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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 57: Snow Continent


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Okay, enough procrastination.  We have a world to save.  We go to the Bird God Shrine...

Wasn't something supposed to happen?

...and nothing happens.

The ritual does not happen.  The bird god stays as dead as your proverbial Northern Blue.  Even Alice is flummoxed by this.

Nero pops up, as he is wont to do, and explains that the flow of mana has been disrupted by the presence of the snow continent.  The shrine can no longer gather enough mana to power the resurrection of the bird god.  In order to carry out the ritual we first need to destroy the snow continent.

That’s a little, um, extreme.

As an alternative to not blowing a continent out of existence he suggests going over there to investigate what is disrupting the flow of mana.

Previous attempts to visit the snow continent have been thwarted by some kind of magic teleport barrier similar to what guards the elf village in Yamatai.  I’m guessing this is the plot trigger that undoes the barrier blocking entrance to the mysterious snow continent.

Sure enough, when we sail over to visit, this time the White Rabbit is waiting outside the cave entrance.

Of course she'd be here...

She is as cryptic as ever, suggesting we need to take out whoever is responsible for the snow continent being here in the first place.  Then she runs off into the cave, because that’s what she does—say something cryptic then hop off.

As soon as we enter the cave we’re ambushed by angel guards surprised we were able to penetrate the magic barrier.

Angels here?  Something suspicious is going on.

Angels, hmm.  The plot thickens.

It’s not just angels.  The other inhabitants of the icy caves are snow witches and polar bear girls.

Spiky and fluffy

The polar bear girl’s Bad End is to sit on you.

In Soviet Russia the bear… yeah, let’s not go there.

It’s cold.  She’s warm.  So it’s not all bad.  Obviously we end up in her pussy, but that’s warm as well.  After bouncing up and down on us until we’re fully depleted, she takes us off to her nest and everyone lives happily ever after (at least until chaos destroys the universe).

Ice Witch, who I guess would be a Yuki-Onna if the game didn’t already have a Yuki-Onna, has a killer bod.

Killer ass... literally

Unfortunately, in this case literally.  Her pussy is cold but not unpleasant and she soon has us coming, and coming, and coming... until she’s sucked all the heat out of our body and left us behind as a frozen corpse.

Hmm.  I can think of another name for her.  One that rhymes with witch...

Nice kisser though, although her lips are a little on the frosty side.

The snow caverns are another maze with various goodies hidden in chests along the way.  Halfway through we end up outside and at the peak where we come across a polar bear girl village.

Okay, they're actually kinda adorable... in a platonic way

The polar bear girls are rather cute in a platonically cute way.  They ask not to be bullied and seem to be having fun making snowmen.  There’s a hut here that functions as a free inn and a few items hiding in chests and pots.

Also, now that you’ve found the polar bear village, you can also rescue the stranded polar bear girl out in the ocean.  She’s on an island that is pretty much directly west of Magistea Village.  After you’ve escaped the snow caverns, go pick her up.  She’ll now temporarily join the party and you can bring her to the polar bear village.  Once safely returned home she’ll reward you with 3 small medals and some other minor bits and bobs.

Then it’s back down into the snow caverns on the other side to find a route down to the centre of the snow continent.  Eventually we emerge a little bit north of a brand new settlement, which we shall investigate in the next post.

Entering the mysterious snow continent

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  1. This is likely going to be very interesting.

  2. When you get a chance you should check out a game named "Shrift" it's a very neat post apocalyptic monster girl game. Enjoy!

  3. Seen shrift. Art style is a little odd, but I really like how they handle the battles and Bad Ends. It's very awkward to play with machine translation as it uses a timer that buries the text hooker in a line of zeroes. I'm waiting for an English translation on that one.

  4. In the Ilias route she points out the catastrophic side effects destroying a continent would have on the planet. She knows from experience in the ancient past, ya see.

