Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 16

The walkthrough of Violated Hero 4 moves onto the final area (we think).  And the usual warning – Violated Hero 4 is a sexually explicit eroge.  Please read no further if offended by such things.

First a little recap.  We beat Sharia, Lilith stole the powers of the demon god and then flew off to take her position as final boss of the last area.  Oh and there was no Bad End unlocked because I suck.  Or maybe Sharia’s idea of a sexy Bad End is to stamp on people’s heads and cast them down into the torments of hell.

Sharia, you’re one sick chick.

At least she’s on our team now as our intrepid ambulatory bag of concentrated semen heads off to the final-maybe-final battle.

Hmm.  Two wandering mook types this time around, or maybe another stats boost monster.

Into the final-maybe-final castle.

Didn’t I see you before . . . ?

Hmm, these scythe chicks are pretty hard.  She nearly kills me on her lonesome.  Thankfully I level up straight after, which saves me having to dip into my limited potion supply (just 2 super potions and no normal potions – the grind beckons.  sigh).

Okay fess up, VH4.  You sent the level designer home early.

And then it’s time to confront Lilith in her lair.

Luka-clone steps up and says he’s going to stop her.

How?  By making her sides split open from laughing too hard.

Lilith warns him of the consequences.  If he loses she’s going to fuck him to death or make him her pet . . . or something like that.  Oh well, some you win . . . and some you win.

It’s not all bad for our intrepid hero.  Former demon god Sharia is here to lend her power.

I don’t think it’s going to go down as expected.  I remember the title screen.  I see chains and much trampling of genitals in Luka-clone’s future.

The three demon king generals are keen to give Lilith a good spanking as well.

As I said earlier: Some you win . . . and some you win.

And then it’s time to battle.

Not sure I’m keen on the Lilith design with the single power eye and magical tail emanations all over the place.  Only 1500 HP, but I only have two super potions left.  Throwing the fight may not be necessary.

As Lilith is now the demon god she also gains the annoying demon god ability of pausing the battle for more posturing/monologuing.

She also heals herself to full as well.  That 1500 HP . . . it’s more like 3000.

Oddly, Lilith’s sex attack isn’t animated.  She asks if she kiss him there and then the spunk heart lights up with no indication of what Lilith was actually doing.  (I can take a good guess).  Even after all four light up I’m none the wiser to what’s going on.  Did the makers forget to add the last animations?  I still think the sex attacks are a wasted opportunity.  They don’t even KO us when the 4th spunk heart lights up.  No matter our current HP, it never drops below 1 from that attack.

Using the last super potion refills my stats and a couple more Sharia hits drops Lilith to the 2nd pause.  Uh oh, and after that pause Lilith’s HP is up to 2000.  With mine at 175 and no health potions left the tedious potion grind beckons.

The random number gods tease me with a sequence of Lilith missing or doing scratch damage and I get her down to about a quarter life before one of her killer moves finally connects.  One super potion short.  Which is a good sign as it means I won’t need to do too much grinding for potions.

And then . . .

Finally . . .

It’s time to be squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits.

The first intimate bits appear to be Lilith’s rather sizable fun pillows.  As with Hisui – not seeing the Bad End of this.  Lilith gives him a good suck and tells him he’s going to be her personal semen doll.  So nothing’s changed there then.

And then for scene two it’s . . .

Missionary?  I suppose that is the exotic position in VH-world.

The scale is also a little weird.  At least Luka-clone doesn’t look like a chubby little child in this rendering, but the size difference between him and Lilith is a little odd.  Maybe monster girl means size amazonian+ in this setting.

Missionary doesn’t stay missionary for very long as Lilith takes her tail and – you guessed it – shoves it in our ass.  She sort of likes Luka-clone as she tells him to abandon his silly quest to save all humans and be her pleasure slave instead.

When you put it like that . . .

To seal the deal Luka-clone has to fill her uterus with cum.  He does that and still manages to make her look like the main event in a bukkake picture.  I can only assume the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen burst at some point.

