Monday, January 06, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 3

This is part 3 of my walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  This is a sexually explicit eroge where a masochist hero falls foul of a variety of imaginative femdom monster girls.  If you’re likely to be offended by such things or under the age of 18 please leave now.

Right, last off Luka-clone met a very prickly end (ow ow) at the thorns of the Alraune boss, Lorre.  In the rematch I remember I have Lilith and Igin with me and after a facial for each (that move seems a little overpowered) Lorre is smacked back down into the dirt.

I think Lorre might be a crazy psycho-bitch stalker, but Luka-clone lets her join the party anyway.  Even after she tells him she’s only doing it so she can lure him away from the others and ‘drown’ him in her.  Are you sure we should let her in, Luka-clone?

And then . . .

I thought we were in spooky wood.

Oh this is a town for monsters.  Humans can only enter if they’re the designated slave of a monster girl.  Lilith suggests Luka-clone pretend to be her slave.  Based on Luka-clone’s performance in combat so far I don’t think there’s much pretence about it.

Hey, Lilith, about that hotel room . . .

Well that’s one recurring joke nipped in the bud.  It’s like the game read my mind.

And . . .

Cue random hilarity as my auto-translator tells me “A smell of the Japanese spaniel refuse drifts angrily just to bring a face close.”  Is that a sex thing?

Lilith does her glowing eye thing again and Luka-clone comes all over the place without her even touching him.  Don’t worry lad, you’ll grow out of it.  Then she takes pity on us and slurps up our cock with her tail.  A good succubus always knows plenty of tricks with her tail.

Luka-clone spurts until he loses consciousness.  Guess that makes the slave thing official then.  By VH standards this is probably rated as one of the ‘normal’ scenes.

In the morning Lilith asks Luka-clone if he’d like to be ‘squeezed’ by other, more intimate parts of her body.  Luka-clone defiantly refuses.  I slap him around a lot for being an idiot, but sadly the game doesn’t give me an option to overrule him, so it’s back to the spooky wood.

I run through the alternate path of area 1-2 and find the route that doesn’t have the trap.  I’m still missing one of the random mooks, but as it’s just a palette swap of the frog rider girl and I’m still sulking about missing out on being squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits, I ignore it and carry on to area 1-3.  Luka-clone still doesn’t seem in the remotest bit likely to kill anything with his sword attack.

First runthrough of area 1-3 and I manage to find all of the mooks apart from the boss.

Second time around I take the top route and the third boss is . . .

I’ll let you know just as soon as I’m able to see around those boobies.  Jeebus.  “Big as your head” doesn’t really cut it with those.   I think VH’s plan for their character designs was to start at D-cup and just go straight to Z-cup as fast as possible.

Ah ha.  This, if I’m not mistaken, is the monster girl design that picked up the most votes in the fan competition Dieselmine held back in November.

“What do you want, audience?”

“Bigger tits!”

That’ll be the internet for ya.

Those look big enough to swallow you whole.  (Oh wait, I already did that story)

So she’s Queen of the Cow Girls and . . .

. . . sorry, got distracted there for a moment.

I’m a little bit worried by her “baby at my breast” comments.  Luka-clone isn’t that young.  Are you?

Luka-clone’s first action is to hit her smack in the belly . . . for a grand total of 0 damage.  Yeah, this one’s not going to be hard to throw either.

Her name is Busty, apparently.  I wonder why.  In the description of the game on the English dlsite her name is given as Basty.  Translation Aggregator is not fooled.  We know what you mean.

It didn’t really come up in the first couple of boss fights, but the sex attack from VH3 is back.  Again it feels like a missed opportunity.  Bosses from VH3 onwards have a sex attack where a tentacle type thing sucks up the hero’s dick.  Four turns in a row of that and the hero is made to come . . . which doesn’t really do anything.  Okay, it does some additional damage, but it always feels anticlimactic and rarely even knocks the hero out.  For some monster girls the attack sprite fits their form (the first plant girl boss in VH3 had a flower type thing that worked well), but most of the time they default to the same palette-swapped tail/tentacle type orifice even if it doesn’t make sense for the monster girl to have it.  It’s a nice idea, but they didn’t make the best use of it in VH3 and VH4 is more of the same.

With Gojira gazungas like those the H-scene is going to either involve paizuri (titwank) or lactation fetish.  And the winner is . . .

Lactation fetish.  Had to be really.  Those are big enough to wrap around the whole of Luka-clone (wait, didn’t I do that one as well).  Luka-clone gets buried in titflesh and gets off on ‘milk fog’.  As Bad Ends go, it’s one of the kinder ones (unless you find the infantilization aspect a little icky).

The H-scene continues the mild theme as it’s off to a bed for a bit of nookie with Luka-clone wedged up in her substantial cleavage.  Considering Luka-clone is supposed to be an adult (albeit a wimpy masochistic one) either Busty is huge all other or the artist is taking a lot of liberties with scale to reinforce the infantilization fetish aspect.

(I’ve been called out on that before.  The final edit of "The Biggest Tits in the World" in A Succubus for Freedom utilises some additional Lovecraftian geometry – for when you absolutely have to cram a full-grown adult into a giant boob.)

A little more catering to lactation fetishists and we get a Bad End we don’t have to watch through our fingers.

No one gets eaten by a boob, so MEHydra takes that round by a country mile.

Anyway that will do for part three.  I expect normal violations will resume as we move onto the next area.


  1. Gameplay wise, is it similar to Monster Girl Quest?

    Also how are you doing on Succubus Summoning 208?

    1. Much weaker than MGQ on plot and gameplay. Standard for the VH series sadly.

      Still slow on SS208. :(

    2. Is gameplay more like a JRPG or more like a visual novel as in MGQ?

      As for SS208, what's slowing you down? Sometimes it feels like SS208 will become your Duke Nukem so to speak, though perhaps that should be SS203, which like all your SS stories is really good.

    3. Like a visual novel, but with a rudimentary map to navigate. It's nowhere near as complex as a JRPG (like ROBF for an example, which I'll stick up a review of in a week or so).

      SS208 keeps falling foul of other projects overrunning. The collections are tied to specific dates (Remembrance Sunday for the last one St Patricks Day for the forthcoming one). After the next one goes out I'm going to pause on the short story collections for a while and concentrate on SS and some novel ideas. I've been forcing a few short story ideas to fit the themes of collections and they've been slaughtering my productivity.

  2. If our Luka clone is this pathetic (i.e. more pathetic than the other VH heroes) I am wondering why Lilith chose to partner with him instead of any of the other sacrifices? Perhaps like some past VH monsters she is simply impressed that he is willing to keep trying despite being so incredibly outmatched.

    1. Dunno. The dude in VH3 at least felt like a hero. Maybe Lilith has plans. Maybe Dieselmine wanted a joke hero (They seem to be taking influence from the Lvl 1 Yushe Breeding game now)

  3. Those look big enough to swallow you whole. (Oh wait, I already did that story) <-made me laugh so hard :D funniest of the 3 by far :D
    cant wait for more :D

  4. She’s best girl in the franchise in my opinion