    Did you know it's possible to play through the game without Sonya? By avoiding going to the village chief's house at the very beginning, you can leave Iliasville without encountering her. This puts the Lime subquest on hold, preventing the player from recruiting random encounters and some early game characters. The player also won't get the Pocket Castle. Proving that TRTR thinks of almost everything, Luka and Alice/Ilias will fill in most of the dialogue Sonya has if this obscure route is taken.
    So why am I mentioning all this? Because this is the point where White Rabbit will force Sonya (and Nuruko) onto the party if they haven't been recruited. There's a little achievement for getting so far in the game without her.

    Major characters who can't be recruited without her, from what I recall:
    Gob (Goblin bandit)
    Vanilla (Vampire bandit)
    Papi (Dragon bandit)
    Mini (Phoenix girl)
    Eva (subquest can't proceed without Sonya)

    Also, I'm surprised you didn't mention the world map music changing on the Snow Continent. It's one of the better tracks in this series imo.

    1. Wow, I did not know you could get that far without Sonya and even that TTR had a catch for it. That would likely be broken game if I'd programmed it (and I'm normally very diligent with my programming).

      And I'm far enough ahead to know why the game would need to force Nuruko and Sonya into the party. ;)

      Agree on the snow continent music. Helgondo is pretty good as well.

  5. I need that polar bear girl in my life...

  6. I just read that you asked me where you can recruit Alma Elma, our favourite succubus, under one of my older posts.

    I am going to explain the process, as far as I can remember, with as little spoilers as possible.

    First of all you need to complete Part 2. That is because Alma Elma, as a companion, was added in the first patch for Part 2 (2.10 or so). Then you might have to complete the side quests where you take Promestein to the Makina Lab (the one where you go with RoboPope, next to the village that has been destroyed by Lilith, Astaroth and Morrigan). Not entirely sure on that though, because I already finished that side quest in Part 1.

    After that you get a quest, with a certain companion (no spoilerinos), where you have to go back to the Makina Lab. The problem is that this companion can only be aquired when you have chosen Alice's side in the beginning. Which I think you did. You get her when you complete Part 2, so you should know who I am talking about.

    So you put her in your team, go to the Lab and eventually Alma Elma will show up. After that you simply defeat her in combat. You might want to use your best group setup though, because you fight her at full power. If you win, she joins your team for good. If you lose, you get the wonderful tail-vore scene that you were wondering about in one of your earlier posts.

    PS: What's with Heart Squad? :(

    1. Also now that I think about it: I think you get the quest from Promestein again and said companion will just be there as well, talking to Alma Elma.

    2. Got it. Did that bit last night, ironically enough. I was wondering how and then she popped up at the end of [spoiler]'s side quest and all became clear. Fortunately, I had the same party I needed to beat [spoiler] and was able to avoid easily Luka's messiest end in the whole game.

      Not sure about Heart Squad. It seems stuck at the moment. I'm nearly done with the playthrough. When I've queued up the last posts, I'll take another look at it to see if the enthusiasm is still there. Currently I'm pulling a bit of distraction behaviour to get some work in on some previously-put-on-hiatus projects.

    3. It is the messiest end, yes, but it does fit her character. She doesnt strike me as the sentimental type. Humans are just prey to her like Nurse Honey for example.

      The things that is weird for me is that there are so few stories outside of MGQ with Alma Elma. She is so well established as a character and a lot of people actually like her, even though she is pretty much deadly.
      Wish there would be more with her like Fanfiction or Doujin (whatever comes to mind).

    4. MGQ-verse might be a little too spiky. Alice was massively popular when MGQ first came out, and there were also all the touch fluffy tail Tamamo memes. But I think most of the western monster girl stuff ended up centering more on KC's monster girl encyclopedia, which is a lot lighter and fluffier. Alma Elma sometimes gets some love from the vore communities, but they tend to focus more on her gobbling stuff up rather than her "I'm a queen succubus, prepare to have your brains totally fucked out" sex side.

    5. I wouldn't say humans are "just" prey to Alma Elma, especially given she only kills them if they basically ask for it (i.e. challenge her to a serious fight or ask for full strength sex). Not to mention how in the original game she abided by her promise to Luka to not kill humans at all anymore.

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  8. That snow cave maze is an unnavigable MESS. Wow. Pretty much de facto game over without a guide.