Friday, October 12, 2012

New story for Literotica's 2012 Halloween Short Story Contest

October is normally a month where I rouse myself out of torpor and start posting new stories up on various web sites.  It's a Halloween thing!

First up is "Ways to Break a Good Man, no.2", my entrant for this year's Halloween contest on Literotica.  I'm not eligible to win as I already placed in the Nude Day contest earlier this year.  I still like to enter stories, it's Halloween after all, and not being eligible means I can let Horror-head off the leash and throw out something dark, nasty and not necessarily crowd-pleasing.  That's always a good thing, as if I don't feed him every so often he kills off all my characters or has them do odd things like gobbling people up inside their vagina.

I'm not sure on this one.  It was a bugger to write and might be one of those ideas that are impossible to make work no matter how they're tackled (advice M. Night Shyamalan should have heeded before making The Village).  After all, it's quite difficult to make one of these

sinister and scary.

I like taking a situation that looks absurd on the outside (a man wrestling a blow-up doll) and contrasting the silliness with what is actually a horrific threat to the protagonist.  It's the same car crash as smashing erotica into horror and seeing what bounces out of the wreckage.  The Biggest Tits in the World (the version in Succubus for Freedom is much better than the early draft on Lit) ran off the same principle, and like that story this one is already picking up mixed comments.  It'd be nice if the bad comments were more helpful than 'stories with sex dolls suck', but it might be one of those concepts that are virtually impossible to pull off.  I have a weakness for trying to make the absurd and silly scary.  Anyway, I hope more like it than dislike it.  I also get to cross the doll fetish off the To Corrupt In A Story list.

If you're after a more conventional succubus story, I'll add to C's recommendation of Ironiclaconic's "Thirteenth Seduction".  Classy tale of a man and his devil girl.  Wish I'd written it myself.  LiquidMatthew's "A Bestiary of Monster Girls" is also a humourous variation on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia.  The Halloween contest seems very popular this year.

I'm planning to post a few other stories this month.  Hopefully that will placate the people left a little bemused by this rather odd tale.


  1. I liked it.

    But now I'm wondering what "Ways to Break a Good Man, no. 1" is. :-)

    1. Deliberate on my part. I'm about halfway through a similar story with Koontz more heavily involved (and an actual succubus rather than a possessing spirit). the numbering will probably be a little random. Always good to make people want to look, and i'll probably fill in the missing numbers later.