Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-4 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Hmm.  This was originally only supposed to be four to five chapters, but it appears Suraimo really likes playing with her opponents.  The usual NSFW and git-gone-if-you're-younger-than-18 rules apply.

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-4 A Sticky Starting Scrap.

“Want a second service?” she asked.  “How about I use these?”

She cupped her hands around her substantial blue breasts and squeezed them together.

Jackson’s cock sprang to attention in his pants.

Give it a rest, he thought.  She’s made out of bright blue jello.

It’s not sexy.

She gave him a suggestive smile as she reached down and unbuttoned his pants.  They fell to the floor and Jackson’s erection flopped free.

Look.  It’s not sexy.

His other head had a different idea on that.  It bobbed around on the end of a hardening shaft.

Suraimo ran a tongue over plush blue lips and mischief glittered in her eyes.  She crouched down until her swollen boobs were level with his waist.  She held them apart and Jackson’s cock twitched in the space between them.

It’s not—

Suraimo brought her tits together with a wet splodge, sandwiching Jackson’s cock.


She absorbed his member.  Jackson looked down and saw it resting between the transparent bulges of her enormous boobs.  He felt their soft elasticity pressing all around him as Suraimo squeezed them together.

He saw the control panel is his mind again.  A message he couldn’t read flashed up.  There was a number, 4, he could read buried amongst the moon runes.  He also noticed there was a green bar on the bottom left.  Somewhere between a fifth and a quarter of its length dropped off the end.

Ah, so that must be his life bar.  The one on the right must be hers.

So hit her.

He looked at the commands and tried to work out which one would allow him to do that.

Fuck it.  Screw the control panel.  She was kneeling in front of him—a sitting duck.  All he had to do was lift up the massive sword and stab it straight down.  Easy.

Do it!


Nothing happened.

Okay, another unreadable message flashed up.  But there were no numbers, no change to her life bar and the stupid sword remained resolutely nowhere near plunging down into her back.

“That doesn’t work when you’re bound,” Suraimo said.

She squished her boobs together and jiggled them around his cock.  Jackson felt her soft curves rub against him.  Another chunk fell off his life bar.

This wasn’t going right at all.

Hold on.  It was a pervy Japanese hentai game.  Maybe he was supposed to be using his other ‘sword’.

Instead of trying to pull away from her, he tensed his buttocks and thrust his hard cock deeper into the gelatinous substance of her chest.

Didn’t expect that, huh.

Suraimo smiled with delight.  “So eager.  Are slime girls your fetish?”

What?  Wait . . .

Jackson realized he was completely stuck between her breasts now.  He couldn’t pull out.  They swelled up of their own accord and pressed tightly all around his erection.

“In that case I’ll give you a really pleasant service.”  Suraimo smiled up at him with eyes full of filthy intent.

Her breasts throbbed around his cock.  He felt it all the way down in his balls.

“Don’t tell anyone,” Suraimo said.  “I’m not supposed to have a paizuri attack, but there’s only so many tentacle handjobs a girl can give out before it starts to get boring.”

Her boobs pulsed and her cleavage clenched tightly around him.  So tight her breasts melted together and his cock was absorbed into the thick liquid suction of her body.  Shudders ran through him.  He erupted inside her.  This time she helped him with the ejaculation.  The molten swell of her breasts throbbed against him like bellows, prolonging his orgasm and drawing more semen from his cock even after he thought the flow was subsiding.

Mewling in pleasure, Suraimo wrapped her arms around Jackson’s ass and pressed her wet breasts into his lap.  He continued to spurt inside the warm gelatinous substance of her chest.  A dense white cloud was blooming inside her blue body and his knees were feeling wobbly.  He couldn’t fall over; Suraimo had wrapped the whole of his lower body in curtains of thick, elastic slime.

“Oh, sugoi,” Suraimo sighed.  Her eyes were shut and there was a red flush on her cheeks.  Jackson had no idea where that had come from, it wasn’t as if she had blood vessels.

