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New Story - "Busted Bankster"

Time to tally up votes.  I make 11 for "Busted Bankster", 3 for "A Special Tube of Lube", and 10 for "A Real Life Goo Girl".  So "Busted Bankster" it is.

Not to worry if you wanted one of the other two.  All three will be in the next collection.  I'm aiming to put that out next month if possible, so you shouldn't have to wait too long.

Time for a succubus cage fight.  This story was inspired by a scene in a computer game I liked.  Should be easy to guess which one.  I hope you all enjoy anyway.


Busted Bankster

Last night Ken Shigenori had gone to bed secure with his lot in the world.  He’d gone to the right school, worked hard, been admitted to the right university, worked hard, took a job at the right city firm, worked hard, and while he wasn’t one of those ‘Masters of the Universe’ the papers liked to bang on about, after successfully closing out the DiMaggio deal he could expect to add a cool seven figures to his bank account once bonus season rolled around.

He’d thought about phoning up an escort, or two, to celebrate, but the even more lucrative Pontac deal had kept him in the office until past midnight.

“What do you think coke was invented for,” a colleague had joked with him a while back.

The joke was on the colleague.  His desk was abruptly cleared out a couple of months later, a consequence of taking the wrong position on a multi-million pound deal.

The city could be ruthless, but her rewards for the savvy and fast-thinking were considerable.  Ken was the cream of his generation.  He had a well-paid career with stellar prospects.  He had a swish apartment in a fashionable district of London.  He could retire to his bed, pull the covers over his head and sleep soundly with the knowledge his future was a fast motorway to riches and luxury.

Life was good.

* * * *

Today . . .

They’d snatched him off the streets of the capitol, in broad daylight, as he’d been returning to his office from an expensive lunch.  Al-Qaeda?  Anarchists?  Criminal gangsters?  Ken had no idea.  His captors had shoved a black hood over his head and bundled him into a car.  That hood had remained on his head as they’d drove and drove to a place where the hustle and bustle of city activity had faded away.

Hours later and still blindfolded, Ken was standing with his hands tied behind his back.  He didn’t know where they were, but from the cool damp air and the echoes his footfalls made off a hard stone floor he guessed it to be underground somewhere.

A roar erupted around him as his captors prodded him through into a larger opening.  It sounded like a raucous crowd at an illegal dog fight.  Ken’s anxiety grew.

He heard a rattling sound in front of him, like a chain-link gate clanking open.  Someone sawed through the rope around his wrists and then roughly shoved him forwards.  Ken lost his balance and went down to one knee.  At least with his hands free he could finally tear this bloody hood off.

Ken did that and looked around in time to see a wire-mesh cage door swing shut behind him.  He heard the metallic clank as bolts were slid across.  Behind the wire-mesh door dirty faces twisted into hate-filled masks glared at him.

He turned around and saw similar snarling faces pressed up against chain-link fence all around him.  They spat and screamed obscenities at him.  Ken was in a cage and surrounded by a mob baying for his blood.  They were underground.  Naked torches burned in brackets on the walls and in a chandelier far above his head.

What the hell was happening?  Where was he?  It looked like a gladiatorial arena from a post-apocalyptic road-warrior film.  The baying mob didn’t look quite that unkempt, but their shouts and jeers were just as barbaric.  Fists rattled against the fencing as Ken spun around.

“Fucking bankster scum!” a black man with dreads shouted at him.

Was that what this was about—more of that ninety-nine percent versus the one percent bollocks?  Yeah, Ken was in the one percent.  He was smart and had fucking worked his ass off to get there.  Any of those around him could do the same if they weren’t too busy moaning and looking for someone to blame for the tawdry ruins of their lives.  Fuck, if they wanted someone to blame they could start with the moron politicians they elected.  They were the people that kept setting the rules in favour of the elite.

He’d read plenty of the ‘hang ‘em from the lampposts’ comments on the mainstream news sites.  He’d dismissed them as the rabid frothing of people too lazy to move their fat asses out from behind their keyboards and do something constructive with their lives.  Had someone finally found enough of a spine to do something?

They wouldn’t get away with it.  The city was too important to the country.  She looked after her own.  The police would baton-charge this scum back into the slime where they belonged.

