like they were a pair of soft pillows.  Fluffed up between them, Jackson felt his cock give a warning twitch.  He tried to hold back the urge to come, but it was growing stronger and stronger.  At the same time his green bar in the control panel was dwindling away to nothing.

“Time to absorb your little man and make sure he’s all nice and snug for the release,” Suraimo said.

She squeezed her breasts together even tighter than before.  Jackson’s erection was swallowed up completely in her cleavage, trapped within a transparent prison that pulsed and shivered pleasantly around him.

“Squish, squish,” Suraimo said, smiling coquettishly, her lips plumped up like a classic movie-star beauty.

Her soft breasts were melting around him, enveloping his erection in warm jelly.  The liquid oozed down between his thighs and engulfed his balls.

Fuck.  He couldn’t hold it back.  He was going to lose.

“Squish,” Suraimo said, lips pouting in a kiss.

Her melting boobs throbbed around him.  He felt the gelatinous substance of her chest suck on his straining manhood.

“Coming,” Jackson grunted.

Pleasurable tension thrummed through his body.  His cock pulsed and spurted a thick rope of cum right into the churning center of her chest.  Her boobs started to swell up as she drank the semen pouring from Jackson in a sticky stream.  Again the motions of her gelatinous body seemed to take over to the point he wasn’t sure whether he was pumping cum into her or she was pumping it out of him.  The pleasure he felt was the same either way and she made sure to drag it out until Jackson felt weak and floppy in the aftermath.

Suraimo ran her slippery hands along Jackson’s sides.

“So, would you like that Bad End now?”

Panic shoved aside Jackson’s lethargy.  He had an answer for that:


Hello, big tits angel.


Goodbye, big tits angel.

“It’s a good command to have, right?” Suraimo said as he returned to the path.  “Handjob.”  She held up a hand and wiggled fingers as flexible as worms.  “Blowjob.”  she mimed sucking on an imaginary penis.  “Paizuri.”  She pushed her substantial boobs together.

A pleasurable shiver ran through Jackson as he remembered what she did to him last time.

Fucking stop it, he admonished.  His cock twitched in his pants and he wanted to bash the traitorous organ back down.

“It’s a popular selection,” Suraimo said.  “Players like to choose how to succumb.”

“Selecting how you want to lose is gay,” Jackson said.

Who chose to lose: losers, that’s who.

“You do know what this game is about?” Suraimo asked.

“It’s a pervy hentai game and I’m going to beat it,” Jackson said.  His face was stern as he settled into a fighting stance with his sword held out before him.

to be continued...

If you say so, Jackson.  If you say so...


  1. ...You know, Jackson's probably being stiffer than his dick is right now. Dood needs to lighten the fuck up. I'm also so hoping you do a one-off bit with him and Alma, would love to see how you characterise her, and seeing Jackson get turned into a quivering mass of jelly would be awesome.

  2. stiff...and hard headed lol. Rooting for him to start being a total perv by the end of this though ;-)

    1. Well, he was in the first story. Wanted to lose to that succubus a few more times, before he realized what she did.