Saturday, January 05, 2013

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-5 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Jackson continues to fuck up and Suraimo gets more XXX-rated.  Starting to think I should have named this segment Groundslime Day or Slimehog Day.

Jackson in HRPG World: 3-5 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Suraimo clapped her hands and giggled.  “Yay!  You figured out how to get free.”

And now the tide turns.

Jackson brought up the control panel in his mind and saw the fourth option was no longer grayed out.  Aha!  He selected it and his body took up a fighting stance with the sword held out in front of him.

Now we’re smoking.

“Oh, you want me to take it slow?” Suraimo queried.  “Sure, I can do that if you’d like.”

She glided forwards and slipped inside Jackson’s defenses.  One hand undid the button of his pants while the other squidged underneath his tunic and rubbed up his back.  A smaller chunk fell off his health bar this time.  He saw a 1.

1HP?  He supposed that was progress.

He selected the fourth command again.

Suraimo pressed her body close in an embrace.  Her hand slithered up to the back of his head and held him still as she crushed her lips on his in a sloppy kiss.  Her other hand slipped up and down his hard-on as smoothly as if it had been dipped in scented oil.

She broke off the kiss leaving her taste lingering on his tongue and lips.  It was nice: sweet, fruity and somehow naughty.

Focus, Jackson thought.

Maybe she’d neutralized the action or something.  He tried again.

Suraimo pressed her palm down on the swollen helmet of his cock.  She pushed and his dick sank into the warm, semi-liquid substance of her arm.  She kept on pushing until his whole length was absorbed and her fused fingers had enfolded his balls.  Pleasant sensations rippled down his shaft as she played with his balls.  Another small chunk fell off his health bar.

“No fair,” Jackson complained.  “When do I get to take my actions?”

Suraimo paused.  She looked puzzled.

“You’re taking them,” she said.  “You selected Defend for the last three turns.”

“Defend?”  Is that what he’d been doing.  The super-lame action no one ever took because it didn’t do anything.  Fucking great.

“Time to wrap you up again,” Suraimo said.  “You won’t get away this time.”  She delivered her lines like a self-aware kids’ TV show villain.

Waves of slime flowed out from her base and engulfed his feet and ankles.

Fuck defending.  Attacking was where he needed to be.  He tried the top option again.

Nothing happened.

“You can’t attack when you’re bound,” Suraimo said.

She went down on her knees in front of him while her slippery hand continued to pump up and down his erection.

“How about a nice blowjob?”  She smiled as she held his throbbing red erection.  “Slime girls give really good head.  Super sloppy.”

She wasn’t exaggerating.  Jackson closed his eyes as moist lips as soft as fine pillows wrapped around the swollen head of his cock and sucked him in like a popsicle.  He heard murmurs of pleasure and wet sucking sounds as Suraimo’s head bobbed back and forth.  He felt lips and a tongue, but there was no opening at the back of her mouth.  Instead his cock sank into a soft substance that sent pleasurable tingles tickling across his glans.

Suraimo released him with a wet smacking sound.  She ran a darker blue tongue over her plump lips.

“How’s that feel?” she asked.

“Uh,” was the best Jackson could manage.

A big chunk fell off his health bar.

“Whoops.  That was a little too powerful for your level.  I’ll have to tone it back a little to keep the fight fair.”

Stab her, Jackson thought.  All he had to do was lift the sword and thrust it straight down through her kneeling body.  Stab her.  Attaaaccckkk!

Nothing happened.

The corner of Suraimo’s mouth turned up in a smile.

“Ha ha, I see your game,” she said.  “You’re one of those that likes to pretend they’re fighting right until the end.”

She gave another murmur of pleasure and wrapped her lips around his cock.  Her head bobbed up and down while making loud slurping sounds.  Jackson’s cock was buried in warm slime that sucked at him like thick mud.  She carried on the attack for longer this time, sucking and sucking until Jackson’s cock was twitching right on the verge and all that remained of his health bar was a tiny green sliver.

Jackson tried to struggle free.  The sticky slime started to lose its grip.

“Not this time,” Suraimo said.

She responded by wrapping more curtains of thick, elastic slime around his legs and feet, covering him right up to the tops of his thighs.

Goddammit! Jackson thought.

“Nearly,” Suraimo said.  “I think you’re right at your limit.”