The noise, already a ferocious cacophony of hurled obscenities and rattling fences, ratcheted up a notch and changed in nature.  Cheers and whoops replaced the jeers as a tremor of excitement thrummed around the cage.  A door on the far side opened.  Ken’s opponent was entering the arena.

He was expecting a tattooed thug and instead they sent in a statuesque woman dressed in a flowing, glossy black cape and skimpy fetishwear.

Who the fuck was she?

She was tall enough to be imposing.  Ken reckoned she had a couple of inches on him and he was over six foot.  If that height had been backed up with the muscular physique of a wrestler he might have been concerned.  It wasn’t.  She was all soft curves, including a ridiculously over-inflated pair of tits.  She looked more like one of those wrestling divas that never actually wrestles and were only there as eye candy to keep the dads from getting bored.

And she definitely was eye candy.  Her costume, little more than a series of shiny black straps to hold her mammoth tits in place, looked more appropriate for the streets behind Kings Cross Station in the early hours of the morning.  Her glossy black leggings even had a zipper over the crotch.

She posed seductively and blew kisses to the enraptured crowd.  She courted their adoration like a gothic vampire queen with her pale skin, flowing raven hair and black cape.

“Eh-ry-zu!  Eh-ry-zu!  Eh-ry-zu!” the crowd chanted.

“Suck the leech dry!” someone yelled.

She must be the warm-up girl, someone to whip the crowd up like the Vegas showgirls that paraded a number around the ring before the start of each round of a boxing match.


“Fuck him up, Eryzu!”

“Batter the bankster scum!”

They couldn’t be serious.  Just look at her figure.  Breast-obsessed perma-adolescent game developers could add voluptuous bodies like this into their fighting games to appeal to their equally breast-obsessed perma-adoloscent audience, but real fighters had actual physics to worry about.  Look at those breasts for starters.  They were ludicrous.  There must be about a football’s worth of silicone in each one.  It was not a body practical for fighting in.

Ken could think of plenty of other things that body was practical for.  And plenty of those things he’d pay good money to do with her.

But no, she turned, gave him a haughty stare and settled into what he assumed was some kind of fancy martial arts stance.

Ken shook his head.  If those morons thought they were going to derive some entertainment from watching  an over-inflated dominatrix beat the shit out of a pathetic, desk-bound banker they were about to get a shock.

He held up his fists and assumed a textbook boxer’s stance.

He wasn’t some flabby, overweight desk jockey.  He’d boxed for his university and still worked out regularly at the gym.

The girl, Eryzu, smiled at him.  She looked amused.

Ken suspected she wouldn’t be smiling so much after he’d worked her face over.  Or planted a solid body blow right in the centre of one of those big, fluffy white tits.  Normally he wouldn’t have relished messing up a girl’s face, especially one as fine-looking as hers, but he’d been abducted, blindfolded and thrown into an illegal fighting ring fuck knows where.  The gloves were off.

Still, it would be a shame to smash up a work of art like that.

“I’m not like the other nine-to-five slobs,” Ken warned.  “I boxed a lot at amateur level.  Stay in here and you’re going to get hurt.”

“I don’t think so,” the woman said, her dark eyes twinkling.

“I’m not going to go easy on you because you’re a woman,” Ken said.

“Do your best,” Eryzu said.  Her bee-stung lips turned up in smile of amused contempt.

“Eh-ry-zu!  Eh-ry-zu!  Eh-ry-zu!” the mob bayed.

She circled Ken.  Her movements were fluid . . . easy.  Despite her impractical figure, she moved gracefully.  Like a big cat.  She must know a martial art, Ken thought.  He wasn’t intimidated.  For all their flashy moves, most martial arts were about as effective as dancing when up against a trained boxer.

Let’s see how good you really are, Ken thought.  He fired out a piston jab at the white, flawless mask of her face.

Pretty good, as it happened.  Good enough to glide to the side with an amused little smirk on her lips and see his jab pass through empty air.

So she could dodge.  But for how long?

He’d fought slick operators before.  Puffed up on their own arrogance, they slid around the ring like oil.  All it took was one good clip and they fell down like a sack of spuds.

Ken kept his shape and kept firing out piston jabs.  Eryzu glided out of reach of his fist like a wraith, but was unable to get close enough to counterattack.

