Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 13

And the Violated Hero 4 walkthrough is back to normal schedule.  Usual rules apply – bugger off minors and holier-than-thou thugs.

Today it’s the loving tentacles of Neptune Queen Selene.

First there’s the matter of recruiting angry Makina to the party.  How in the hell is that going to happen?  She’s Sharia’s loyal robot guard dog.

Oh, Lilith’s going to take advantage of her weakened state to charm her (as in the magical, You-vill-do-vat-I-say way).  If it works, it works.  I’m not sure I want to be around when she breaks it though.

A quick clean-up of Makina’s world and then it’s off to Selene’s domain.

Sigh, can you at least pick the pretty ones to palette swap, VH?

The random encounters are a lot more frequent now.  Practically every square has an ugly-cute goblin girl throwing her pussy in our faces.

I think one of the potions prevents random encounters, but I’m not sure which one it is.  The bottom left one doesn’t (I think it’s the bottom right as a repeat run to Bad End has no encounters).  I should probably check Dargoth’s translated version of Violated Hero 3.  I doubt the potion names and function will have changed.

The first time around I pick the wrong path and although I can detour to the exclamation mark at the end, I don’t because it would mean I’d have to go through another two times to hit all the squares.  I’m probably going to have to do that anyway as I’m running low on potions anyway.

And then . . .

Selene.  No hiding or jumping out of shadows, either.  Get to the end and there she is.

Selene is very flirty.  She thinks we’re cute.  Or rather Luka-clone is cute.  I’m a fugly bastard with specs and a couple of extra pounds around the gut.  To describe me as cute requires staggeringly bad vision, staggering amounts of alcohol, or very dodgy drugs.

Selene wants to have fun.  Why fight when we can have fun.

Fun sounds fun, but in Monster-Girl-world octopoidal fun is sometimes followed by din-dins.  For one.

Selene seems to be the Milfy of this instalment.  And just as I’m thinking that, she moves in for the extreme close-up, just like Paola, the lamia with the extremely long tail in VH2.  Maybe her character is meant to be a cross between the two.

Extreme close-up distraction boobies.

Can’t type.  Distracted.

Lilith slaps us out of it.

Oh, this is fun.  Selene is the first of the three devil kings to annoy Lilith.  Unlike the other two, Selene is more than happy to play the seductive minx, more so than Lilith.  Plus she has bigger boobies.  I suspect our resident succubus and chief revolutionary might be a tad jealous.

This time it’s the inverse of the scene with Anua.  It’s Selene that suggests they fight, with Luka-clone as the spoils to the victor.  It’s a nice touch at establishing the relationship between the two and hints at what the makers of VH can do when they’re not Xeroxing their earlier – and other’s – games.

I think I like Selene.

Hmm.  Second thoughts.

My, what a toothsome . . . um . . . belly you have.

Selene has 1,000 HP – same as Anua, but less than Makina.  It makes sense that Makina is the more powerful of the three, but surprising that the doors are out of order.

The fight is the same as all the others.  Pump cum into Lilith’s tail, rinse, repeat, occasionally go to Anua for some variety.  Selena’s sex attack is a lighter coloured version of Octorith’s tentacle from VH3.  I manage to prevail with the use of only one super potion.  Rather convenient that, considering it was my last.

We’re going to totally lose against Lilith (yippee!)

But first there’s a little rewind to see what Selene’s lovely tentacles have in store for us.  Selene is clearly a weaker boss than the others.  Luka-clone manages to knock of 150 HP off before one too many tentacle slaps brings him to his knees.

Those are ominously squishy sound fx as she grabs us.

Ah, that’s not so bad.  Not a shark-tooth stomach mouth in sight.  (although I wouldn’t put it past VH to have it eating our feet while I type).

What follows is the typical paizuri + blowjob scene.  Fair play, Luka-clone, you must have some organ between your legs for it to be able to poke up out of her cleavage like that.  Selene is definitely not modest in the bra-cup-size department.  That might explain why Lilith and the others are so keen to keep him around after Bad Ending him.  (Apart from Karina, although technically she did keep all the digestible bits).

Selene is a definitely the sexy flirty tease.  She blows on our cock for a while, gives her tits a bit of a shake and . . .

Down with the mouth hoover.  Selene calls it her mouth pussy.  Given she has a shark’s mouth in her belly that might actually be anatomical fact rather than porn simile.  We get a sloppy, noisy blowjob that doesn’t look bad at all (unless that mouth stomach is gnawing away on our feet right now . . .)

Scene two is the standard tentacle molestation scene as drawn many times by Setouchi and others for Monster Girl Quest.

Funnily enough, I remember a campaign to raise funds for a marine biology cause by selling a book of tentacle erotica.  One of the marine biologists was baffled by the fetish and pointed out that squid and octopus tentacles are evolved to catch prey and some of the suckers even have teeth to aid in this.  He couldn’t understand the connection with sex and porn.

Rule 34, my friend.  Rule 34.

Let’s hope the makers of VH don’t find out about that suckers-have-teeth thing.  It might give them ideas and we’ve already had THORN PUSSY!

After giving us such a nice blowjob Selene thinks it’s only fair that we return the favour on one of her tentacles.  This gets considerably grosser when it starts spurting like a cock, filling up Luka-clone’s stomach with salty “brine”.

Oh Selene, and it was all going so well.

Then it’s back to the castle for the “several months later” precursor to her third scene.  In amongst all the subjugating of the hapless humans Lilith and Selene get very catty with each other.  Nope, our succubus does not like little miss squid at all, especially after she stole her favourite toy.  Selene likes to rub it in by mentioning how much she is enjoying her favourite toy.  I like her.

But not that toothy mouth thing.

It’s a little distracting.

Haha.  She summons Luka-clone to the throne room so she can fuck him in front of everyone and annoy Lilith even more.  Netorare, Violated Hero style.  Poor Lilith tries to make out he’s a toy she’s no longer interested in.  I don’t think anyone believes her.  Selene starts on top and it’s all going fine until she mentions she wants to make Luka-clone her female sex slave.

And we all know what that means . . .

Tentacle.  In ass.

I can actually fight this round in the MEHydra vs Violated Hero battle.  I have this spin-off from Succubus Summoning, which features a tentacle-type demon.  For a closer match there’s “Hugh, the Hero” in my last collection, A Succubus for Remembrance.  That one’s so close (yep, also guilty of tentacle in ass) I reckon this round is a tie.

Only one devil king left.  Next up Lilith and presumably much squeezing by her intimate bits.


  1. huh... I was kinda expecting guro when I saw that mouth

    well...kudos to design

    lilith should be interesting

  2. I just have say that my eyes automatically go to that stomach mouth and stay fixed on it and can't get my hard-on. Is there something wrong with me? Am I not a good enough eroge gamer? What can I do to improve myself as a lover of porn?

    1. I think the more appropiate question would be: Who does get a boner when seeing that stomach? *shivers* There´s 2 types of monster girls: Exotic and way too exotic
      Exotic is like a wolfgirl or catgirl
      Way too exotic is: Lets put a tentacle there, a boob there and a few more tentacles there.

  3. cant wait for lilith
    you should do a story about her since you like her so much :D