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DaBigBoom in HRPG-World: 2-8 Exploding Kiwis in the Nether Regions

Part 8 actually on schedule for a change.

DaBigBoom in HRPG-World: 2-8 Exploding Kiwis in the Nether Regions.

Fifi looked down at him and her big eyes widened in surprise.

“You’re still going?”

DaBigBoom could just about move his arms and legs.  He wasn’t sure that qualified as still going.

“How intriguing,” Fifi said.  Her lips turned up in a wicked smile.

DaBigBoom wasn’t so sure he liked that smile.  He pulled up his knees and started to get back to his feet.  He was unsteady, like a punch-drunk boxer in the tenth round.

Fifi held her tail in her arms like a rifle again.  DaBigBoom liked that even less.  The bulbous end swelled up as if inhaling a deep breath and then puffed out a thick cloud of sparkling pink dust and shimmering red hearts.  DaBigBoom was enveloped.  He breathed in and inhaled a powerful, sultry perfume that smelt like something an expensive escort would wear when entertaining exclusive clientele.  The scent set his heart racing and caused his brain to throb with sexual excitement.

It also made his arms and legs feel like sacks of wet cement.

“Don’t get up,” Fifi said with a smile.

Not that it was needed.  DaBigBoom was already falling back to the floor.  The cloud wrapped around him like a comfortable duvet.  Ephemeral hearts collided with his skin and popped like wet kisses.  The dust covered him and set pleasure receptors sparking all across his body.

“I surrender,” DaBigBoom said.  “I give in.  You’ve beaten me.”  Even his dick had decided it’d had enough.

“I thought I had,” Fifi said, “And yet you’re still here on the game board.  Most intriguing.”

She grabbed his ankles and pulled his body off the rocky path and onto the softer dirt or ash making up the verge.  DaBigBoom noticed he was now lying at the intersection of four board squares with Fifi lying on her elbow next to him.

“What about the game rules?” he asked.  “Shouldn’t we be staying within our own squares?”

“Rules, feh,” Fifi said dismissively.  “I’m more interested in you.”

She tip-toed up his exposed chest on long fingernails and flicked the bottom of DaBigBoom’s chin.

“You’re clearly not a k’winny, but what are you?  Even with the stat boost from these,” she tugged one of the three jackets he was still wearing, “you still have far too many HP for any character class of your level.”

“I’m DaBigBoom.”

For once he was glad that stupid word fell out of his mouth rather than his real name.  A cold calculating spark had appeared at the heart of her big bright eyes.  DaBigBoom had a disconcerting feeling the over-sexed demonic ditz with a magical tail was just a costume and now he was glimpsing the actress beneath.

“That’s the name Pihanga gave you.  She behaves as though she’s the main character, the player, but she’s just another piece in this game.  Her role is to attempt to usurp the starring role for comedic effect.  That’s all.”

Fifi’s long nails tickled lightly around his nipple.  They looked a little too pointed and sharp for DaBigBoom to be entirely comfortable with them being where they were.

“You, however, are something entirely different.”

DaBigBoom didn’t need to be told that.  He was human.  Real.  Everything apart from him was a collection of pixels—nothing more than 1s and 0s within the memory of a computer.

At least that’s what he’d thought.

Fifi’s hand, her fingers tipped with those wickedly sharp nails, tickled down to DaBigBoom’s crotch.

“I’m DaBigBoom,” he blurted out.  Again getting the word wrong.

DaBigBoom’s penis lay on a nest of pubic hair matted down with a combination of both his and the succubus’s sexual fluids.  Like all dicks after sex, it looked sorry for itself.  Fifi placed a thumb and forefinger around his flaccid manhood and began to rub up and down in an attempt to bring his sex back to life.  DaBigBoom never would have thought he’d be unable to get erect in the presence of a hot girl until he was at least ninety-five, and definitely never would have thought that inability would make him feel relieved.

“Tsk, males,” Fifi said.  “No stamina for sex at all.”

Fifi’s tail curled over his prone body.  The three triangular flanges opened out to reveal the puckered orifice at the heart of the jar-like structure.  Like a gun to his head, was DaBigBoom’s uncomfortable thought.

“That’s not going to help,” he said.  “It’s making me nervous.  And nerves are kryptonite to erections.”

The bulbous jar at the end of her tail expanded and then contracted to whoosh a cloud of pink gas into his face.  His head was completely enveloped.  The strong scent—a melange of sleazy perfume, sexual perspiration and the forbidden musk between a woman’s thighs—overwhelmed his senses.  His head fell back and his brain throbbed.  Countless memories of illicitly-watched porn films and eager fumbles with old girlfriends poured forth.  Pornographic images—slutty eyes, long silky hair, bulging boobs, lasciviously long legs and vaginas held agape—flooded his eyeballs in a slick of sexual depravity.  His ears were plugged with sighs of passion and the quiet squelches of coupling bodies.  And the smell—it was like Fifi was sitting right on top of his face, her wet cunt dripping juice onto him.

“Aphrodisiac, keyed directly to your physiology,” Fifi said.  “We succubi never accept ‘No’.”

The pleasurable throbs passed down DaBigBoom’s spine and collected in his balls.  There they grew in strength and frequency.  Blood stampeded back down to his groin.

“Much better,” Fifi said.

Her tail contracted again and puffed another cloud of sensual odours into DaBigBoom’s face.  It encompassed his head and this time he inhaled eagerly, lost in his appreciation of the exciting fragrances.

“And now with a little encouragement . . .”

DaBigBoom’s cock started to rise in Fifi’s hand.  Through a pink haze he watched as she bent over and pressed her considerable boobs together around his swelling erection.  Nestled between her warm and soft pillows, his cock quickly swelled back to a hardness that tugged at his crotch and caused his balls to ache.  Fifi dipped her head down into her cleavage and lapped up a droplet of pre-cum from the tip of his penis with her tongue.

“Much much better,” she said.

The cloud of perfume dissipated and DaBigBoom recovered enough of his senses to realise Fifi was now lying alongside him.  The soft bulges of her breasts rested against his side.  One of her legs was crossed over his.  One arm was slid underneath his neck while the fingernails of her other hand twiddled with his chest hair.  His erection stuck up like a pole.  The fleshy bulge at the end of Fifi’s tail hovered above it.  The orifice at the end opened out and a little stream of slimy lubricant drooled down onto his lap.

“Now where were we?” Fifi asked.  Her hand caressed the back of DaBigBoom’s neck.  She stared at him, her eyes bright.  And hard.  Like precious stones.  “Oh yes.  Who are you, really?”

to be concluded . . .

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  1. Getting really interesting now, let's hope she keeps Jackson around...