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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4: Another Story! part 5

Time for the last H-scene from the Violated Hero 4 add-on, Violated Hero 4: Another Story (the first part of the playthrough can be found here).  Last time out we completed the game, but the Violated Hero series usually has an extra scene that becomes available after all the H-scenes are unlocked.

After selecting Extra we’re back to where the story left off—Lilith and Luka-clone at the mystery location.

Lilith is pissed about something.  She’s gone all glowy eyed.

Ho-hum, the deficiencies of machine translation.  I’m not sure what that was about.  I think they’re still about to chase down the monster that was released from a seal.  I think Luka-clone wants more help than just him and Lilith.

You don’t need anyone else, really.

Luka-clone is about to reluctantly follow Lilith when he gets jumped from behind.

He doesn’t resist while being dragged away, I think because he’s frightened it’s this super-powerful monster or something.  When he does actually try to release himself, he’s surprised when he’s able to break free relatively easily.

Ah, that’s because it’s Mea, the level 0.1 Imp.

Actually, it’s all three of Mea, Irizu and Marietta.  They’re unhappy about being left behind.  Or rather, Marietta is unhappy about having the other two dumped on her.  When Irizu’s dialogue consists solely of “Wear me,” I can see how that would get a little annoying.  They tell Luka-clone that apologies from his mouth aren’t good enough.  He must apologise with his body.

Ey up, I think I know where this is going.

Yep, all pile on the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.

And so, belatedly, it’s time for the obligatory harem scene.

Marietta is the highest ranking, I guess, so she gets cock duties.  She says her master created her to be the equal of any human in the between-the-legs department (of course the perv would).  Actually, I think this is the first time we get to see her have sex in an H-scene.  Both of her Bad Ends in VH4 featured her and her friends cleaning Luka-clone like a rug, if I remember correctly.  Unsurprisingly, her artificial vag feels awesome to Luka-clone.

While this is going on, Irizu plays with Luka-clone’s nipples and Mea shoves one of her big tits in Luka-clone’s mouth.  This makes me wonder which fetishes Mea is supposed to represent.  Is loli-MILF a thing?  Um, brain flying off in two directions trying to grok that one.

And then Irizu sends a feeler into Luka-clone’s ear.  Earhole sex?  Um, thanks Violated Hero.

The slime girl in VH5 did something familiar.  Hmm, maybe a Google search is in order to see if this a ‘thang’.  Maybe this is another fetish I can pervert and twist into sweet sweet nightmare fuel.  Hyuk hyuk.

As an aside, if you think there are any classic sexual fetishes I’ve missed off with my own stories and would fit well in my universe of succubi and monster girls, drop a comment below or send me an email.  The only hardcore noes I have at the moment, besides the obvious unpublishable taboos of bestiality, paedophilia and necrophilia (don’t tell anyone I technically broke that with “Nazi vs. Succubus”), are loli (doesn’t appeal to me, too often mistakenly conflated with paedophilia to be worth the hassle) and futanari (I know it’s popular from the ton of artwork it generates, but I don’t understand the appeal well enough to be confident of writing something sexy with it*).

Luka-clone, as always, is premature and comes just from Marietta rubbing her lady bits against him.  They tease him lots until Luka-clone begs Marietta to put him inside.

They say they’re going to make him their sperm slave.

Hold on, didn’t Lilith make him her sperm slave last night.  Or was it Sharia and co. at the end of VH4?  Is Luka-clone basically everyone’s sperm slave at this point?

Marietta rides him faster and faster until . . .

She looks very happy there for a supposedly emotionless robot maid (okay so maybe not emotionless given the number of times she’s yelled at him).

Irizu still wants to wear him and Mea insists on persisting with the loli-MILF confusion by calling herself mom.  Then all free of them give him a proper fucking until he can’t move.  Good job Luka-clone’s balls are bottomless otherwise he’d be a wrinkly mummy by now.

Oh oh, they really want to test his limits.  “Shiborito,” whispers Irizu.  Prepare for a good squeezing, Luka-clone buddy.

Ah, here’s Lilith.  Maybe she’ll save him.

Nope.  She wants to join in, obviously.

Some magic teleport squares show up.  Marietta sent a report back to the castle.  So, is this Sharia and the others coming to rescue him.

Nope, they’re coming to punish him for leaving the castle without permission.  This being VH-world, we know exactly what this ‘punishment’ is.  Luka-clone the 4th’s story ends with him being used as a sex toy forever by a bevy of gorgeous monster girls.  I suppose that’s a step up from being used as a sex toy forever by just one girl, or even being eaten.

And that’s that.  Not a bad little add-on, but probably more of a Visual Novel than a H-game.