Ken was hoping she’d see he meant business—that he wasn’t a tubby overweight desk jockey—and call a halt to this ridiculous farce.  He didn’t relish the prospect of messing up her elegant face, or that bombshell of a body, but he would if she left him no other choice.

Eryzu kept dodging and Ken kept pressing.  She could duck and weave with the best, but she was running out of cage.  Ken was inexorably herding her to the corner.  Once trapped there, Ken intended to fully show her the folly of getting in a cage with one of the big boys.

Then she pulled off a move he would have sworn was a carefully choreographed wire stunt from a Kung Fu film if he hadn’t been right in the middle of it.  Even with the frontest of front row seats he still had trouble believing what he saw.  She vaulted his punch.  He put out a jab he felt certain would connect and the next moment she was on top of his outstretched arm and somersaulting over him like a capricious spring breeze.  So fast and graceful.  Ken felt like he was a golem made out of lead throwing punches in a tar pit by comparison.

He was still blinking in astonishment as Eryzu planted a kick in the small of his back and propelled him into the cage wall.  Faces twisted in hatred screamed at him.  One hawked a thick glob of phlegm into his face and Ken felt the cold slime slide down his cheek.

“Bloodsucking cunt!” a face with far too much hair screamed at him.

Fucking wasters, Ken thought.  No better than animals.

Rage rising to engulf him, Ken turned and charged the costumed fighter with his fists flailing.  Fuck playing nice.  He was going to pound that haughty face into hamburger.

Stupid.  Stupid.

He was a blind stupid bull and she a twirling matador.  She sidestepped his charge and swung him right back into the spit and insults of the mob pressed up against the cage wall.  She even had time to reach between his legs and give his balls a teasing squeeze.

Ken lashed behind him, but she was already gone, evaporated like mist.  He turned and saw her showboating in the centre of the cage.  His anger flared.

No.  Cool it.

He wasn’t some stupid bull to be led a merry dance around a ring until it expired from exhaustion.  He was one of the elite, the one percent.  This skank with big hooters was in no way his equal.  Ken brushed the red mist aside, put up his fists in a guard and advanced on her.  Eryzu’s full lips curled up in amusement and she goaded him on with a beckoning finger.

Fuck the Marquis de Queensbury shit, Ken thought.  If it was good enough for Holyfield, it was good enough for him.  He grabbed both her arms and attempted to plant a headbutt on her picture-perfect face.

Eryzu brought her arms together to block and they grappled in the centre of the ring.  Those soft curves that looked more suitable for the bedroom masked a wiry frame.  Ken couldn’t tug her off balance and had to expend a lot of energy to keep on his own feet.  Ridiculous cloak and slick dancing moves aside, Eryzu clearly wasn’t averse to mixing it up at close range as well.  Ken was a man and stronger though.  He started to lever her arms apart and away from her pretty face.

And tits.

As Eryzu’s arms opened up like curtains, the large bulges of her bosom came into view like moons rising above the horizon.  Ken’s gaze fell upon them, slid over the creamy curves and slipped down into the dusky cleft of her cleavage like water spiralling down a drain.  Eryzu knew the effect her body had on men.  She smirked and pushed her chest out.  Ken saw her jiggling boobs advance towards him until they filled his vision.

They were massive—enormous.  Larger even than the considerable round breasts of the grand-a-night escort he’d hired to celebrate the first time his bonus had cracked six figures.  Memories of that hedonistic night sent a throb of pleasure down to his crotch.

He could recall that night vividly.  A thousand pounds and worth every penny.  The girl had enormous tits.  Double-Ds and real.  They were soft and squeezable rather than the frozen-in-place bad boob jobs that looked okay until you got close enough to put your hands on them.  Ken had put his hands on them and played with them all night.  The hooker really knew how to use them.  She’d rubbed them all over his body and even let him blow his load between them to finish off in the morning.  Top night.

Ken’s dick stirred in his trousers at the memory.

The girl had been fantastic.  It was the closest he’d come to breaking his strict rules.  No repeat bookings.  That was his mantra.  Don’t give them a sniff of encouragement.  Don’t let them think they’re more than what they are.  Don’t get attached.  Don’t let them get a claw in you.  Don’t get romantic.  They might seem like the nicest, sexiest girl in the world, but in the end they all sucked a man’s bank account dry.

