Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-3 A Sticky Starting Scrap

I'm actually ahead of schedule, for once.

Jackson in HRPG-World: 3-3 A Sticky Starting Scrap

Jackson squirmed again in a fruitless attempt to get free.

Fucking great.  He was stuck in some sick puppy’s perverted hentai game and he didn’t have the faintest idea how to play it.

He focused on the control panel superimposed over his vision.  He was stuck having to play these games by their rules.  That’s how it went.  One of the options must allow him to dice the bitch.  All he had to do was guess which one.  If it wasn’t the top action on the left then it must be the top one on the right.  He selected it.

Nothing happened.

The slime girl laughed.  “Ha ha.  I knew you were just like all the others.”

A pseudopod reared up and dived into his junk with a wet splodge.  Jackson jerked backwards involuntarily.  It was not a sensation he was expecting.  Given the slimy nature of her body he’d expected something cold and unpleasantly squishy.  Or worse, an acidic burning.  Instead it felt sort of . . . nice.

Her jelly had engulfed the whole of his cock.  Like a mouth had opened in the end of her tentacle and she’d sucked him in.  He felt the warm, moist and soft substance of her body wrapped around him.  He could even still see his penis.  He saw it lengthening into an erection through her transparent blue skin.  He watched his foreskin move back and forth as her amorphous appendage sucked and tugged on him.

His cock was inside her slime.  He should pull it out before she did something nasty, like dissolve it or some scary shit like that.

The tentacle bulged as more of the amorphous material of her body flowed up and enveloped his cock in a warm, gelid grip.  It felt really good.

In a moment, Jackson thought.

The slime giggled.  “They always like to lose first time round, naughty boys,” she said.

Bulges in the tentacle moved back and forth as she masturbated him.

“Ha ha,” the slime girl said.  “Soon I’ll take you to—”

“Uh,” Jackson said.  He felt his cock throb as he expelled a glob of cloudy semen right into the liquid interior of her tentacle.

“Oh,” the slime girl said, her mouth forming a surprised o.  “Whoops.  My fault.  I should have gone easier on you.  Your repressive Western culture mustn’t allow you much experience of games like this.”

Jackson didn’t have the faintest idea what she was talking about.  He did know he’d just jizzed right inside her slimy tentacle and that was just fucking wrong.

More of her slime flowed right down to the end of the tentacle.  It bunched up around the root of his cock, forming a soft cuff.  She rolled it up his shaft and squeezed out the last dribbles of cum left in his pipes.  Jackson watched as the little splatters of cum floating within her slime were drawn down the tentacle and up into her main body.

“Mmm, tasty,” she said as the little clouds of his semen dissolved and were absorbed by her semi-liquid flesh.

“Is it my turn now?” Jackson asked.  All the command options had gone away.

The slime girl looked surprised.  “Turn?  It’s over.  You came, you lost.”

“What?” Jackson complained.  “That’s not fair.  I didn’t understand the controls.”

“It’s not the end of the game,” the slime girl laughed.  “You can repeat the same fight over and over.”  Her face took on a very lewd expression.  “Actually, that’s kind of the whole point.”

She slithered towards him.  More tentacles budded off her blue body and reached out for his immobilized body.

“But first: You came, you lost, now it’s time to enjoy your Bad End.”

Her expression was now really lewd . . . really lewd and hungry.

Bad End?  Jackson didn’t like the sound of that at all.  Japs were freaks, everyone knew that.  This end scene could be anything, even her absorbing him and melting his face off.  Having to watch that would be bad enough, but actually being in the game and experiencing it firsthand . . .

Panicking, Jackson checked the control panel.  Wait, there were some commands he recognized, up on the right, just above the main message window.  Save and . . .


The slime girl opened her arms to embrace him.  Her tentacles slithered around his body.

Skip skip skip skip SKIIIIP!

The slime girl’s eyes widened in surprise.  “You’re skipping the sex scene?  Who does—”

The woodland path vanished and Jackson found himself back on the featureless, cloudy plane with the big tits angel.  She looked sad.

Alas, poor Ian Jackson, Jackson thought.  The unlucky adventurer had all the flesh melted off his bones by a skanky slime girl.  Or some other shit like that.

The angel opened her mouth and started speaking to Jackson in moonspeak.  Not again, couldn’t he just—

Hey wait, the skip option was here too.  Sweet.


Jackson went straight to the end of the angel’s speech.  She’d stopped looking sad and instead had a smile full of positivity and hope.

Go forth and cube the slimy skank, Jackson imagined her saying in a squeaky voice.

The angel and the cloudy plane faded out and Jackson was back on the woodland path with the battle music playing in the background.  A blue splodge landed on the center of the path and bounced up into the jiggling form of a super-hot babe.

“Ready for the rematch?” she asked.

Huh?   How would she know it was a rematch?  That was the whole point of continue.  It rewound the player back to the point before they’d gotten themselves squished.  So how could she know about things that technically hadn’t even happened?

“And be careful with the skip button,” she said.  “You skipped the H-scene last time.”

Well d’uh.  Like he wanted to watch his dick get melted off.

“I’m Suraimo,” the slime girl said.  “I don’t think we had a chance to introduce ourselves last time.”

Jackson didn’t say anything.

“The silent type, how delicious,” Suraimo said.  “Have you got the hang of the controls now?”

Jackson raised his stupidly large and probably shit sword.  He could do this.  The game might be in Japanese, but she was only a low-level monster—the tutorial battle.  He could do this.  He was going to dice her into little blue cubes . . . cautiously.

“Okay, let’s go.  Suraimo Torapo!”

Jackson was stuck in a blue puddle of slime.  Again.

Great.  He twisted and pulled, but couldn’t get his body free.  Suraimo’s hips swayed from side to side as she glided towards him.

“Want a second service?” she asked.  “How about I use these?”

She cupped her hands around her substantial blue breasts and squeezed them together.

to be continued . . .


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    1. I don't think Jackson understands what the game is about. Suraimo will put him right. :)

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