Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Monster Girl for Monster Girl Quest Follow-up

Looks like the follow-up to Monster Girl Quest is going to continue the same levels of WTFery when it comes to the Bad End scenes.

(from torotoro resistance's blog)

WTF indeed.

(Although not completely unprecedented as one of the zombie bosses in The Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria unbirthed your head as her sex attack)

Looks like I need to push my imagination further if I want to keep up with Japan in creating weird and unusual sex scenes.


  1. ::rubs his hands together:: Ready for this?

    Wow. Talk about a mindfuck.

    Now that's what I call getting some head.

    She's definitely a swallower.

    Anyone else?


    heres some info

    tbh, even though I've become desensitised to this kind of stuff, my first reaction was also WTF?

  3. I think she is called a Warmer. Well....that is another death scene with no appealing sexual theme really( I cant really call this a sex scene XD )....Poor Luka, he didnt even die in ecstasy in this one...well heads off for him I guess.