The flow finally ebbed away to a trickle and Jackson watched the fluffy white cloud dissipate through her body.  Suraimo looked up at him, her eyes bright.

“You lost,” she said.  “Time for your Bad End.”

The lines of her body softened and started to wriggle up Jackson’s exposed flesh.


He was back on the cloudy plane with the sad big tits angel.  She opened her mouth to—


The big tits angel sent him back to the woodland path with a smile full of hope.

Suraimo was waiting for him.  “You skipped the H-scene again,” she said.  “I told you to be careful with the skip button.  Now you’ll have to lose to me again if you want to see it.”

Not this time.  Jackson was ready.  No more surprise attacks gluing his feet to the floor.  He was prepared.  The moment she’d tried that shit he was going to jump—

Suraimo Torapo!

Jackson’s feet were glued to the floor.

Motherfucker!  How could she move so fast?

Suraimo giggled as her slime bubbled up between his toes and covered his ankles.  A little bit of Jackson’s life bar fell away.  She sent her layer of slime up past his knees and then dutifully waited for him to take his action.

Okay, let’s think about this.  Jackson studied the control panel.

“Are you sure you understood Aerias’s instructions?” Suraimo asked.

“Shut it, I’m thinking,” Jackson snapped back.

Let’s be methodical about this.  He’d tried the top option from both the first and second column and it hadn’t done anything.  The second and fourth options on the left were grayed out and couldn’t be selected.  What about the third option, the funny squiggle?  He hadn’t tried that one yet.

He selected it.

His hips and legs moved of their own accord.  He stepped backwards and this time the slimy constraints of her body felt more like wet mud than industrial strength rubber covered in super glue.  He struggled free.

Suraimo clapped her hands and giggled.  “Yay!  You figured out how to get free.”

And now the tide turns.

to be continued . . .

"The tide turns?"  I think you're being a wee bit optimistic there, Jackson.


  1. He doesn't quite get it, does he?

    1. Nope, I don't think he does. Admittedly, my first attempts at playing the MGQ trial with no translation software hooked in were equally as hopeless. :D

  2. I want to see Jackson in action against Lilith and Lilim.

  3. Actually I want to see him in action against Alma Elma first.

    1. He already has, in a roundabout manner... ;)

    2. Then a second time, like on the ship.

      Still I wonder how he'll like Lilith and Lilim?

    3. Pah. Alma Elma and Lillith/Lillim are all just succubi.

      I wonder how he'd cope with someone like the moth girl, and her orgasm-inducing silk?

      ...and it's bobsamade here. I don't know why WordPress isn't showing my username.

    4. Bah. Okay, it is showing my username. It had it down as anonymous in the preview for some reason.

    5. Hey, great to see you.

      Write new stories! :)

  4. Bobsamade when's your next story coming out! If only we could write at the speed it takes to read it =P

    Both you and M.E Hydra write some good stories

    1. Funnily enough I had been writing a story about a festively naughty succubus who thinks she's a Christmas elf. Then the norovirus hit. :-( Might save that one for next Christmas.

      But yeah, otherwise I've been writing very little. Been a bit of a shitty year for the family and commitments as a result have left little time for writing.
      I'll try and rectify that very soon, I promise. There are plenty of my ideas floating around still.
      I'm just glad manyeyedhydra is able to pimp Jackson out with so many fine creations to keep us entertained!
      Could this be the first monstergirl Jackson can enjoy at his leisure?

    2. I think Jackson would enjoy her more if he didn't have this silly gamer thing about not losing. No matter, I suspect Suraimo will be giving him plenty of practice. (too much practice - I'm near the end and guessing at 9 parts and around 10K words. These were only supposed to be 4 to 5 parts each)

    3. Oh I don't know, he was getting pretty in to Fifi by the end of the last one, the lucky sod. ;-)
      Still, silly Jackson.

      No one's complaining about the length going over though!