Ken blinked, lost in recollections of a sweaty night of pleasure.  Eryzu’s bust filled his vision.  If the escort’s breasts had been double-Ds, what did that make these?  They were enormous—creamy-white and fluffy.  A single black strap belted across her chest was all that held them in place.  The pale flesh quivered and strained against its restraint.  Eryzu pushed her chest out further and Ken’s head ducked lower and lower.

He was still staring into the endless chasm of her cleavage when Eryzu suddenly switched direction and went the way he was trying to tug her.  Caught off balance, Ken lost his footing.  Eryzu pulled away and Ken came toppling with her.  He fell forward and Eryzu’s bosom caught his face like a pair of air bags.

She twisted her wrists out of his slackened grip and wrapped her arms around his head.  Ken’s face was wedged right into the narrow space between her enormous boobs and trapped there.  Soft like pillows, her breasts pressed tightly around the sides of his head.

They could also smother him as effectively as a pillow pressed over his face, Ken realised numbly.

He knew this.  He could feel her warm skin pressed tightly up against his nose and mouth, blocking his air passages.  He could feel it in the pangs of lungs starved of fresh oxygen.  He knew he couldn’t breathe, that she was suffocating him.  He knew it, and yet he struggled to accept the reality—and gravity—of his predicament.

Smother him in her tits . . . don’t be ridiculous.

All he needed to do was twist his head free.

Ken thrashed and squirmed to no avail as Eryzu crossed her arms behind his head in an unbreakable bear hug that kept his face buried in the airless gap between her breasts.

Body blows.  That would work.  While she held his head there was nothing protecting her soft, vulnerable midriff.  Work her hard enough and she’d have to let his head go.

Ken worked her.  He unloaded body blow after body blow, slamming his fists into her unprotected stomach like he was working his punchbag back home.

That’s when he knew something was badly—seriously—wrong.  He was hitting flesh.  He felt his fists hit flesh.  It was soft flesh as well.  Womanly flesh.  There were no rock-hard abs to deflect his blows and make him feel like he was punching a wall.  Just soft flesh.  And he hit it again, and again, again, and again, and nothing happened.

Ken’s lungs were burning.  There was no air.  His face was filled with her overflowing breasts.

His punches grew weaker and weaker.  He felt like he was winding down.  Slowing down like a clockwork toy.  Even his thoughts felt like they were wading through thick mud.

He was suffocating.  In her cleavage.

This couldn’t be happening.  Not to him.  He was someone.  He was important.  He earned seven figures a year.  He was . . .

Ken’s hands dropped to his sides.  He blacked out.

* * * *

Ken came to with the crowd baying around him.  He was lying on the floor of the cage.  He saw the primitive chandelier hanging above him.  Over to the left he saw some kind of dim balcony.  Were those shapes people?

Eryzu was standing over him and blowing kisses to the mob.  She’d knocked him out.

With her tits.

Fuck.  Some Master of the Universe he was, fucking knocked out by a hooker with mutant tits.  He tried to move but his head felt like it had just been released from a vice.  His limbs didn’t feel like they were connected to the rest of his nervous system and he wanted to throw up.

“Drain him!” the crowd chanted.  “Drain him!  Drain him!”

“Suck the leech dry!”

Eryzu turned to look down at him, a smile on her voluptuous lips.  She opened her legs and bent her knees.  Ken saw she’d pulled his trousers down while he’d been unconscious.  His penis stood upright in an erection that mystified him until he recalled asphyxiation had that effect on most men.

Still smiling, Eryzu pulled down the zipper at her crotch.  The crowd roared in anticipation.  Ken’s brow furrowed as she exposed the pink lips of her sex to him.

The fuck?  She was going to fuck him?

Eryzu lowered her hips.  Ken felt the pressure of her sex against the swollen head of his erection.  Then the pressure eased and her heat was spilling down his shaft as he slid up inside her.

Without a condom, he realised numbly.

In other circumstances Ken would fuck a girl like this without a moment’s hesitation.  If she’d been an escort he’d have dialled her up and fucked her in a heartbeat, maybe even dropped a cool grand on those big round titties.  He’d have driven his cock up inside her tight snatch for as long as he could keep it hard and coming.