Then it’s fade to black.  Not because Luka-clone is dead or being digested or drained, but because Lilith wants him to sleep and dream pleasant dreams of her.

Wait, we did lose that fight, didn’t we?

Then it’s the some time after cutaway.  Lilith beats up Sharia again.  Under Lilith the world has gone to pleasure and chaos with monster girls slurping up humans everywhere.  I think we all know who’s to blame for this little disaster.  Should have stayed at home, Luka-clone.

Lilith gloats over smashing even the gods and then heads down to the basement where . . .


You might have fucked up the entire world, Luka-clone, but it was worth it.

And much squeezing by Lilith’s intimate bits was carried out.  (and we’ll try to pretend those tail tentacles stretching Luka-clone’s intestinal walls aren’t really there)

And they all lived happily ever after.

The En—

What, you want the other CGIs.

Sigh.  Okay okay, I’ll see if I can unlock Luka-clone’s happy-happy, joy-joy harem ending next time.

Oh, the MEHydra vs VH4 round.  It’s a succubus, I’m pretty sure I have this one locked up.  Here’s a tag team of Nÿte and Physalia in case you have any doubts.

I’m not sure what the next post will be.  It’ll either be the Good End or maybe I’ll save that until last and see if I can figure out how to fill in the missing Bad Ends first.


  1. Hey, theres are sharia H scenes too. Try and see if can unlock them :)

    1. Unlocked and will be going up over the weekend ;)

  2. hey hydra do you know where we can download all of the cgs? :D

    1. Nope, sorry. The full cgs for games like this sometimes crop up on places like g-e-hentai or exhentai (the annoying sad panda one - I hate that sad panda). Not sure there's been as much interest for this one. I think people are waiting to see if Dargoth will translate it.

    2. yeah i really hope dargoth translates this one :D but i didnt find VH4 on e-hentai :/ hope some one puts them out soon

    3. p.s you should write a story with lilith :D

  3. know, all things considered, these scenes were surprisingly normal......
    how boring

    I suppose I built up resistance to the weird after the forest of nope! in mgq2 and those angels in mgq3

    1. I think they decided to tone down after the last one. Very little outright sadism other than Makina's electrocution.

  4. ...If you're trying to compete on the strength of your succubus stories, why choose a weak one like that?

    1. Both of those dip more towards horror/ick. The Nicole stories are more popular, but a little too vanilla for what I was looking for here. Which one did you think was the weak one - the Physalia one?

  5. The Nyte one. And not just because pretentious spelling makes me froth.

    I admit, it breaks from the "Degenerate asshole makes a really stupid decision and pays for it with his life," mold for a while there in the middle, but the way it does it just leaves me confused and unhappy.

    Why was he damned for what happened to him through no fault of his own, exactly? He fought and resisted until the very end! His last act was a selfless attempt to save his family after praying for mercy! Why's she get to damn him to an eternity of torture for doing nothing wrong?

    ...On second thought, she was probably just lying to him. That'd actually work *better* than taking her at her word.

    Okay, fair enough. With that bit of headcanon I find the story much improved... on that front anyway. Still not sexy.

    1. People miss the cautionary aspect of that tale. He's not an asshole, but he does make a really stupid decision. If some jerks are screwing around outside your house, it's not too smart to go outside and confront them. Real life fathers have done this and then been knifed to death, shot, or knocked over and died because their head hits the floor wrong. One of the traditions of horror is to use the supernatural as a proxy in a cautionary tale. If the guy doesn't rise to their provocation he lives. The moral here is don't be stupid and blunder into an obvious trap like a dumb angry beast.

