Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 4

This is part 4 of my Violated Hero 4 walkthrough.  The game is a sexually explicit eroge, so if you’re offended by such things or under the age of 18 please depart now.

Last off Luka-clone met a milky (and relatively mild by VH standards) Bad End at the substantial mammaries of Busty, the Queen of the Cow Girls.  For the rematch I let Lilith loose and Miss Super-Endowed goes down in two hits.  (Hey creator dudes, is this attack supposed to be this powerful?)

After Busty falls, Luka-clone goes to her aid and promptly gets his face shoved into her tits, because the heroes of this type of game and contractually obliged to be naive morons.  Lilith yanks him out and Busty is added to the inevitable harem scene that waits at the end of the game.

Over in the Demon King castle they notice that an area has fallen.  Sharia doesn’t really care because she’s bored and wants some excitement.  (Luka-clone is going to be such a disappointment to her when we finally stumble our way to the castle).

Anyway, the second area is now unlocked, but before heading off into what looks like a rock-themed area it’s back to the spooky forest to 100% the 3rd subsection.  During this time I try out Busty’s special attack.  She sprays milk at the enemy.  Marvellous.

And now off to the second area.

Which only seems to have 2 subsections.

A new area means new random mooks and . . .

. . . hey, she isn’t bad.  I don’t think there is a harpy boss in VH4, so that’s your lot harpy lovers I’m afraid.

After she dodges both Igin’s and Lorre’s attacks I switch to Luka-clone and – shock horror – he actually wins one.  There’s hope for the lad yet.

I follow the path to the end (unerringly finding the trap tile, again) and boss number 4.  A rumble like an earthquake and . . .

. . . WTF Violated Hero 4!  That would appear to be a Giant Sandworm with a Slime Girl for a tongue.

Somewhere in Japan:

“Hello, this is Kenkou Cross and I’d like to speak to my lawyer.”

I’d like to give the VH team some marks for originality for this one, but it’s clearly the Sandworm from Kenkou Cross’s Monster Girl Encyclopaedia.  Admittedly, I don’t know whether KC came up with it himself or it’s a common monster type from somewhere else.  I thought the Girtablilu (scorpion girl) was original until I looked it up and found out it’s a creature from Akkadian myth.  Anyway, kudos to whoever came up with it.  It’s a good monster design.

(I think I might pinch it for one of my stories as well)

Back to the battle.  Her/its name is Karina.

This is going to go all vore-y, isn’t it.

Sorry, Luka-clone buddy, you’re taking one for the team in the interests of journalism.  I hang around long enough to see what Karina’s sex attack is – it’s a blue version of the mucus attack used by the green slime girl maid from VH3 – and then it’s fingers in front of eyes time.  What nightmares of squick are you going to show me this time, Violated Hero?

It’s going to be vore-y.

Uh oh.  She seems awfully keen on our screams of pain.  That’s never a good start.

In the mouth, all wrapped up in tentacles.

Well I suppose if the tentacles only have a good suck there then it’s not so bad.

Yeah, they were never going to just go there.  Not in Violated Hero.  Alas poor Luka-clone, doomed to make up for every tentacled hentai girl ever.


Violated Hero, you do know that the average human small intestine is around 7 metres long.  For a tentacle to come out of there means very bad (and likely terminal) things for Luka-clone’s insides.  Oh wait, I forget, he’s just an ambulatory bag of concentrated semen shaped to look like a man.

And . . . gulp.

Told you it was going to get vore-y.

And you know that vore-off switch MGQ had . . . haha, Violated Hero laughs at your desire to shield yourself from the really icky things.  So now it’s straight to the belly of the worm with Karina on top of us.  I still haven’t worked out whether the worm is her outer shell, she’s a tongue or other digestive organ of the worm, or they’re some kind of symbiotic organism.

It’s not too bad.  It’s sort of hot and bondage-y, but with the hands and feet buried in flesh rather than being tied to the bedposts.

And now it’s describing how our hands and feet are being slowly dissolved and we can’t feel them anymore.  Uh . . . nice?

And her pussy feels a little hot.  And her tongue burns our mouth and throat.

Uh dude, I think that might be stomach acid.

At least Karina seems determined to let us go out with a bang as she furiously humps us.  I’d say it’s hawt, but I think that might be burns from the stomach acid.

Oh, she’ll keep us alive as long as we keep hard and ejaculating.  Come on, Luka-clone, you can do it.  Be a brave little trooper.

(poor bastard is done for)

Gurgle, gurgle.  Fade to black.  Melt.

And some time later a sorry little bundle of bones is excreted out of the other end.

I quite liked that scene, but then I would.

In the MEHydra vs VH battle of the icks I have this tale of sandworms, sex and squick.  A valiant attempt but the judges comprehensively score this one to VH.

Totally yoinking that creature design for one of my stories.  The little black cells are fired up by the possibilities.

That’ll do for part four.  Come back next time when a worm is turned.


  1. Gotta say I am surprised at how glaringly obvious it is that they copied Kenkou's design, even the pose is much the same. On the one hand I am happy to see some other poses for the design via the rape scenes, but on the other I doubt Kenkou would like his friendly sandworm turning into a vore monster.

    1. I'm not sure if it's possible to protect a monster design. D&D has some protected types like Displacer Beast and Beholder, but even they crop up in other places. Also, it might not have been KC that came up with it in the first place.

      I think it's a really cool monster design though. Wouldn't surprise me if it crops up again in other monster girl games (with or without the vore aspect). If KC created it, congrats, he's probably added a future classic to go with Alraunes, Arachnes, etc.

    2. Well I'm not saying legal action is warranted, the obviousness was just surprisingly blatant in terms of the pose and proportions. Can't say how different they could have made her though...

  2. another awesome part :D cant wait to see him fight lilith

    1. Given that he seems currently unable to defeat anything without Lilith I suspect that battle might go . . . badly.