Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 7

And it’s back for my walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  Usual rules apply - if you’re younger than 18 or want to get all holier-than-thou about a dodgy Japanese smut game, fuck off now (especially the holier-than-thou twats).

Before carrying on, just a quick mention that Dargoth has an English translation of Violated Hero 3 here.

Last time we ended up with reptile tails in the colon thanks to Echidna.  In the proper fight Echidna doesn’t really hit that hard, but she’s tough enough that it takes three facials to Lilith to take her down.

As an aside, it’s a little unfortunate Dieselmine didn’t spend much time on the combat mechanics for this instalment.  Borrowing some of the puzzle-battle elements from games like Monster Girl Quest would have made the fights a lot more interesting.  At least with Lilith, Demon-Lord-to-be, on the team most of the fights are over quickly.

Afterwards Luka-clone congratulates himself on winning.

You tell yourself that, buddy, it’s not what I saw.

Luka-clone also thinks he’ll have trouble persuading such a strong demon to join the party and is surprised when Echidna can’t join fast enough.

Ah, Echidna and Lilith have something going on.  She must have promised to make her one of the demon knights once the revolution is won.

Using Echidna’s special attack I discover she’s very particular about her semen.  She complains it’s not dark enough.  I’m not sure how you go about darkening semen.  Maybe if you squeeze hard enough to burst a few blood vessels . . .

And I think we’ll stop right there before the girl with the body of a ginormous Boa Constrictor gets any ideas.

Echidna’s area has three paths through it, which means having to fall into the same bloody trap twice.  I do get to run into Cherry, the one wandering mook I’m missing from the area.  And very sweet she is too (aside from the whole trying to bash my skull in with her big club thing).

Area 3-2 is Mimic’s area.

Mimics have been a classic RPG monster ever since Gary Gygax put them in the 1st D & D Monster Manual back in 1977.   Nothing says Gotcha! better than a treasure chest growing teeth and trying to bite a player’s arm off.  Mimic-type monsters are a nice tool for sadistic GMs/game creators as they teach players to be wary of inviting treasure chests.  Anyone who’s gone through the second half of Dark Souls cautiously prodding every chest they find with a very long spear will know exactly what I mean.

As most monster girl hentai RPGs are pretty much computer RPGs with added boobs and pussy, it’s inevitable that mimics would also undergo boobification.  MGQ has creepy girl in a chest full of acidic goo, in ROBF they respawn with peeking eyes and zip around the corridors, and in Level 1 Yushe Breeding Program they force you to have anal sex with their locks (don’t ask, it’s a weird game).

VH made theirs a boss.

She’s up on the cast list – Jueri (Jewellery) of Jewels.  When you start area 3-2 you see her silhouette as the boss for that area.  So much for the surprise factor.

I was hoping VH4 might do something sneaky, like have the path end in a chest icon (as some do) and have her spring out and trigger a battle.  But no, it’s the same exclamation mark as all the other areas.  For all the weirdness of their character designs and H-scenes, the makers of VH are surprisingly staid and unimaginative when it comes to gameplay and plot.

To be fair, Jueri is a pretty good monster design.  She’s a slime girl that looks like she’s made out of molten gold.

In the prequel to the fight she complains about not having any game for a long time.

Um love, have you considered taking a refresher course on Ambush Predation.  This whole level might as well have had neon lights and a big arrow saying “A mimic is here.”

I let Luka-clone handle the fight.  He loses.

After winning the fight Jueri tells us she’s going to make us gold.  Poor girl, all she wants is to be worn.  Or maybe not as she grabs Luka-clone . . .

. . . and gives his crotch a good sniff.  Apparently she wants to check Luka-clone isn’t a girl.  I can forgive her for being unsure.

And then, blowjob scene!

I guess this is the point where they give the voice artist a lollipop and ask her to suck it as loudly as possible.

Oh, Jueri really wants to turn him into gold.  She takes semen and turns it into gold.  That seems a really useful ability.  One of those and a university fresher’s ball and you’d collapse the gold price faster than Mansa Musa.

After giving our pipes a good suck she drags us into the TARDIS-like interior of her chest for Bad End part 2.

And it’s not all that bad at all.  All she wants to do is ride Luka-clone and make beautiful . . . uh . . . coins all day long.  Even lying on the coins isn’t all that uncomfortable as she can soften them.  I think VH might have gone just as soft.

Um, this is supposed to be a Bad End, right?

This should be a walkover for MEHydra in the contest of squick.  Except I’ve not actually written any stories featuring mimics.  I probably should have remembered my narrow focus on succubi before getting into this.  Another no contest win for VH.

Back to the chest.

I’d stay in there if I were you, Luka-clone.  It’s not likely to get any better.

But we haven’t been squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits yet.

Oh yeah.  Good point.  Up you get Luka-clone, we’ve got a Demon Queen to fuck . . . uh defeat. 


  1. Had no idea you were familiar with the Doctor. As a longtime fan of yours, you just won major kudos.

    Keep up the good work, by the way. The VH play by play was a brilliant idea to freshen up your blog.

    1. Thanks.

      I'm very familiar with The Doctor. Lifelong fan of that series. I even made the missing episodes a plot point in the last story from A Succubus for Halloween.