*I do have a sort-of futanari idea lurking in my scrapbook, but it's definitely on the gross side.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 17

This is the last part of my Violated Hero 5 playthrough.  If you’ve just joined and have no idea what I’m talking about, the start and enlightenment can be found here.  If you’ve been here all the way you’ll know that Violated Hero 5 is an explicit and sometimes squicky monster girl hentai game.  People offended by that sort of thing should leave now.

First up I suppose I should apologize for the rather irregular schedule.  Normally I like to update these playthroughs every couple of days and normally I’m usually a few posts ahead and can do this.  This time around I fell behind and the update schedule ended up being a little patchier than usual, especially when I’m also trying to edit and post a delayed chapter for Succubus Summoning and finish a monster 12K word short story (more on that in a couple of weeks).

Back to the game and we won.  Shiva, Goddess of Destruction showed up and Luka-clone beat her scaly ass with much imbibing of liquid fortifications.

(It’s entirely possibly I might be a little tipsy typing this up as I finished a rough Friday at work with four bottles of beer consumed within a half hour period)

I’m going to assume that was the final fight as there’s only one slot left in the CG replay menu and Dieselmine isn’t quite as sneaky as Torotoro Resistance was with the final part Monster Girl Quest.

Shiva is also surprised when Luka-clone holds back on the killing blow, especially considering the whole universe is at stake here.

Um, Luka-clone buddy, I know you’re honourable and noble and all that, but there is a time and a place and with the worlds imploding all around us, this might be a good time to accidentally trip and thrust your sword into soft bits of anatomy.  Just sayin’

At least Shiva doesn’t immediately try to murderate us like Luna-Tea and Satan did.  Luka-clone’s explains he isn’t going to kill her because she’s a victim of her curse.

She does call him stupid for this.  Destruction God on the verge of blowing up all reality, I think she might have a point.

Luka-clone does have back up as the full cheerleading squad shows up.

(You know they’re all going to fuck him senseless at the first opportunity.)

Then I’m not entirely sure what happens as machine translation starts struggling.  Luka-clone beating Shiva, in fact beating all of them, in combat has some significance.  Each of the major bosses chips in with confirmation of what Shiva said and it ends up with all five dog-piling on Luka-clone.

It’s the Happy Ending Harem scene!

I think our heroic ambulatory bag of concentrated semen is in there somewhere.

Five girls on one dude is actually a little tricky.  There’s always one poor girl that ends up being left out (unless you can get skilled with your big toe).

I’d say it was Shiva here, but I think that’s her tail wrapped around Luka-clone’s manhood.

The dialogue runs through each of the characters.  We have Satan pushing her big tits in Luka-clone’s face.  We have one hand on Shiva’s tit.  Safi is giving the shaft a good licking.  Ariel is working on Luka-clone’s balls and Luna-Tea is licking away on the glans.

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t take much of that for Luka-clone to blow.  Then there’s lots of slurpy sounds as they enjoy his semen.  This triggers another cumplosion and this carries on until the picture is slowly whited out with cum.

Good End Game Over.

That’s not quite the last of it.  The menu screen now has an extra option at the bottom.

This takes us to an epilogue.  The worlds have been divided up peacefully between Team Good and Team Evil and humans are sort of co-existing with monster girls.

There’s still the occasional bickering.  Luna-Tea and Satan are having an argument about something my machine translator fails to pick up entirely.  Ariel unwisely gets in the middle of it and Luna-Tea finally gives her that slap she’s been threatening for most of the game.  Ariel wails for Luka-clone to intervene.  Not sure why.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a VH protagonist do anything remotely assertive in the whole of the series.

Shiva shows up and it turns out their conflict resolution consists of forgetting about it and dog-piling on the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen instead.  Nice to see Luka-clone is still doing his bit for world peace.

And bonus harem scene.

There’s actual fucking this time around.  Shiva has ditched the snake tail and is riding away at one end.  Luna-Tea is riding away on Luka-clone’s face at the other.  Satan is giving Luka-clone’s ass a good lick.  I think she might have stuck a feeler in there as well, but at that point the art was starting to get obscured by copious cum splatters.  Safi has her big tits resting on Luka-clone’s belly.  And Ariel . . . well I guess someone has to be the fifth girl.  Sorry Ariel.

Then it’s fade to white.  Or rather fade to sort of cream/white.

And that’s it.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this playthrough of Violated Hero 5.  If you’re feeling particularly generous and would like to make a donation, may I recommend some of my books.  You’ll love them.  They’re packed full of sexy monster girl smut.

(Some people might tell you the protagonists in those books frequently meet horrible horrible ends.  Ignore them.  They’re liars.)

