Monday, October 15, 2012

DaBigBoom in HRPG-World: 2-6 Exploding Kiwis in the Nether Regions

Finally back down to a more manageable 1,000 words a week.  This week's is short and extremely naughty.

DaBigBoom in HRPG-World: 2-6 Exploding Kiwis in the Nether Regions

She reached in and pulled DaBigBoom right to the boundary between their squares, close enough for her to embrace him if she wished.

DaBigBoom hoped his remaining life points were considerably higher than forty-four.

Fifi put her arms around DaBigBoom’s neck.  Her large black bat wings folded around him like a cape.  His nostrils were filled with the musky perfume of her body.  She stared into his eyes.  Hers were bright and gleaming with lust.

“What’s the matter?” she asked with a disarming smile.

DaBigBoom thought of the forty-four floating up into the sky.

“I was wondering if we could, you know, skip the whole attack thing,” he said.

Fifi was close enough for her cute little button nose to brush against his.  She smiled and shook her head.

“It’s a really . . . naughty attack,” she said.  “You’ll love it.”

Her soft cheek rubbed against DaBigBoom’s.

“Especially when I triple it,” she whispered in his ear.

Her hands slipped down his back and she pulled their bodies together in a close embrace.  Her wings tugged against his back like soft latex.  He felt the soft press of her boobs against his chest.  The erect points of her nipples caught on the fabric of his T-shirt.

“You’re different,” Fifi whispered in his ear.  “There’s a reality about you the others don’t have.”

The spicy musk of her body, the heat, was overpowering.  She nibbled on his earlobe before leaving a trail of soft kisses along his cheek.  Their lips met in a passionate kiss.  DaBigBoom was too lost to notice as her hands moved further down and loosened the remnants of his trousers until they slid down and fell to his ankles in a crumpled pile.  DaBigBoom’s erection hadn’t even had a chance to subside.  Fifi rubbed her naked crotch against him and he trembled as the hard staff of his cock slid along the folds of her sex.  She was already wet.

“And you’re mature enough to truly appreciate my special . . . talents,” Fifi paused the kiss to whisper.

She stared at him with bedroom eyes.  She slipped a foot out of her thigh-length heels and rubbed it down the outside of DaBigBoom’s thigh.

Fuck, she was hot—incredible.  Jackson might fantasize about girls like this in the real world, but if one had thrown themselves into his arms like this he’d have assumed they were drunk, or tripping out.  He peered down at the perfect pink globes of her boobs, boobs that were even now rubbing against his chest.  So hot.  DaBigBoom felt hot too, boiling.  Given the cartoon quality of most of the setting, he was surprised steam wasn’t rushing out of his ears.  Who cared she was only pixels when they felt as good as this.

“See, I told you we didn’t need to mess around with all that fighting malarkey,” DaBigBoom said.

Fifi tipped her head back and laughed.  “Silly boy, I’m a succubus.  Sex is my attack.”

Now that really put DaBigBoom in a quandary.  His body was on fire.  He really really wanted to have sex with Fifi.  But if sex was her attack, how much damage would it do?  And did he have enough hit points left to withstand that damage?

Fifi kissed him again.

Fuck it.  It was a risk worth taking.

He put his arms around her and clutched the soft flesh of her ass cheeks.  Fifi giggled and did the same back to him.  He jolted with a shiver as her bulbous-ended tail curled up between his legs and left a trail of sticky kisses up the inside of his thigh.  He moved his legs further apart to give her tail easier access.  She rewarded him by tickling down his perineum and giving one of his testicles a pleasant little suck with her tail orifice.

Fifi unwrapped her wings from around DaBigBoom.  She set her body hovering again with languid flaps.  Now both of her feet were sliding up and down the outside of his legs.  Her hands gripped the sides of his body and she moaned as his hard-on slid along the moist crevice of her sex.

“Want me to put it in?” DaBigBoom asked, unable to hide his enthusiasm.

Fifi smiled at him in amusement.  “You want to suicide?”

Er, when you put it that way, not really, DaBigBoom thought.  What was he doing?  Was it really a good idea to stay in the arms of a devil woman like this?

Fifi crossed her legs behind DaBigBoom.  Her sex parted like the lips of a mouth.  Glistening strands of mucus formed threads between her plush labia.  She gobbled up the swollen head of his cock and slid slowly—really slowly—down his shaft until her moist labia were kissing his groin.

Yep.  Good idea.  Definitely a good idea.

DaBigBoom closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his manhood sliding up a moist tunnel with soft—super soft—fleshy walls.  They pressed around him and undulated with gentle pulses.  Fifi added to the sensation by wriggling in his lap.

Now this was definitely unprotected sex.

Normally, DaBigBoom would have been terrified of attempting a sexual position like this for fear of tipping the girl over and bouncing her skull off the floor.  Girls didn’t normally have wings.  Fifi might have had both feet off the ground and her legs wrapped around him, but she was definitely the one in control here.  All DaBigBoom could do was stand braced with his feet apart while she flapped her midnight-black bat wings and moved her body against him like a wave.

Up, down, her hips moved.  Up, down; DaBigBoom sighed as his erection moved inside a moist, lubricated channel of heavenly soft flesh.  Fifi gave her own sighs as her hips met his with a lewd squelch.  Her juices bubbled out and dribbled down the insides of his thighs.  He felt the lascivious suction of her sex as each downward stroke of her wings took her hips up to the peak of the next stroke.

“I can take triple of this,” DaBigBoom said.

“Mmm, that’s good to hear,” Fifi said, “then let’s begin.”

Begin?  Weren’t they already beginning?

Next week: Fifi unleashes her extremely naughty attack.

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