Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 18

After a brief hiatus because of unforeseen circumstances it’s time to get back to the walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  Last time around we got an End, but was it the Good End?  There’s still some material to unlock – we have Lilith’s fight in her area and all of Sharia’s Bad End scenes.

I don’t think VH4 is going to get any less sexy or squicky, so the usual disclaimer applies – adults only from this point on please.

Okay, there’s clearly some significance to the order of the devil king doors.

I go back to my saved game before I’d defeated any of the devil kings.  Before doing the obvious and going straight to Lilith’s area first, I check out one of the other doors.  Ah, there are some changes in the dialogue.  They add a couple of lines where Lilith owns up to being one of devil kings and Luka-clone freaks out.

The big change is going to Lilith’s area first.  This time she unmasks herself and there’s a fight.

She’s half following Sharia’s orders to defend her area and half testing Luka-clone to see if he’s any good.

At 600 HP Lilith is the baby of the devil kings, but this is more than offset by us not having Lilith or any of the other devil kings with us.

Beating Lilith without actually having Lilith turns out to be difficult as she dodges most of the other girls’ normal attacks and only takes about 20 damage from each special attack (Lilith’s special attacks while in the party were doing 150+ damage).  I wasn’t aiming to throw the fight, but it happens anyway.

After defeating us, Lilith is a little disappointed Luka-clone is not up to snuff (partly because it scuppers her own plans to take the throne of the demon god).  Luka-clone insists he won’t give up and will fight on.

Lilith comes up close and offers to give Luka-clone “extra time”.

If Luka-clone can resist her attentions she’ll give him a second chance.  As she’s a succubus, whether or not the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen can keep it all inside is a foregone conclusion.  So . . . Bad End!

And it’s a floaty footjob-type thing.  Lilith hovers above him and rubs her feet up and down his cock.  Predictably it doesn’t take too much of this before extravagant cum splatters are flying across the screen.

It’s okay, Luka-clone insists he can still resist.  Lilith laughs at him and . . .

I’m not sure I want to know where the tip of that tail is.

Lilith uses her magic to stop us from ejaculating until we beg for it, which Luka-clone does.  Then her eyes light up green and cum shoots out of Luka-clone in a big fountain.

I don’t think it’s going to stop.  Yep.

I fear the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen emptied out that time.

It’s okay, through the mysteries of time travel (save scummery) we can go back and avoid that footy fate.  After beating . . .

Hmm.  Fighting Lilith without Lilith is hard.

Correction: Fighting Lilith without Lilith is bloody fucking hard.

I try boosting my number of super potions, but even a max amount isn’t going to do it.  The other monster girl bosses are significant weaker than Lilith, and while she only has 600HP this might as well be 10,000 if my special attacks are only doing 20 damage a hit.

Okay.  Plan B.

Time to go into the potion bag and hit the reset stats button.  This time I make Luka-clone all lopsided.  I boost his HP to 300 and then dump everything into the 3rd stat.  I still don’t know what those stats are but as Luka-clone’s sword attack now does 40-50 a hit, the battle seems a little more possible.  Fortunately, that stat also covers the monster girl special attacks as well, and I switch to using them as Lilith keeps dodging Luka-clone’s sword swings.

And it works . . .

Luka-clone is even more scared of Lilith now that he knows she’s one of the devil kings, but she rejoins the party.  This doesn’t give us a shortcut to Sharia.  Her CGs are the only things I have left to unlock now.  Maybe fighting Lilith first unlocks them, maybe it’s a NG+ thing.  I decide to power back through the devil king bosses again to see if fighting Lilith first was correct.

Selene is not impressed by my attempting to power through her and slaps me silly with her tentacles.

Oh well, looks like I have to do this properly.  I go back to the earlier levels to grind and also reveal the wandering mooks missing from some levels.

Interesting.  After defeating Selene and Anua the arrow opens up to the last section.  So it looks like you only have to defeat 3 devil kings to open up the path to Sharia.  I head straight there and after Sharia slaps me down, I get the head stamped on, dozens of years of torment ending again.

I’m guessing I need all of the devil kings defeated to unlock Sharia’s Bad Ends.  This also makes me want to headbutt a wall at the non-intuitiveness of it.  At least in VH2 it was obvious what was going on.  Pick the wrong selections and Amu stayed locked in her room.  This time it doesn’t make much sense as unless you actually enter Lilith’s domain first, it looks like you reach Sharia with four devil kings in tow anyway.

Sure enough, defeating the fourth, Makina, brings up a new cut scene with all of them talking.

They’re a bit ashamed at serving a human after losing to him.  Apart from Selene.  She’s adamant she’s not lost until Luka-clone defeats her one-on-one in a hentai fight.  I like Selene, she seems like she wants to lock us in a room and give us a thorough education in matters of the flesh.

Then it’s off to Sharia’s castle and a different introduction.  All the devil kings make excuses for their treachery.  Makina is forced, Selene is narked because Lilith won’t let her do naughty things with little Luka-clone and I can’t parse the translation for Anua.  Maybe the reason I think she’s a blank as a character is because the auto-translator is struggling with her dialogue (Tamamo caused the same problems with MGQ, and she turned out to be one of the best characters).

Sharia’s not too bothered.  I think she regards them as having brought her a new toy to play with.

Sharia shows off her power and the others are freaked out.  Apart from Makina, who thinks it’s awesome in her toadying manner.

Then it’s the fight.  Which I lose because I have no potions left.  But that’s okay because this time we’re going to get . . .

. . . our head trodden on, consigned to dozens and dozens of years of torments in hell . . .

You’re a very hard woman to please, Sharia.

Hmm.  Maybe there are two “Good Ends” and I’m supposed to beat her.

Some potion grinding later . . .

And Sharia falls.  And then Lilith steals her power and . . .

Hmm, we’ve been here before.

Okay, I’m flummoxed.  It looks like I may have to go away and do some reseach (i.e. check various forums to find out what Sharia does want).  Come back in a couple of days for what I hope will be Sharia’s Bad (Good?) End.


  1. Haha way to go :) Sharia IS indeed difficult to please from the looks of it. You need to fight her before beating all her lieutenants.

  2. I for one, would be curious to know more about how you're doing the machine translation for VH4. The internet is sorely lacking for a well-written guide on how to run programs like ITH and TA. Just an idea for when you need somethine to fill the blog. :P

    1. There's a good thread with full instructions on how to set it all up in the hentai game forum of

  3. I was a wanderer lost in a world with no H-scene with Sharia. You bring salvation upon me great M.E Hydra. But seriously i do appreciate it a lot, it was never this hard to get an scene before in this franchise i wonder what the hell they were thinking hahaha