Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fan-made Monster Girls for Violated Hero 5

Dieselmine don't waste any time.  The fan submissions for Violated Hero 5 are already up for voting here.

So what do we have:

1. Bunny girl
2. Pirate mermaid
3. Frog girl (looked like their submitter also put in some artwork showing some creative tongue work)
4. Dullahan
5. Not sure - some kind of harlequin?
6. Gothic lolita succubus/vampire
7. Lamia
8. Some kind of witch/necromancer (She looks like one of the wandering mooks from VH4)
9. Not sure what 9 is either - girl with fluffy cape?
10. Mirror demon

A surprisingly restrained selection for VH.  Not all of these will make it into the game and I'm sure Dieselmine will come up with some of their own bizarre designs like the sandworm girl and two-headed cyclops.  Last time the winners of the fan vote were Busty of the mammoth mammaries and a sentient vacuum cleaner.

I went for the mirror demon.  She also has the biggest boobies, which will probably make her a shoe-in.

ETA: Hmm, if the mirror demon doesn't get picked, I might write a story about a similar monster girl to make up for it.


  1. A mirror demon sounds like it'd make for an interesting story. ::winkwink, nudgenudge::

  2. i voted for the fifth one :D

  3. I have to say, this time around, it's a lot more challenging to vote the one's you like. I liked all of them ( with the exception of Mermaid and Frog Princess, they are kinda meh to be honest XD ). And oh yeah : Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the sexiest of them all ? hehe.

  4. A brief summary of the text:

    1. Conellietta the white rabbit, who goes crazy on nights when the moon is full. She keeps the main character prisoner and rapes him until he dies so she can have lots of babies.

    2. A shark mermaid. Even other monsters are afraid of her and she does stuff with her rough shark skin.

    3. Frog girl who swallows the main character and rapes him with tongues inside her stomach.

    4. A dullahan. She used to be a knight who protected people, but then she was accused of being a witch and executed. Probably has very vanilla scenes.

    5. General Sweet. She's a general and has a fort, and acts super nice to people. When she likes an adventurer she has really amazing gentle sex with them, which causes them to become dependent on her and unable to leave.

    6. Carmilla the vampire. She can suck blood through kisses and apparently make the main character orgasm through a kiss on the lips without touching his dick.

    7. Poisonous snake goddess. She has the venom of all the poisonous things in the world in her body and can control them at will, but she mostly prefers to use the gorgon's to turn people to stone. The loss scene description makes her sound like a more sadistic version of the medusa from VH2.

    8. Necromancer. She can do all sorts of things to transform dicks to make them more pleasurable for her and to get more semen, which she uses for stuff.

    9. Tsukine the futon girl. She likes to lie on top of people, entice them to have sex with her, and then go to sleep with them. She hates being tied up.

    10. Mira the mirror demon. She speaks politely and is obsessed with beauty. When someone doesn't pay attention to her or gets on her nerves she tempts them into the mirror and rapes them until they only look at her.

    1. Cheers for the translation.

      The frog girl sounds original, but I don't think the design is very sexy.

      And the shark mermaid - dare we say TOOTH PUSSY!

    2. Thanks.

      It actually says that the inside of her vagina is also shark skin, but finer and more delicate than the rest of her body. Unfortunately the level of detail in the loss scene descriptions varies considerably (the dullahan only has one sentence, the necromancer has a list of things she could do, the mirror demon has a full description of what she does to the main character, etc).

    3. The term is vagina dentata. Ouch.