      The second part is about courage and devotion to loved ones when everything is fucked for you personally. He's dead. He's dead the moment he enters the room with Nyte. She's going to torture and kill him because she's a demon and that's what she's contracted to do. She's also a demon with an alien set of morals. She respects him because he fights all the way (this is also why she likes Phil). She gives him a favour. He can stop the pain (Nyte is still a demon - she's going to enjoy making him die in agony because she's a demon), but he knows the warlocks are going to move onto his family and the only thing that might save them is the demon. Nyte is testing him according to her alien moral code. He passes the test and she saves his family (and has fun carrying out the other part of her alien code of honour - those that inflict pain must also be capable of receiving it)

      This type of tale rarely gets told because Hollywood likes to do either emphatic victories for the good guys, or crushing downfalls for the asshole protagonists. This is a small victory against overwhelming loss tale. He makes a mistake and meets a horrifying end, but because he does fight and not give up, he saves his loved ones from the same fate.

    2. No, I mean, I got those parts. It was those *other* two who were the "degenerate assholes" in this situation. I even got why he was tortured to death, and that Nyte is too alien to understand that it was wrong to do it. That was the strongest part of the story.

      It's the "Nyte gets to drag him to hell after making him suffer and killing him," part that confused me. And, well, now I've headcanoned it out of consideration.

    3. She doesn't drag him to hell. She just kills him and eats his soul. Which is admittedly a disproportionately horrible fate, but it's a final one - that's it for everything, including his suffering.

      As for the last remaining warlock however...

    4. How do you eat a soul? I mean, as a Christian and amateur theologian how does that work? I thought it was just her enjoying the last dregs of his life force as she screwed him to death!

      Besides, I refer to the fact that she more-or-less tells him that his suffering is going to be eternal while she's screwing him. I agree that even the cessation of existance is preferable to that, but it was *that* that distracted and confused me, that he was *somehow* damned to an eternity of suffering for getting raped by her. *Somehow.*

      But it wasn't an issue. And... continues not to be?

      Xantch is right. Death of the Author is very liberating.

    5. Different universe, different rules. I confused things a little with his "agony stretched out for what felt like eternity". It's there to say those last moments felt like very long moments, not actual eternity. I'll have to be careful with metaphors like that in future (that sentence is also a bit cliched).

      This section should spin some wheels as well:

      "Help me God, please," he whispered. "Deliver me from this torment. Lord, please save my family."

      Nÿte reared up in anger. She gripped his chin with a hand that felt like iron and forced him to stare up at her.

      "Do not beg to them," she said, her eyes burning like smouldering coals. "They are not worthy of your breath."

      Different universe, different rules ;)

    6. No, Nyte explicitly says that he's going to hell where he'll suffer for eternity. *That's* what confused me, not some metaphor.

      Also, why should I the reader trust her? Quite apart from being kind of an asshole, she's hardly going to have the most enlightened opinion of God and company. That's just how demons are. If they weren't petty jerks who hated God, they wouldn't be demons at all.

      Even in the "different universe" bits, whose to say she's being fair? What if she just hates God and company for being nice in a way she finds as alien and abrasive as we find her? Shoot, even if I take your word in a way I don't necessarily feel obligated to, the man got to save his family and didn't really get condemned to an eternity of horrible suffering like Nyte said he would. Whose to say that her listening to his plea in that moment wasn't His work?

      Well, Nyte obviously, but she's a jerk, and an unreliable narrator besides.

    7. Does she tell him he's going to hell? This is the bit where she says she'll claim his soul:

      "I have enjoyed this night. We have shared an intimacy together few ever experience, but now I must end your life and claim your soul. It will not be pleasant. The pain and suffering you feel now is nothing compared to the final agonies that await you. Your bravery and resistance has touched me though. I will grant you one final request. I cannot spare your life, but I can spare you the pain. I am still a succubus; I can fill your last moments with the sweetest rapture. Would you wish that of me..."

      Might be a mix-up over claim and final agonies that await you. A few paragraphs later she destroys and eats (claims) his soul in a way that causes way more pain than previously inflicted (final agonies).

      The warlock she does take back to hell.

    8. It's because "claim your soul" should mean "drag your soul to hell," not "eat your soul."

      Because eating souls doesn't make any sense! Why would you even do that?