Sunday, February 02, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 17

Are we at the end?  I think we’re almost at the end of the Violated Hero 4 walkthrough.  I don’t think it’s going to get any lighter on the squicky sex stuff, so you might want to leave now if you’ve navigated here by mistake and are revolted by such stuff.

This is where I try and figure out what order to piece together the remaining content.  Looking at the the CG Mode and Replay libraries, we’re missing five scenes.

The last one is presumably the Good End.  I’m guessing the other four are some combination of Lilith/Sharia Bad Ends.

This is where I break from liveish blogging while I figure out which order to present things.

Okay, let’s go all the way to the “Good End” first.

Thankfully Lilith does not seem that much of an impenetrable brick wall.  Unless she has a further “one-wing angel” stage I reckon I was about one super potion away from defeating her.  I suspect I might have received a little fortune from the random number gods to get her HP that low, so I think I’ll pick up a couple of extra super potions on top just to be on the safe side.  I’m also missing some of the encounters from earlier levels, so this seems like a good excuse to fill them in as well.

A spot of grinding and then it’s back to take on demon god Lilith.  This time around the random number gods aren’t so kind, but I wasn’t expecting them to be so I made sure I had a few extra potions just in case.

Now, was that the final-final battle?  Are we going to get our happy-happy joy-joy harem ending?

Come back next . . .

Just kidding!

Lilith falls over.  Luka-clone has done it.  He has saved the human world.

Well actually not, as Lilith points out.  She correctly observes that Luka-clone didn’t defeat anyone; it was the monster girls in his party.  It was monster girl on monster girl and none of the bosses were actually killed either, so their numbers have not decreased.  Also, all those sexy monster girls in his party were only contracted until he’d defeated the demon god . . .

Uh oh . . .

And now that the demon god (in this case Lilith) has been defeated the contracts are up.  The monster girls are free to do as they wish.  Is this a good time to point out Luka-clone is at the same location as all of them.

Big uh oh . . .

I sense a pile-on in Luka-clone’s future.

Oh, Lilith decides to abandon her world of “pleasure of chaos”, so it’s not all bad.

The way the devil kings talk about “training” Luka-clone, bad.

Alas poor Luka-clone.  You thought you won and . . .

Dogpile on the wimpy masochist!

Well at least his winning prize is to be drawn more like a heroic adventurer and–

Good grief!

—how long is that!  No wonder the monster girls were all so keen to keep him around as a toy.

It’s a bit of smoochy-smoochy with Selene while Makina and Anua lick his nipples, and Sharia and Lilith play with . . . that anatomic anomaly.  It doesn’t look so bad Luka-clone.  Five gorgeous girls, jammy bastard and all that.

Um, Sharia’s just sucked up your cock in her wing tentacle thing.  Okay, so it looks a little weird, but it’s not all that . . .

Oh, and Lilith’s just put her tentacles in your ass.

Spurt spurt.

I think the Violated Hero artist really likes drawing cum splatters.

Think on the bright side Luka-clone.  While they’re molesting you they aren’t bothering other human beings.  Think of the greater good.

Oh, Lilith’s tentacle is swelling up.  In your ass.

Greater good, Luka-clone.  Greater good.

And fade to black.  The end.

In the MEHydra vs VH4 battle I have this five-on-one scene from near the end of Succubus Summoning 101 (please buy the book, Verdé will give you nice dreams if you do).  As lovely as Verdé and friends are, I’m going to give VH4 extra style points for the wing/tentacle/suction tube thing.

Overall, the last Good End looked remarkably similar to the many preceding Bad Ends.  Maybe that’s just how Violated Hero rolls.

But we do still have those missing CGs from Sharia.  Is there an alternative – better – Good End hiding away?  To be continued . . .


  1. Call me a romantic, but the smoochy-smoochy with Selene is the best part of that image for me. It's really quite sweet.

  2. are you going to continue this for 4 more days?

    a scene a day?

    why not just do 2 scenes at once or all 4 at once?

    1. There have been some unwelcome developments I'll be blogging about later :(