 I’ll give my overall thoughts on the game in a full review in a couple of days time.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 20

Okay, so it turns out I wasn’t quite as done with the Violated Hero 4 walkthrough as I thought.  As a few people let me know in comments and on the MGU boards, all the Violated Hero games have an extra scene that unlocks after you unlock all the other scenes.  I never knew this because despite owning the three previous VH games, I only ever bothered with the scenes that interested me (That’ll teach me for skipping the futa hellhound scene in VH2).

This also explains why this scene from the promo screenshots hasn’t shown up already.

And on the title page there is indeed an Extra option at the bottom.

Selecting that and we’re back to Luka-clone dawdling around a town free of monsters, presumably basking in the glow of saving the world through his superpower of producing copious amounts of cum.

He pops by the demon castle and my auto-translation starts having difficulty.  Anua chews him out over something, I think.  Selene tries to tempt him into being her erotic slave.  Presumably she still wants that “dirty” fight, the naughty minx.  Angry Makina complains about humans encroaching into her territory and threats to mash them into paste if they continue to do so.

So far it’s the boring peacetime court issues.

Sharia comes back from somewhere.  She’s unhappy someone’s been spreading rumours that a lowly human defeated her.  (My guess is Lilith is to blame)

They continue to moan about bureaucracy.  Selene likes people volunteering to be her slave, but hates all the paperwork involved in proving they are willing to be her sex slave.

Lilith shows up.  She doesn’t like paperwork either, so doesn’t bother doing it.  When Luka-clone mentions she might be shirking responsibilities she points out it would only make her bored, and when she’s bored she starts thinking up naughty mischief.

I think Sharia likes the idea of a spot of naughty mischief.

As do the others.

Luka-clone protests he’s at his limit, but we all know that’s not going to stop anything, and so . . .

Orgy time!

So what’s going on here?  Looks like a finger in Anua’s pussy, a finger in Makina’s pussy, Lilith sitting on his face and Sharia sitting on his cock.  Can’t really complain about that.  What about poor Selene, doesn’t she get any pleasure from the Luka-clone pile on?

Lilith mentions this, but there is a way for Selene to get involved . . .

Uh oh.

Yeah, you guessed it – tentacle in the ass.  Poor Luka-clone’s going to need a colostomy bag before he hits middle age the way this lot are treating him.

They tease him over his premature ejaculation problem.  Lilith has the fix for that.

Bing.  Magic glowing eyes and no coming from Luka-clone until Big Sis Lilith says he can.

Careful.  You might burst the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.

The girls, being apparently near-immortal demons, are a little concerned about human mortality.  Their boy-toy only has a hundred years in him at most (I think this is a highly optimistic estimate – I doubt he’d reach thirty without a massive supply of zinc tablets).

First off they get him to swear to be their masochist pet, which of course Luka-clone agrees to because then he gets to come.  And he knows it’s the truth anyway, so why deny it.

Cue more splurting into Sharia’s womb.  Even though most of it seems to end up over her and all the other girls.  Never really understood the physics behind that one, but never mind, I guess it’s artistic license.

Ooh, swearing lifetime fealty as a masochist pet comes with a damn good benefits package.  Or rather a damned good benefits package.  He’s contracted to them, which means he doesn’t get to die until they say so.  So that means an eternity of pleasure at the hands of Sharia and friends.

Sure, I can sign up for that (so long as there’s a reduction in the number of rectal intrusions – keep those tentacles to yourself, Selene dear).

And finally, the end of Violated Hero 4.

I’ll finish up with some overall thoughts.

I’ve seen a few opinions that Dieselmine “phoned it in” on this one.  It’s a hard argument to refute.  The artwork and voice acting is – as usual – superior to their competitors, which makes it all the more frustrating when Dieselmine balls up what should be the easy stuff.  The game mechanics seem simpler than VH3 even with the boss recruitment mechanic.  For most of the game the plot seems like a complete copy of VH2 with weaker characters.

On the positive side, the plot developments near the end are actually pretty good.  After setting up Lilith up as a carbon copy of MGQ’s Alice, it was refreshing to see her unmasked as playing a much more self-serving role.  And they finally figured out that the wandering mooks in a monster girl eroge should also be sexy.

On the negative side it’s unfortunate the lesser bosses are relegated to nothing more than attack buttons after recruitment.  They’re not seen again and worse, their attack buttons are strictly worse than Lilith, which means that other than for a few fights when Lilith isn’t in the party, you’re always better off using Lilith.  The game doesn’t really make best use of the recruitment mechanic (different girls being of more or less use depending on the fight would have at least added some rudimentary strategy).

To be honest, I doubt Dieselmine are that fussed.  They have their formula – Come up with 15 interesting monster girls, find some voice actors, draw some pretty Bad End sex scenes, and wrap it all in something that vaguely resembles a game if you squint at it hard enough.  This is true for most pornified things (and why they often have a bad reputation) – if you bring the sex you don’t have to worry too much about everything else.  People will buy it anyway.