Jackson felt right at his limit.  His cock was throbbing in her hand.  Pre-cum oozed out of his japseye and dribbled down the shaft.  He watched as it encountered her transparent blue skin and was absorbed.

“Mmm, your bar is so low even the weakest attack would be enough to make you come.”  Suraimo looked up at him and smiled.  “I don’t need to hold back.  I can give you a really big suck.”

And she did.

With another orgasmic murmur she sucked him back into her mouth and moved her face all the way down until her plush lips were kissing his root.  Deep-throating him, if she had a throat to deep-throat him with.  What she had was better.  The soft amorphous substance of her body felt like rows and rows of lips around his cock, all of them kissing, squeezing, sucking.  She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him tighter.  The whole of her upper body was working on him now.  He felt her wet boobs squashed up against his upper thighs.  Her chest rose up and down like a marathon runner or deep-sea diver drawing in great gulps of air.

But it wasn’t air, it was him.

The last sliver of green fell off his health bar.

Oh fuck, this was going to be—

All the muscles in his body stiffened.  His hips jerked forwards like a released bowstring.  He sighed as a thick torrent of cum surged up his shaft and erupted into the liquid interior of her mouth.  Even gagged as she was with his cock, Suraimo still managed a muffled cry of glee.  Her chest continued to expand up and down as she guzzled down his cum like a sorority sister chugging on a keg.  Jackson’s ejaculation kept going.  He wasn’t sure his body had much say in it.  Suraimo was sucking it out of him as if his cock was a straw.

Oh fuck, was this head.  Fantastic, super sloppy, amazing head.

Jackson thought he might have orgasmed again, or maybe more.  The sensations merged into one seemingly never-ending throbbing burst of pleasure.

He tipped over backwards with a moon-faced smile on his lips.  Suraimo didn’t allow him to hit the floor.  She’d already sent thick pseudopodia out behind him and they caught him like a wet airbag.  Her gelatinous body lay on top of his legs and she continued to suck, drawing out every last drop from his cock and balls.

She lifted her head and showed Jackson the creamy white blobs of his cum on her lips and inside her mouth.  She sucked them inside, tipped back her head and gulped.  He saw the blobs flow down her throat and join the thick cloud drifting inside her chest.  Another gulp and the cloud was sucked down into her belly where it slowly dissipated.

She was a swallower, Jackson thought.

“Ahhh,” Suraimo sighed.  She showed him her empty mouth.

Yep, definitely a swallower.

“Time for that Bad End?” she asked.  Her slime rippled up over his exposed belly.

Bad End jolted Jackson from his haze of contentment.  What else did she like to swallow?


Sad angel.


Positive angel.

“I know what you’re doing,” Suraimo said after he’d returned to the forest path.  “You want to draw it out and save the H-scene to the last.  You want to see all my moves first.”

Jackson wanted to see her diced into little blue cubes.

“That’s so sweet.  I’ll be sure to add a few extra special ones to heighten your pleasure.”  She gave him a lascivious wink.

Jackson sighed.  He held up his sword.  Okay, let’s be systematic about this.

Suraimo Torapo!

The surprise attack was part of the script.  He couldn’t avoid it, but he could—

He selected the third option.

—struggle out of it.

He noticed the lines of gunk on his portrait in the control panel went away.  Okay, that must mean he was free.  Now maybe he’d be able to attack cleanly.

He selected the top left option.

He stepped forward and swung his sword.

Haha.  At last!  Now he was going to do some damage.

The slime girl sidestepped his swing.

“You’ll never hit anyone with a strike that slow,” she said, again delivering her lines like a self-aware cartoon villain.

Fuck!  So it wasn’t that option after all.  What else was there?  There was the bottom option, the seventh command.  He hadn’t tried that yet.  Selecting it brought up a second list of options.  He selected one at random.

to be continued . . .

Uh Oh.  That option.  What could possibly go wrong . . .


  1. Did he pick Slime Heaven? Tell me he picked Slime Heaven!

    1. Can't be selected until it's used against him. Hasn't been used yet, but probably will be. ;)


    Can't wait to see him get to Special Techniques. I still remember the first time I tried "edging" to see what it did.

  3. A slimy groundhogs day indeed

  4. Just a little idea for a future story: at some point, you could introduce technical problems with the computer - maybe the game becomes unresponsive (so clicking the 'skip' option doesn't do anything), or maybe the program gets caught in a loop, or maybe time slows down because of lag, etc.