Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 15

And now we’re getting into the end straight of my walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  Do I still need to put out warnings on potentially squicky sexual content?

Last off was a little bit of a disappointment as we reached the end of Lilith’s area only to find out she wasn’t interested in a fight.  Don’t worry, I’ll go back and pick up her Bad Ends after completing the first run.

Now it’s time to move onto the penultimate area and Sharia.

I should probably point out at this moment that I’ve never actually properly completed a Violated Hero game.  In the first something went screwy with the game mechanics as it froze up on the fight with the Dragon Girl.  In VH2 I couldn’t be bothered to go grinding for all the extra potions I needed after Xueli flattened me over and over.  And in VH3 I made my character so stupidly lop-sided I couldn’t even scratch one of the magic-attack resistant bosses.

This is not a good sign.  We might never see the happy happy joy joy harem ending and this could all be left open ended like a US sci-fi series cancelled on a cliff-hanger series ending (I fucking hate it when they do that.  At least Joss Whedon had the decency to give each of his Buffy series a tied-up finale just in case the series wasn’t renewed.  Unfortunately the TV channel execs grew wise to him and started cancelling mid-season instead.)

With that warning out of the way it’s time to plough into the “malevolent deity’s” castle.

Ooh a change of music and scenery.

And we’re fighting Gina. (genie?)

The fight ends up being messy as most of my harem’s attacks are dodged and I lose half my HP.  Not wanting to waste all my potions on annoying wandering mook fights I take the potion that seems to eliminate random encounters.

As it’s the last level it’s probably going to be long and complex and . . .


The level-designer coffee break strikes again.

And we’re at the throne room.

Sharia is waiting.

She mentions no human has challenged her in centuries.  She also notices Lilith hanging around and calls her out.  Lilith shows she means business by revealing some hidden power.

I still have the feeling Luka-clone is completely superfluous to this succession battle.  Sharia tries to intimidate him with her magic force, but it ain’t doing.  Because it’s time for the not-so final battle.

Oh, only 1500 HP.  We have super potions.  I reckon we can take this.

And yeah, it’s never just a final battle as Sharia pauses things halfway through.

And obviously she’s going to go all evolved, or One-Winged Angel, or . . .

. . . stay exactly the same with her HP back up to full.  That feels a little cheaty.

I knock her down to about 300 HP before there’s another pause.

Now Sharia’s really mad.  She’s going to get serious.

Nope, no weird transformations.  Still a demon girl with wings.  Even though she’s back up to full health again.

It doesn’t matter.  I keep bashing away with Lilith and this time there are no pauses before Sharia hits zero HP.

But obviously we don’t want to see the consequences of winning the battle just yet.  Time to save and then load the earlier save.  How will Luka-clone fare against the malevolent deity on his own?

Badly, obviously.

(5 damage)

As it’s the total shame loss we don’t even get a sexy Bad End.  Sharia tosses us into the pits of hell and Luka-clone is tortured for decades.

As with VH2, we’ll have to work a bit to earn our sexy Bad End at the hands of the not-so-final boss.

Losing after the first pause gets the bad Bad End again.  It looks like Sharia really wants us to work for our sexy.

And after the second pause . . .

Head stamped on.  Dozens and dozens of years of torture.  Plain End scene.

Do you even do sex, Sharia?

Guess it’s back to the saved game where we won and the inevitable twist where it turned out we didn’t win.

Oh we did win.  But then Lilith, who’s been running the whole coup all this time, steals Sharia’s power to become the new demon/god overlord.

The other devil kings look on in horror as Lilith claims the throne.  She was fed up with Sharia’s world as it was too well-organised and boring.  She wants a bit of chaos.  She wants to raise hell.  The world is going to burn, yadda yadda.

Not yet.  One man steps up . . .

Unfortunately it’s our faithful ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.  Lilith, tremble in your high heels.

Actually dude, I think she’s giggling.

Lilith buggers off to another castle and challenges Luka-clone to go after her.  I guess she still wants to play with her pet.

It’s not all bad as de-powered Sharia wants to sign up for the Lilith lynch mob.

Actually it is all bad.  Where the fuck is our sexy Bad End?  There wasn't one in the last post.  If I don’t put up any hardcore pics of smut this time around I'm the one that's going to get lynched.

I go back to my save game and try knocking her down to various life totals.

Head stamped on.  Dozens and dozens of years of torture . . .

Okay, what if we don’t raise a finger against her at all.

Head stamped on.  Dozens and dozens of years . . .

Sharia, you do like men don’t you?

Oh well.  I’m assuming there must be some trigger condition for her sexy Bad Ends I failed to trigger.  Another for the NG+.

Next time can we get some sexy pulleeze Violated Hero (totally claiming these rounds as MEHydra’s, BTW)?

Actually, I had a peek ahead.  We’re good.

Come back in a couple of days where we definitely, absolutely and finally will get squeezed by Lilith’s intimate bits.  Guaranteed.


  1. Loved the sci-fi cliffhanger tangent, found it quite amusing.

    Certainly VH can be a bit confusing when it comes to how to get all the various CGs.

  2. So you had trouble with the other VH games and quit because of grinding?

    My friend, I have two magic words that will solve all your problems! Behold!


    That is all

    (It's a porn game...It's not like you play it for the sake of gameplay XD)

    1. Shh. Nyte tears your nipples off if she finds out you've been cheating at eroge.