But never without a condom.

That was dirty.

He didn’t have any say in the matter.  She lowered her hips and the fleshy pole of his cock vanished up inside her.  She was tight.  Really . . .

Ken sucked in a breath as muscles clenched around her.  It felt like she’d vacuum-packed him in her vagina.

. . . tight.

Something wasn’t right.  This wasn’t sex.  It felt wrong.  Just like when he’d buried body blow after body blow into her soft midriff and she hadn’t even flinched.

“What are you?” he asked.

“Drain him!  Drain him!” the crowd bellowed.

Eryzu smiled.  It wasn’t seductive.  The eyes were wrong.  Flat, black and hungry.  A shark’s eyes.

Ken tried to push her off, but his strength had gone.  Feebly, he pawed at her breasts like an invalid.

She grabbed his wrists and forced his hands behind his back.  She wrapped her legs around him and used her calves to pin his arms in place.  It was like a weird cross of tantric yoga and judo.  Once she locked her ankles together Ken was held as securely as if she’d bound his wrists behind his back.

He knew she couldn’t be human when her pussy started to suck on him like a mouth sucking on a lollipop.

It felt like sex, but sex where all the motions were internal.  Eryzu gasped in pleasure.  She squeezed his body between her thighs.  All the friction was generated within her vagina as the walls wrapped around his member, squeezed and tugged.  Less a sex organ and more like a mouth, a warm wet mouth administering a blowjob beyond anything Ken had experienced from the best and most expensive escort agencies in the city.  Sucking.  Sucking.  Tight hoops of flesh contracting around the base of his penis and then tugging up the shaft.  Sucking and sucking while Eryzu panted in erotic abandon.

“What are you doing?” Ken asked.

Twin strands of pleasure and fear spiralled up through his body.  What she was doing down there, doing to his cock, felt intensely pleasurable.  But it also felt wrong.  Horribly, abhorrently wrong.  He tried to squirm out of her grip.  She squeezed him tighter with her legs and pressed her sex down on him.  The soft wet walls within her vagina continued to suck on his manhood, tugging him deeper inside.

“Normally I would drain you slowly and pleasantly over the course of a night,” Eryzu said.

Again that word drain.

“But the crowd are impatient tonight.”

Eryzu unhooked the strap holding her breasts in place and the large white globes, pale beneath the candlelight, fell free.  Her chest expanded and she sucked in deep breaths.  Her abdomen tensed and Ken felt ripples of force wash through his body.  Her warm sex contracted around his penis and tugged slower and deeper.  Moist flesh slid up his shaft like silk soaked in expensive oils as her vagina sucked and sucked.  Ken trembled as pleasure vibrated down his shaft and ricocheted up his spine.  He’d been blown by the best and most exclusive, and they might as well have been common street trash compared to what she was doing to him.

Ken screwed his eyes shut.  Ragged breaths hissed out between his teeth.  Oh fuck.  He couldn’t hold back.  The pleasure was welling up from his balls.  It overwhelmed the pain in his pinned arms.  It overwhelmed the feel of the hard stone floor beneath him.  It blotted out the crude yells of the crowd around them.  It came up against the fear of the creature—for creature she had to be—wrapped around it and squashed it down into a tight ball.

“Mmm yes, baby,” Eryzu crooned.  “Spurt your cum inside me.  Fill me.”

“Hah!” Ken spluttered.

The sucking tugs of her pussy were too much.  His cock throbbed and he erupted up into the moist clutch of her sex.

“Yesss!” Eryzu hissed.

Her chest rose up and down, as did her flat midriff.  It was like she was flexing muscles beneath, muscles that flexed in concert until it felt like the whole of her body was sucking on his dick.  Sucking on it like a straw.  Sucking . . . and gulping, gulping down his semen as his body tensed and trembled in the grip of an unnatural orgasm.

Gulping.  That’s what the little motions of her body looked like.  A girl gulping down a drink, but wrong . . . upside down.  Horribly wrong.

Ken groaned.  He felt violent tremors run through his cock and balls as muscles squeezed and pumped more semen into her gulping sex.

“Pour it all inside me,” Eryzu sighed.

“Stop it!” Ken said when he realised his body wouldn’t, couldn’t. 

