Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 12

And back to ManyEyedHydra’s boss-by-boss walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  VH4 is a highly explicit and frequently squicky hentai game.  Consider this fair warning if you’re easily bothered by such things.

Last off . . .

Actually, let’s not go there ever again.  We have a nice saved game where Anua, the donkey-eared hyena thing was soundly thrashed and we can pretend that the . . . other stuff . . . never happened.

Okay.  Anua falls to her knees, Lilith reminds her of their bargain and because Anua lost, she gets to join the inevitable pile-on that will be inflicted on Luka-clone at the end.

After the fight Luka-clone remembers that little tidbit about Lilith being one of the devil kings and understandably freaks out.  Lilith pulls out the convenient “Because I was bored” explanation that seems to be Violated Hero’s goto for when powerful characters behave in a way that doesn’t make much sense.  Luka-clone is sensible enough to realise she could have killed him the moment they first met, so he might as well carry on going along with her for now.

(Hey, I wrote that story as well.  It didn’t turn out so well for the protagonist . . .)

And then it’s back to Anua’s territory to clear the other paths.  I thought I noticed something funky with the XP gain from some of the other areas.  I have a hunch there might be an XP penalty for letting the harem handle the fight and test it by letting Luka-clone fight all on his lonesome.  Surprisingly he wins.  Unsurprisingly my hunch proves incorrect.  VH doesn’t do complex (other than a tendency to make the last boss a ridiculous brick wall).

Then it’s off to angry Makina’s area.  Her wandering mook is another palette swap.  This time the weird frog rider.

I was going to bitch about them not even bothering to find a mook to match Makina’s computery/robot theme.  Then I realised that’s a little harsh.  The wandering mook designs are a significant improvement on past designs.  Especially when you consider this is what they looked like in the first game:

At the end of the path there are loud thudding sounds and a shadow falls over Luka-clone.  It’s Makina and she’s either a tank or piloting a big mech.

The conversation is fairly short and shouty because – as established through the game so far – Makina is permitted only one emotion and that is anger.  I’m still curious if VH4 has different introductory scenes depending on which order you fight the devil kings.  They could have written it so the scenes make sense regardless of order, but as Lilith is behind one of those doors that seems a little difficult to pull off.

Ah, this helps a little.  Makina is riding some kind of machine.

She also has 300 more HP than Anua.  Her attacks bring up targeting sights and other machine-type explosiony things.  None of which appear to do much damage.  I stick to the same plan of throwing all my SP to Lilith and drinking potions to top up when I’m out.

It’s all going well until my internet punks out.

Wow Makina, that really is dirty pool.

Okay, Violated Hero 4 isn’t an always-online game (After the massive public beatings handing out to Diablo 3, Sim City and the Xbone, hopefully developers/publishers will decide to leave that term back in 2013, preferably in an unmarked grave), but my machine translators require the internet.  Feels apt that the internet connection would flake out while fighting the computer/machine girl.  Anyway, a swift hammer to the router (card-carrying IT professional, we’re allowed to do such things) and we’re back just in time for the tentacle attack.  Oh, this is a new one I think – some kind of fleshy, veiny thing.

The battle gets a little tricky in the middle as the random number gods start throwing up 100s instead of 1s.  I manage to pull through, but burn up virtually all of my potions in the process.  With Makina defeated we . . .

Oh yeah.  That’s not why we’re here is it.  Rewind!

Luka-clone on his own does about as well as you’d expect a wimpy masochist dude to do when charging a humongous mecha with naught but a sword.

(null damage)

After the fight Makina scoops us up and gives us a look I don’t like at all.  This is going to be painful isn’t it . . .

Bzzt.  Bzzt.

Ow.  Ow.  Ow!

Time for the electroshock-induced ejaculations.

Part of the reason this is a day late is because I was going to write a long screed about not posting the following pic because it’s a little too shota-ery.  Personally, I’m here for the big-boobed and sexually femdom monster girls, as I assume most of you reading are as well.  Sadly there are also plenty of holier-than-thou thugs that love taking things out of context to justify them getting off on self-righteous rage, and I didn’t want the risk, however small, of them causing any potential real world hassles with their online thuggery.

But then I realised that’s how they win.  That’s how they censor you.  (and why anyone who says Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Reprisal is a complete and utter moron to not realise the latter is an exemplary tool for crushing the former.  If you consider yourself a liberal and have ever used that wretched “Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Reprisal” meme, go hand in your liberal card and go over to the other desk where those nice men in black uniforms and skull insignia have some big black boots for you to try on.)

So fuck that and fuck them.

As we continue on a reminder that

a) The main character is stated to be an adult.
b) It’s fantasy.
c) We’re here for the boobies.
d) It’s A Fucking Cartoon!
e) What part of “It’s fantasy” did you not understand?

And rage over.  Makina’s angriness must be contagious.

Either that or all those electric shocks have frazzled my brain.

Makina shocks Luka-clone a lot and then slurps up his cum in some kind of fleshy tentacle housed in a metal tube.  I skip through this one pretty fast as the art has veered too much into shota protagonist having nasty stuff done to them rather than big-boobed sexy monster girl doing naughty stuff to me.  Plus, Luka-clone’s getting in the way of seeing Makina’s magnificent tits.

Onto scene two and that’s much better.

Makina has some ass.  But remember she’s also a fully-formed woman with personality (even if that personality is just anger).  There’s lots of femdom taunting while she rides Luka-clone and it’s all vaguely vanilla.

Apart from when a metal tube goes up Luka-clone’s ass.

Actually that probably is vanilla in VH-world.

Then it’s back for the palace for the “a few months later” scene.  Lilith asks after Luka-clone (Aw, she really does care) and Makina tells her she has him incorporated within her machine.  Lilith decides against seeing as she doesn’t like cold, unwelcoming metallic things (sniff, she doesn’t care that much).  Sharia’s still bored and decides it’s time to start a war with the gods for shits and giggles.  Makina is very excited by the prospect and calls on her installed bag of ambulatory semen to charge her up.

And then it’s welcome to the machine.

 Makina climbs on top of Luka-clone and rides away while his arms and legs are clamped immobile.  Oh dear, Makina wasn’t kidding about that being integrated into the machine part.  Circuits start growing across Luka-clone’s body.  Such a control freak, Makina.

And thus Luka-clone was incorporated into the machine of Fortress X.

Could have been worse.  Nobody pissed in our mouths this time, I suppose.

Next up it’s time to experience the loving tentacles of Neptune Queen Selene.


  1. That urolagnia fetish makes me worry that if vh5 is made they will have a monster that does #2 in the hero's mouth.

    1. I've written worse... ;)

    2. What am I story looking for here?

    3. "Serving the Earth Mother" in A Succubus for Halloween

    4. Thank you

  2. *sigh

    dieselmine, you'll never change, will you?

    always the same concept over and over