Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 19

And welcome to what will likely be the last part of my Violated Hero 4 walkthrough.  Usual disclaimers apply:  Thar’s going to be sex and squick, and if you don’t like such things now is a good time to bail.

So Sharia, what do we need to do to please you then?

A quick internet search around the usual haunts and Dargoth has the answer on the ulmf forums (That’s my usual goto now when I get stuck on a hentai game. Their forums are a useful resource for these games).  I had the right idea – you need to beat Sharia.  But it’s after picking up only three of the devil king generals.  Which is sort of what I did the first time, except not fighting Lilith apparently counts as not fighting her and defeating her at the same time.

Uh huh?

So to unlock Sharia’s Bad/Good End we need to fight and beat Lilith, fight and beat exactly two of the remaining three devil kings, and then fight and beat Sharia?  Uh, thanks for that, Dieselmine.  Still with me?

Right.  Off we go again.  But first . . .


More potion grinding.

And it is indeed correct.  Sharia falls over and the ending is different.  To be fair, it actually does make sense from a storytelling perspective.  Because we only have three rather than four of the devil kings, the fight is much closer and Lilith is too knackered at the end to steal the mantle of the demon overlord.

Could this be the real Good End?

Luka-clone has the opportunity to finish Sharia off, but passes on it because that’s what the heroes always do in these games (apart from VH2, where you had to kill all the sub bosses to have the power to bring down Xueli. Sorry Milfy).

Instead he orders her to order all the other monster girls to stop harassing humankind.

This is where Sharia points out he only defeated her through the help of his monster girl friends, and they’ve all buggered off to recuperate.  But it’s okay, Lilith is still here.

Lilith – Ah, but I’ve fulfilled my contract.  I helped you defeat Sharia, once.

Then she buggers off too, teleporting away in a flash of light.  Which leaves Luka-clone alone with Sharia, and I think you can take a good guess what happens next . . .

How’s the view Luka-clone?

She plays with his cock for a while and then asks him to beg her to put it her mouth.  Of course he does.

Cue much slurping.

The ambulatory bag of concentrated semen does his bit and Sharia gets a mouthful.  Luka-clone gripes about how he actually won.  Sharia said he did, and this is his reward.

She has a point, Luka-clone.

Then she tells him to squeal in agony.

Okay, I see your problem with this, Luka-clone.

And then scene two.

And a whopper of a twist – Sharia is a virgin!

I suppose this explains the repeated head tramplings, consignments to dozens and dozens of years of hellish torments.  Luka-clone gets to go where no man or god has gone before.  And I guess Sharia gets to receive cock no other pussy has ever received.  Aww, it’s so romantic – a boy and his hawt malevolent deity.

Odds on Luka-clone’s brain blasting out of his ears . . .?

Predictably, it’s the other part of Luka-clone that starts blasting the moment he enters her.  This annoys Sharia, so she brands a cute little magical heart tattoo on his belly.  No more coming until Sharia says he can come.  Eventually Luka-clone begs her enough and she releases him.  This gives the cum-obsessed artist an excuse to paint cum splatters all over the place.

Wow, two scenes in a row and nothing inserted into Luka-clone’s ass.  It must be the Good End.

And it’s not over.  Sharia is one of the big bosses, so she gets a third scene.

First there’s the few months after scene, and – surprise – it actually is a happy ending.  The monster girls are no longer attacking humans.  This doesn’t bother Selene and Anua as they have no shortage of volunteers throwing themselves at them anyway (what, at Little Miss Donkey Ears?).  People are strange.

Says the man who writes sex demon porn snuff.


Makina is upset, but follows Sharia’s orders to crush disobeying monster girls like the good little robot guard dog she is.

Lilith is also upset, because the world is now boring.

If only there was someone we could blame for putting this all in motion, eh Lilith.

Then it cuts away to where Sharia is helping Luka-clone fight monsters that encroach on humanity.  Mostly Sharia’s just blowing them apart with her high level magic, but it’s the thought that counts.

This is an actual . . . proper . . . hero ending.  I’m confused.  Are you feeling okay, Violated Hero?

Ah so Sharia’s still not above a little femdominance.  She gets horny, uses her magic to immobilise Luka-clone, and then carts him off to the nearest inn for a bit of frenzied nookie.  The perils of having a super-powered malevolent deity for a girlfriend I guess.

And Sharia is surprisingly girlfriend-y.  She seems very keen on us.  To tell the truth, I didn’t expect the “true” Good End (which it seems to be) to take this path.  It’s even a nice lovey-dovey scene.  There’s not even a tentacle in the—


Never mind Luka-clone.  At least you got to save the humans and gain a super-powered malevolent deity for a girlfriend in the process.  Sure, she treats you as her masochist pleasure slave, but I suspected that’s what you wanted anyway.

So that’s that.  Violated Hero 4, The End.

I suppose I should sum up with my overall thoughts on the game, but I’ll leave that to a follow-up post.

ETA: As a few people have pointed out to me.  I completely missed you get an extra scene for unlocking all the CGs (I did warn you I hadn't actually 100% completed one of these games before).  I will get a part 20 up along with my overall thoughts on the game.


  1. Truth be told I'm a little disappointed that Lilith didn't get a "good end" aside from the harem one. She seemed a lot more likely to end up Luka-clone's girlfriend than Sharia, given the two had much more of a semblance of a relationship.

    Nice to see Selene gets a bunch of boy toys though.

  2. VH2 had a similar ending with Xueli didn't it?

  3. Well...It wouldn't be VH without SOMETHING in Luka-clone's ass

  4. Is it me, or does VH4 play out almost like a parody of VH2, with a dumbed-down version of 3's gameplay? I mean, there's the bored main boss introductory dick trampling scene, the four generals (why IS Japan so obsessed with the shitenou motif, anyway?), the way the endings break down...

    Also, Luka-clone's name is Leki (or Reki, if you prefer) which is literally 'Luka' shifted one kana to the right on a standard katakana table.

    1. his name can also be translated at Lexi, Ricky & Lexy

    2. Four is symbolic of bad/threatening things in Japanese culture so it gets used a lot.

  5. hey, theres a harem end too... if you could write anything on that

    1. MEH already covered that in fact the only thing not covered is the extra scene that's only viewable from the title screen once you have all the cg. it might not even be there this time but the first three had one so why not the fourth right?

    2. It's the extra scene a few people have mentioned that I completely missed.

  6. any progress on Succubus Summoning?