“It’s what the crowd wants.”

The muscles of her abdomen clenched and unclenched.  The gulping maw of her sex pulled more semen out of Ken’s shuddering body . . . and something else.

“Fuck the crowd,” Ken wheezed.  “I’m worth twice as much as all of them combined.  I’ll pay you twice whatever they’re paying you.  Four times.  Just don’t . . .”  He hadn’t wanted to think it, but could deny it no more.  Pleasure wrapped his body in a comfortable sheet, but beneath it he felt like he was coming apart, hollowing out.  “. . . kill me.”

Eryzu smiled.  Her black lips pouted in an obscene mockery of a kiss.  “They’re not the ones paying me.”

She exhaled and squeezed her thighs tighter around Ken.  Her chest—those swollen great tits—rose up and down as her whole body gripped Ken and pumped the semen from him.  Her pussy squeezed and tugged and pumped the fluids from his body as the flow became a gush.  He was emptying into her.  Not just his balls, but the whole of his body.

His soul.

Eryzu hissed in triumph.  Great bat wings the colour of midnight unfurled from her back.  Her head went back in an erotic sigh and when it came back Ken saw she had horns and her eyes were endless black abysses.  He was locked into sex with a devil, and through sex she was draining his life—and soul—away.  The crowd roared.

No.  This couldn’t be happening.  Not to him.

His head fell to the side.  He was collapsing, crumbling from within.  He looked up and saw the shadowy balcony.  Silent figures clothed in sable darkness looked down on him.  Oh god, he knew who they were.  That was Jean Pierre Graff, Ken’s boss at Jefferson Varrigan.  Next to him was Gordon Douglas.  He sat on the board of PJ Korgan, another of the big London investment banks.  And behind him was the owner of Silverman Jacks.  What were they doing here?

“Why?” he croaked as stared up at Graff.

He didn’t understand.  He was a good worker.  Loyal.  Valued.  Invaluable.  He made millions for the company.

He was one of them!

“Men have always sought goats to sacrifice in times of strife,” Eryzu said.

She pressed plush lips against Ken’s and sucked.  He came apart in a fountain of ecstatic bliss.  Eryzu held him tight while his skin wrinkled and shrunk around his bones.  His body grew emaciated and shrivelled as the succubus sucked the life out of it.  She finally released him with a satisfied sigh and little more than skin and bones collapsed onto the floor.

The crowd roared.

“Fucking bloodsucker.  Got what he deserved.”

“Ha ha, the leech sucked dry.”

“She sucked that bankster scum up good and proper.”

Eryzu stood up and milked their roars of appreciation.  She blew them kisses and jiggled the full swell of her breasts.  The men on the balcony nodded their approval.  That would keep the mob happy . . . for now.  They melted back into the shadows.  Eryzu watched them go and smiled.  They thought they were her masters, but in time she knew she’d devour them all.



If you liked that and want more, please feel free to check out my books.  This and the other two stories will be in the next collection.  I'll post more details on that nearer the time (I still have a couple of stories left to finish off and don't want to repeat the mad panic I had with A Succubus for Remembrance.)


  1. I shed not a gooey tear that I will have to pay for a Real Life Goo Girl, but that I will have to wait a few weeks for it.

    Bravo MEH. I am actually excited to see how some of these stories are connected in future tales. Though I was surprised a certain toady fellow with rosy shades didn't show himself. Or at least not that the reader was allowed to see. ~_^

  2. I liked this story much more than I expected to. I didn't find it erotic but them most erotica is almost a copy paste from a pattern so that was no handicap. The ending was very good. It made it into a genuine horror story. On a scale of ten I'd give it a seven, and that's high praise from me.

  3. Great story! I have always loved what u have written and good to hear you are writing again.
    Keep it up :D
    Oh and btw there are still some missing in violated hero 4 u could finish up. Sharia's scenes ;)

    1. Getting back to VH4 in a couple of days

  4. Nice :) Interesting how he got his ass handed to him (well what was left of it anyways XD). Those killer boobs and draining skills yo. Have you thought of combining or doing some sort of a ''mix'' between the characters and the stories ?

    1. My various characters and settings will be crossing paths in the future. ;)

  5. Hey Hydra, whats the ETA on the physical copies of your latest book?