Monday, January 27, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 14

This is part 14 of my walkthrough of Monster Girl eroge Violated Hero 4.  The usual warnings apply.  If you’re under 18 or have stumbled here by mistake and are revolted by the thought of tentacles in the ass, please turn around and show yourselves to the exit.

Last time around we took down the 3rd of the devil kings, the tentacular Neptune Queen Selene.  That leaves just one devil king remaining and this is going to be a little awkward as she’s been following us around as a member of the party all this time.

Yes, it’s finally time to get squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits.

First there’s the matter of recruiting Selene, which should be easy given the agreement she had with Lilith.  Oh, she wants a rematch - this time a one-on-one “dirty” match with Luka-clone.  By dirty she means hentai sex battle.

Hmm, I’m intrigued.  Maybe . . .

Lilith isn’t.  There’s a “malevolent deity” to battle.

Selene switches to serious mode and tells Luka-clone they don’t have a chance of beating Sharia.  She wonders what Lilith is up to.

Afterwards Lilith mentions the powers might have aligned to give them a chance.

And then it’s over to Sharia in the castle, who’s just noticed it’s gone quiet.  Oh dear, it sounds like her and Lilith cooked this up just to have a fun fight.

Back to the map screen and, hello, another arrow has appeared.

This opens up a third screen, this time with just two areas, one of which appears locked.

This first is obviously Sharia’s, but what about the second?  Does Violated Hero 4 have a secret enemy kept close to their chest, or is that the area the player needs to complete to get the happy happy joy joy harem ending?

Before that we need to do Lilith’s area to recruit Lilith, who is already in the party anyway . . .

Ah, the third element of the dragonkin – ice.

Halfway through I realise I forgot to finish off Selene’s area.  It doesn’t matter.  I’m going to have to go grinding for super potions anyway.  I follow the path to the exclamation mark at the end and . . .

There’s no one home.

Well, we knew that anyway.  She’s already in the party.

Uh oh.  I have that ‘done things in the wrong order’ feeling.  Lilith mentions it is her area, and she might have enjoyed springing that surprise on us, but now the cat’s out of the bag it doesn’t seem worth it.

So no fight.

Which means no Bad End.

Hmm, looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer before being squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits.

Nothing for it but to 100% the areas visited so far.  While going through Lilith’s area I get careless and frozen solid by one of the dragonnewts.  I hit the continue option and then hit what I think is the status button to see if my level is still the same.  And . . .

You know that feeling when you play through most of a game without realising you’d missed something really obvious.

Amu is in this game!!!?

Amu was one of the generals in VH2.  I’d heard a rumour she was in VH4, but as the same people seemed to be saying she follows you around, I assumed they’d mixed her up with Lilith.  But no, she’s in the game and running some sort of potion store.  I’m not sure how this works being that I have no money and don’t know what any of the potions do anyway.

The first option gives me a super potion.  The second gives me 3 super potions.  That seems quite convenient given that they seem essential for the harder boss fights and Sharia is guaranteed to be a brick wall.

On the way out Amu knocks us out and then gives us a footjob after we wake up.  All part of the service.

And I guess that’s it for this segment.

Does this mean we don’t get to be squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits?

Nope, guess not.


Oh well, onto Sharia and an inevitable sticky end.


  1. I don't suppose you kept a save from before you started the bosses?

    1. I did. I'll be going back through to pick up anything I missed at the end.

    2. Hmm, either you had to fight Lilith earlier to get her scene, or maybe not use her during combat sequences.

  2. Overall, nice walkthrough and commentary :)