Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 8

This is part 8 of my continuing walkthrough of the hentai game Violated Hero 4.  The usual rules apply.  Begone prudes, holier-than-thou bores and people under the age of 18 (but at least you guys can come back when you’re old enough).

Last off Luka-clone vanished inside a chest for infinite sexy times with Jeuri on a bed of gold coins.  This is far too good of an ending for him, so we dragged him back out for the rematch.  Sorry Jueri, you’re very cute and glittery and all that, but it’s time for splatdown.  Two hits from Lilith later and Luka-clone is up to level 16 (Capitalism – JRPG style).

Jeuri takes the attitude that if you beat it, you bought it, and joins the party.  She also lets us know she can make gold from our semen anytime.  That’s a cute little power . . . waitaminute!  That’s awesome!

Hey Luka-clone buddy, you thinking what I’m thinking?  How about we blow off this quest, take Jueri and go buy a kingdom somewhere.  We can even have our own harem (and with girls that don’t try to eat us or suck us up like a carton of juice).  How about it, buddy?

Oh, he isn’t thinking what I’m thinking.

Onward to certain inevitable gruesome Bad End at the hands of the Demon Lord.

Afterwards Lilith is kind enough to let us see the map of her conquered areas.  She then puts the willies up Luka-clone by mentioning that the four devil king generals will be sure to be aware of his presence now.

So when are you going to tell him you’re one of them, Lilith dear?

We go back to 100% Jueri’s area.  Jueri’s special attack is to throw gold coins at the enemy.  That seems wasteful.  Oh well, it’s not as if there are any shops to buy stuff in.

Or much variety to the other event tiles.  In fact, compared to VH2 and VH3, there has been a lack of story event tiles other than the boss at the end.  Lilith rejoined the party halfway through Echidna’s area, and that’s been about it.  There haven’t been any of those game-end-deciding choices to make either.  I’m less sorry to see them go.  The options were never picked up by AGTH translation, which meant I often had to guess blind.  And that usually resulted in arriving at the end to find Amu (VH2) had locked herself in her room in a sulk and I couldn’t complete the game anymore.

It does seem like Dieselmine have stripped out a lot of the extra elements from the previous games.  This might have been a cost to getting the 4th game out so quickly.  It’s a shame, as other than Lilith the rest of the main characters and story seem a little underdeveloped.  So far.

At the end of area 3-3 is a mansion.  Allegedly.  The background still shows the same crystal cave.

We go to enter and . . .

It’s boss number 8.  This is the other fan-created monster – Marietta, the robot maid.  The various translation sources used by Translation Aggregator have some differences of opinion as they think she’s asking us what we’re doing at the “hotel”, “museum” and “hall” respectively.

It transpires a mad scientist built Marietta 700 years ago and she’s gone a bit peculiar in the centuries after he died.  She also seems a bit keen to suck Luka-clone with her vacuum cleaner attachment.  I think her scientist creator might have been a bit of an old perv.

The fight is pretty funny as her normal attack swooshes make it look as though Luka-clone has been slapped about the face by a mop and her sex attack involves using the end of a vacuum cleaner in a way not covered by the warranty.  (Don’t try this at home.  Not unless you want to make a very embarrassing phone call to your local A&E department.)  The more you damage her, the more eager she is to “suck the muck”.  As by this point I’ve switched to Luka-clone’s attacks, there’s not much damage heading in her direction.  A few mop slaps later and it’s time for the Bad End.

Her first scene starts with Luka-clone on his back and her standing over him.  Luka-clone is pretty much a masochist doormat, so it’s inevitable he’d run into a girl that wanted him to clean him like one.  Marietta tramples our dick a bit with silk-stockinged feet while vacuuming our chest.  Apparently her creator programmed her to behave this way.  Told you he was an old perv.

Being trodden on like a doormat produces a typically messy response from Luka-clone that Marietta is only too happy to suck up with her vacuum cleaner.

And why mess around when you can go right to the source.  (Again, don’t try this at home.  Really!)

Marietta sucks up a lot of semen.  The suction is strong enough that Luka-clone worries about his dick getting torn off.  Now I’m nervous.  Surely Violated Hero wouldn’t go that far . . .

Marietta turns up the power and we let go with a big spurt.  There are vacuum motor sound effects in the background.  I suspect this is all aimed at a player kink far beyond my ken.  She even accuses us of wanting to make her vacuum cleaner pregnant.  There’s probably a bizarro story or ten there.

After we pass out Marietta drags us inside and then it’s a double team as she introduces Maid Robot Type M-10 Mel.

Hey this could be cool.

Oh, they want to clean us like this.

Well done Luka-clone.  You’ve officially graduated from doormat to bedside rug.

We’re into more conventional BDSM fetish territory here.  There’s silk stockings, guy being trampled, some toe sucking, more vacuuming . . . ouch! . . . more trampling.  All the time Marietta is talking about making her vacuum cleaner pregnant.

So Dieselmine had a fan competition and one of the winners was, “I’d like to be cleaned like a rug by two hot robot chicks.”

Yep, not even going to bother fighting this round.

Come back for part 9.


  1. Well, you did have a story about getting nice and clean in the shower...

    1. Oh yes...her. She did have a habit of making people a little too clean. Hmm. Last I left her she was off to do some mischief in someone else's skin. Always a little worrying when they drop out of sight like that...

    2. I've been waiting to see what she's up to next.

  2. I voted for the cursed sword myself.

  3. what is it about maids....

  4. So would this make Luka-clone a dust-buster daddy? :3

  5. hahahahhaha wow this one is just....wow :D