Every so often you get exceptions like Monster Girl Quest, which goes way beyond what most people expect from a porn game.  There’s a reason that games has been bubbling away in the internet underground and occasionally popping up to surprise games journalists – the writing in that game is excellent, enough to put most mainstream AAA titles to shame.  They also do a lot to attempt to make the combat interesting strategically despite the limited tools available.

I’d like to see Dieselmine try a bit harder.  Maybe work a bit on coming up with a more interesting story.  Maybe make some of the boss fights actually require some strategy.  I doubt this will happen because they don’t need to.

Overally the series is still one of the prettiest monster girl hentai games out there, but it’s frustrating that the developers give the impression of not caring about other aspects such as plot and game play.

I hope you all enjoyed this little walkthrough.  And if you’re looking for extra material in a similar vein and can excuse the cheeky little plug, I may have some books that might interest you.

To come: reviews of a couple of other monster girl eroges (ROBF and Dramaraquest).

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 17

Are we at the end?  I think we’re almost at the end of the Violated Hero 4 walkthrough.  I don’t think it’s going to get any lighter on the squicky sex stuff, so you might want to leave now if you’ve navigated here by mistake and are revolted by such stuff.

This is where I try and figure out what order to piece together the remaining content.  Looking at the the CG Mode and Replay libraries, we’re missing five scenes.

The last one is presumably the Good End.  I’m guessing the other four are some combination of Lilith/Sharia Bad Ends.

This is where I break from liveish blogging while I figure out which order to present things.

Okay, let’s go all the way to the “Good End” first.

Thankfully Lilith does not seem that much of an impenetrable brick wall.  Unless she has a further “one-wing angel” stage I reckon I was about one super potion away from defeating her.  I suspect I might have received a little fortune from the random number gods to get her HP that low, so I think I’ll pick up a couple of extra super potions on top just to be on the safe side.  I’m also missing some of the encounters from earlier levels, so this seems like a good excuse to fill them in as well.

A spot of grinding and then it’s back to take on demon god Lilith.  This time around the random number gods aren’t so kind, but I wasn’t expecting them to be so I made sure I had a few extra potions just in case.

Now, was that the final-final battle?  Are we going to get our happy-happy joy-joy harem ending?

Come back next . . .

Just kidding!

Lilith falls over.  Luka-clone has done it.  He has saved the human world.

Well actually not, as Lilith points out.  She correctly observes that Luka-clone didn’t defeat anyone; it was the monster girls in his party.  It was monster girl on monster girl and none of the bosses were actually killed either, so their numbers have not decreased.  Also, all those sexy monster girls in his party were only contracted until he’d defeated the demon god . . .

Uh oh . . .

And now that the demon god (in this case Lilith) has been defeated the contracts are up.  The monster girls are free to do as they wish.  Is this a good time to point out Luka-clone is at the same location as all of them.

Big uh oh . . .

I sense a pile-on in Luka-clone’s future.

Oh, Lilith decides to abandon her world of “pleasure of chaos”, so it’s not all bad.

The way the devil kings talk about “training” Luka-clone, bad.

Alas poor Luka-clone.  You thought you won and . . .

Dogpile on the wimpy masochist!

Well at least his winning prize is to be drawn more like a heroic adventurer and–

Good grief!

—how long is that!  No wonder the monster girls were all so keen to keep him around as a toy.

It’s a bit of smoochy-smoochy with Selene while Makina and Anua lick his nipples, and Sharia and Lilith play with . . . that anatomic anomaly.  It doesn’t look so bad Luka-clone.  Five gorgeous girls, jammy bastard and all that.

Um, Sharia’s just sucked up your cock in her wing tentacle thing.  Okay, so it looks a little weird, but it’s not all that . . .

Oh, and Lilith’s just put her tentacles in your ass.

Spurt spurt.

I think the Violated Hero artist really likes drawing cum splatters.

Think on the bright side Luka-clone.  While they’re molesting you they aren’t bothering other human beings.  Think of the greater good.

Oh, Lilith’s tentacle is swelling up.  In your ass.

Greater good, Luka-clone.  Greater good.

And fade to black.  The end.

In the MEHydra vs VH4 battle I have this five-on-one scene from near the end of Succubus Summoning 101 (please buy the book, Verdé will give you nice dreams if you do).  As lovely as Verdé and friends are, I’m going to give VH4 extra style points for the wing/tentacle/suction tube thing.

Overall, the last Good End looked remarkably similar to the many preceding Bad Ends.  Maybe that’s just how Violated Hero rolls.

But we do still have those missing CGs from Sharia.  Is there an alternative – better – Good End hiding away?  To be continued . . .