Friday, January 17, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 9

Hello and welcome back to MEHydra’s Let’s Play walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  If you’ve only just joined us, this is a hentai game and the following post is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

When we last left Luka-clone he’d just been dragged off to a mansion to make little baby vacuum cleaners with a loopy robot maid.  I’m not that into robot chicks so we’ll rewind the tape and smash her circuits in.  As ever the strategy is to pump cock (I did warn you this wouldn’t be suitable for minors) into Lilith’s tail/tentacle thing until she makes the bad girl fall over.

Marietta goes into repair cycle . . . until Luka-clone thinks about entering the mansion, at which point her protective programs kick in and she threatens to self-destruct and blow everything up.  We decide not to enter the mansion and Marietta decides to join us to make sure we don’t enter the mansion.

Okay, okay.  I get it, Violated Hero.  You don’t have any artwork for this big impressive mansion.

Screw it, we have Jeuri of the infinite gold production.  We can buy our own mansion and it will be twice as large and impressive, so nah!

Oh, so your fancy mansion has another 1,000 hot robo-chicks.

. . .

Um, yeah, I’ll concede that’s impressive.

I think I can guess what did for the old mad scientist perv.

We’ve cleansed another area, so it’s off to the Demon King castle where poor Makina has to hand the report in to Sharia.  The other two chime in, but to be perfectly honest I can’t really tell them apart.  One has seashells on the side of her head and the other has big floppy donkey ears and that’s about it.  I think they might have worked out Lilith’s up to no good, but as Translation Aggregator comes back with “cannot read a straw alligator, either” I can’t be totally certain on this.

Sharia still seems uninterested by the whole thing and all the demons retire back to their realms to await the coming of the (not so) mighty ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.

The 4th area is now unlocked.

But before heading off there I go back to 100% the last area in case there’s anything I’ve missed.

There wasn’t.  VH4 doesn’t seem big on special event tiles other than bosses, unless I’m unerringly missing them.

Area four looks like a rope bridge between some rocky peaks.  New area means new wandering mooks and VH4 continues the run of okay monster girls with some dragonnewt-type girls.

Her tail’s on fire but she still has tan lines.  #MonsterGirlWorldProblems.

The level-designer might have gone on a coffee break for this one.  A few tiles in a straight line and then the boss.

About halfway through the game I was trying to remember which bosses were remaining without checking the main VH4 website.  I remembered them all apart from this one – the red oni.  I suppose she might seem a little bland when the competition consists of cyclops siamese twins, a giant worm with a slime girl for a tongue and a strange wolf girl with very scary giant werewolf faces behind her.

This is Red Ogre Hisui.  She doesn’t have an ogre-ish face.  It looks more like a cute elf face.  Those thighs however . . .

Fear for your nuts, Luka-clone.

Before the fight she asks for our name because it’s traditional for red oni to inscribe the names of the people they fight on their breasts.  I guess she has space.

In the fight the random generic sex tentacle returns as Hisui uses a red version of Lilith’s tail/tentacle despite not having any discernible tail or tentacle.  It doesn’t matter as Luka-clone is well flattened before the four spunk hearts light up.

Hisui is a very polite red ogre, so she apologises in advance for the humiliation her code of honour dictates she must inflict on fallen foes.  Uh oh.

Um Hisui, I don’t think you need to apologise for this.

She rubs her ‘watermelons’ against our penis.

Yep, pretty sure you don’t have to apologise for this at all.

Much white stuff comes out and Hisui gets really excited about the taste.  So much so she decides to take Luka-clone as her husband and make babies.

In scarlet ogre society the man apparently has little say in this matter.

After Luka-clone passes out from much watermelon pressing she drags him off to her bed for some intensive baby-making nookie.  Wow, Luka-clone is a beast.  Three whole days and he’s still at it.

Hisui won’t let us go.  Not until she’s pregnant.  Her pussy is not going to take no for an answer either.

It’s okay though.  Give her a baby and she might let us go.  You can do it, Luka-clone.

Hang in there.

Can you hear me, Luka-clone?

Oh dear, it looks like the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen has finally emptied.

Fade to black.

So sad.  I guess the stars weren’t right for this relationship.  Three days though, bloody good effort.

Hmm, while I don’t have many red oni stories, there was a lot of paizuri in that Bad End and I do have this charming little paizuri story.

. . .

Yeah, we’ll put the chalk mark next to MEHydra for this round then.

That makes only one sub-boss left, the rather intimidating-looking Fenrir the Wolfess.  I have a bad feeling about that one . . .


  1. Did he die? Or just pass out? I wonder too if the three days was taken from Monster Girl Quest (that's how long Alice's breeding ritual takes). Probably just a coincidence though, given how common the three day thing is in general.

    1. Here I am six years later with the answer. He does indeed die, apparently from exhaustion, as it simply says he passes out and never wakes up. Interestingly Hisui didn't intend to kill him, she seemed to think that him still being hard meant he could keep going.

  2. Heading for the finale...yay

    I can bet there isn't a single ending in pseudo luka's favour

    these games are unoriginal like that