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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 59: Snowy Shrine


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We are exploring the mysterious Snow Continent.  As we learnt from Snow Heaven last time, the continent is a bit of heaven that fell out of the sky after some catastrophe befell Ilias some thirty years ago.  It’s inhabited by a bunch of angels ranging from the cute (which we’ve already seen) to the—shudder—Delphinus (which, spoiler, we are about to experience).

There are three locations of interest in the south.

To the west is the Ilias Temple Ruins.  You won’t be able to enter it at this point as it’s surrounded by some kind of magical barrier.

Ilias Temple Ruins

Straight south is the mysterious Creation House (Genesis Temple? Not sure of the exact translation here).

Creation House

And to the east is the Snowy Shrine

Snowy Shrine.  The right one this time!

The Snowy Shrine in the southeast is where we need to go, but before then let’s take a gander at the mysterious Creation House

I’m not sure what this location is.  It’s full of treasure chests, including another of the metallic ones I still can’t open as I haven’t yet found where the Lockpick III ability is hiding.  I think it’s in the advanced rogue/thief Trickster job, but I haven’t reached it yet as levelling up the advanced jobs takes a long long time (I’m assuming TTR only intended for players to be just dipping into these classes at the end of part 2 rather than maxing them out).

The place is infested with angels.  Cupid and Valkyrie return from the original series.

Nice, normal angels

They are joined by other... horrors.

Delphinus hath returned

There is some kind of pentagram on the top floor, but we don’t appear to be able to activate it.  Overall, this place seems a bit of a mystery.  Either it’s somewhere we’re supposed to come back to later, or has significance for players on the Ilias route.

The Snowy Shrine in the southeast is really a twisty path leading to a cave/ancient temple.  On the bottom floor there are a few statues and stone plaques with sparkles that turn out to be nothing when Luka investigates.  You need to travel all the way to the end where...


I skipped Uranus and Eliciel?  You want to know the “sexy” details of their Bad Ends?

Are you sure?

Really sure?

Okay then.

Uranus will suck your cock into her giant pussy and hold you there with various tentacles.

Sea Anemone + Vagina.  A description to run away from.  Too late!

After her big soft pussy has milked a giant load from you, she slowly starts to suck the rest of you into her pussy, feet first.

Much too late...

Slowly.  So she can tell you about how she’s digesting your legs and lower body while you’re still alive.

Eliciel will turn you into a fruit.  Literally.

See that big dangly berry thing.  In you go.

Well, I suppose she's an improvement over the pomegranate angel in the original series

She then rubs and splodges her other soft dangling fruit against your flesh.

I don't know what's going on here.  I'm not sure I want to know...

They wrap around your body and feel great.  And then she turns you into a fruit.

Delphinus angels.  I did try to warn you.

Anyway, back to the main story.  It won’t come as much of a surprise that the angel chief waiting at the end of the snowy shrine is Eden.  A very naked Eden.

Back to conventionally sexy angels

She is busy doing magical barrier stuff and complains about the cold.  Sonya being Sonya, points out she can always put some clothes on.  Eden tells us that won’t help.  Her cold is more of a metaphorical kind.  She’s cold in her heart until Ilias returns.

(I imagine this scene plays out rather differently if you have Ilias in the party rather than Alice.)

Eden gets angry at any mention of lowering the barrier, thinking we’ve come to defile Ilias’s temple.  Which culminates rather predictably in a boss fight.

I was expecting her Bad End to be a repeat of her scene in the original series where she draws Luka into her garden of delights (she also has another scene that isn’t quite so delightful...).  However, falling from heaven appears to have cut her off from her full monster form and instead we get a nice bit of angel cowgirl.

A new scene for Eden?

I think this might be a new Bad End scene.  Unfortunately, angels use their divine vaginas to exploit the energy of mortals.  She doesn’t kill Luka, but his fate is to be used as a battery to power her up while she keeps the barrier running.

Only if you fail to beat her, which we don’t.  After we defeat her, Eden spots that Luka has some angel blood running through him.  Machine translation was a little rocky for me here.  Luka mentions that his mother was Lucifina and somehow we hoodwink Eden into agreeing to lower the barrier long enough for us to enter the Ilias Temple Ruins.

So, mission accomplished.  It’s time to head west to Ilias temple.  As we walk towards it, Sonya confesses to being worried.  She has a bad feeling about what awaits us in the Ilias temple.

Premonitions.  Can you say, premonitions.

I think we might be about to find out the truth behind MQ:P’s impossible girl, the girl Ilias told us should not exist (way way back near the start of part 1).

Also, that reminds me: Where is Ilias?  I haven’t seen her and her scrapgang party of Doggo and Slime Girl for a while now.  Did I forget to rescue them somewhere?  It seems weird they haven’t shown up on our path for a while, but I suppose it also makes some sense.  The NPCs in this region would be behaving a lot differently if pint-sized Ilias had already been through here.

Anyway, I suspect we’re now approaching the end (maybe).  Time to enter that mysterious temple...

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  1. I will say that yes, that temples has significance on the Ilias route, and that Eden reacts very differently indeed on the Ilias route, it's part of why I'd like to see you do it, even if abridged.

  2. Ilias route spoiler time. This was pretty much revealed in Paradox 2's trailer, so I don't feel bad about posting it here.

    First, Eden recognizes Ilias and is recruited. She is indeed heavily depowered due to maintaining that barrier for 30 years, and would have only been able to keep it up longer for a month at most. She doesn't have any armor equipped, hah.

    Second, Ilias decides the party needs more firepower and takes Eden to that creation temple. To recreate/reincarnate Luka's mother and aunt Lucifina and Micaela. At first Eden is opposed to this due to them being traitors, but is quickly won over by the point of becoming the first seraph and their older sister.
    Anyway, it turns out Eden being depowered causes the ritual to be botched and... Well... They come out as lolies, little girls, who don't remember all that much.

    Their first side quest is about showing them the world as they playfully bully and abuse Eden in various ways. Showing just how insecure she is, Eden happily takes it because at least they aren't being overtly mean to her like in the past.
    Their second features a flashback of Lucifina and Eden. In the past Eden came to the surface to beg Lucifina to come back, obliviously causing destruction to a human town in the process. Lucifina beat the crap out of her for it. The loli version does remember this, and prompted the flashback by blowing up a house in Snow Heaven to remind Eden.

    You put in the wrong image for the Snowy Shrine, fyi.

  3. Damn. That's my prediction out. At least it solves the mystery of what that circle in creation house is for.

    Not sure how the wrong pic crept in, but corrected it now.

  4. it was actually quite a nice scene when ilias met eden. eden was like "how dare u make a mockery of ilias", and ilias, so convinced eden would recognise her, gets all puppy eyed sad, like "even my closest vassals do not recognise me", et tu brute style.

    then however eden stops mid sentence and looks at the puppy eyes, and looks, and kneels saying how she could never fail 2 recognise ilias no matter what form she took. anyway a very cute ilias scene.

  5. time for some great music in the ruins.