Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DaBigBoom in HRPG-World: 2-7 Exploding Kiwis in the Nether Regions

A little later than planned, but still going.  Fifi gets well and truly XXX-rated.

DaBigBoom in HRPG-World: 2-7 Exploding Kiwis in the Nether Regions

“I can take triple of this,” DaBigBoom said.

“Mmm, that’s good to hear,” Fifi said, “then let’s begin.”

Begin?  Weren’t they already beginning?

Her hips came back down and this time DaBigBoom felt his cock plunge into something soft, warm and sinful.  Sinful.  That was the best word for it.  Like he’d just plunged into a cushion of congealed sin.  It puffed up inside her and smothered the swollen tip of his cock.  A pleasant little tickle crawled across his engorged glans.  Fifi pressed downwards and that warm something engulfed the whole of his member, right to the root.

Fuck.  He felt like his dick was soaking in every dirty little immoral thought given physical form, every filthy little perverted desire.

“Oh yes,” Fifi sighed.

 A gentle little rippling squeeze ran along the length of DaBigBoom’s shaft from the root to the tip.  It felt like a soft little tug from a hand entirely made out of honey.  DaBigBoom lasted about as long as every perpetually horny teen presented with the real thing for the first time.  At least he didn’t feel guilty this time.

“Coming,” he said with a grunt.

He squeezed her ass between his hands and pressed his hips forward.  A column of semen rushed up his shaft and erupted into the soft sticky tissue enveloping his twitching manhood.  It absorbed his seed like a sponge, like a black hole absorbing light. The sinful organ wriggled and pulsed leisurely around DaBigBoom’s swollen penis while Fifi moaned in delight.  DaBigBoom’s cock responded with a series of slow, steady throbs as he emptied his balls into her devilish body.

“That was one,” Fifi said with a smile.

A ghostly red heart bloomed in the air between them and floated upwards into the sky on a spray of smaller spinning red hearts.  One hundred and forty appeared above her head in green numerals.

That was one? DaBigBoom thought.  His knees were trembling and his fringe was wet with perspiration.

Fifi relaxed her legs and shifted position.  She leant forward and let a flap of her wings pull their conjoined hips apart.  DaBigBoom’s cock was released from the cushion of super-soft sinful tissue.  She nearly let him slide all the way out before her pliable labia squeezed down around the mushroom head of his cock, keeping it inside her heat.

The bulbous tip of her tail pressed up between his arse cheeks.  The flanges stuck to his buttocks.  The orifice at the centre of her tail nudged against and began to suck on his anus in a sensation that was unexpected but surprisingly pleasant.

Fifi rubbed the tip of her nose against DaBigBoom’s.  “Two,” she said.

Her legs folded tightly around his waist.  She slid back down his pole and once again DaBigBoom was pushing up against that moist, perversely pliable bulge of tissue at the back of her vagina.  His cock never even had a chance to go down before its head was wrapped in a clingy membrane that drew him back into a glob of congealed depravity.  Fifi closed her eyes and pulled in her taut midriff.  She sucked.

Forbidden pleasures whispered up DaBigBoom’s shaft.  His body tensed and he groaned in pleasure as he erupted again.  Once again she thoroughly absorbed his issue.  The black hole pull of her sex extended down his urethra and into his crotch until DaBigBoom was no longer sure if he was pumping his seed into her, or she pumping it out of him.

Another spectral red heart bloomed in the air between them.  A +1 floated up into the sky together with two lots of 220, one green and one white.

That sounded like a lot, DaBigBoom thought.  It felt like a lot.  His breath came out in ragged gasps.  Sweat ran down his body and stained the inside of his jackets.  His hair was a soaking mop.  Wasn’t he supposed to be a level one k’winny or something?  How come he had so many HP?

Fifi shifted her body again.  Her internal cushion released DaBigBoom’s cock, but this time not so far.  He was still deep inside her, his still-engorged cock pressing lightly against the pliant membrane of the mysterious organ at the end of her pussy.

“Are you okay there?” she asked.  Her voice was all light and breezy as if this was just a bit of fun rather than a series of brutal bashes to DaBigBoom’s HP total.

“I’d be enjoying it a lot more if it didn’t take so much out of me,” DaBigBoom panted.

“Oh quit complaining,” Fifi said.  “You’ve still got plenty to give.”

Her tail wormed up against his ass.  The orifice kissed and sucked on his sphincter in a way that sent shivers of pleasure running up his spine.

Then DaBigBoom heard a crackle.  Like static electricity.  The flanges of her tail grew warm—hot—against his soft ass cheeks.

DaBigBoom’s eyes widened.

Fifi laughed at his expression.

“I’m not going to blast you,” she said.  “That would be gross.”

DaBigBoom was trying not to picture several thousand volts of electricity jolting up into his ass, or imagine what that would do to his colon.

“Men are such fragile little things when it comes to sex.  A couple of pops and you’re done.  Totally unacceptable.  I still have an attack left.”

Her tail orifice sucked his anus open.  The bulbous tip of her tail contracted.  A warm crackle of energy zinged up his rectal wall and enveloped his prostate gland in a warm glow.

“There, a little help for your prostate,” Fifi said.

DaBigBoom’s mouth fell open.  His cock, which had just started to soften, twitched back to aching fullness and nudged up against the sticky trap at the base of Fifi’s vagina.

“Three,” Fifi said.

Back down she came, and back into that soft bubble of concentrated degeneracy DaBigBoom plunged.  It felt like the moist organ was whispering indecent suggestions right to his cells, murmurings he could not resist.

Fifi took her hands off DaBigBoom’s sides and brought them back to her own body.  She sighed and massaged her heavy boobs as they bobbed back and forth with each thrust of her body.  He wasn’t even sure who was supporting who now.  Her body tugged and pushed him while her wings flapped harder and faster, working to keep both of them upright.

DaBigBoom had thought he had nothing left.  Fifi had other ideas.  Her tail continued to pulse pleasant little crackles of energy into DaBigBoom until his prostate—then his balls—felt like they were lit up and glowing.

“Oh yes!” Fifi cried.

Her sex clenched around him, smooshing that soft sinful something against his over-sensitised penis.  DaBigBoom groaned and let fly with the biggest ejaculation of the three.  Fifi drew the torrents of cum from his body and absorbed it all.

Then she released him.  Her tail detached from his ass, her legs uncrossed from behind his buttocks and her vagina dilated.  DaBigBoom toppled backwards and fell flat on his back.

Fifi continued to hover for a few moments before elegantly landing back on her naked feet.

“Mmm, that was most enjoyable,” she said to no one in particular.

DaBigBoom gave a loud groan.  How could something that felt so good leave him feeling so shit.  He looked up.  Two 400s, a +2 and another stupid red heart.  That must be it.  She’d knocked him out, incapacitated him, or whatever this game treated zero HP as.

Fifi looked down at him and her big eyes widened in surprise.

“You’re still going?”

DaBigBoom could just about move his arms and legs.  He wasn’t sure that qualified as still going.

“How intriguing,” Fifi said.  Her lips turned up in a wicked smile.

Oh Fifi, haven't you already done enough to the poor lad.
Next week: Nope, she hasn't.


  1. Cue Brian Blessed voice:

    Man oh man. I want me a FiFi of my own and about half a dozen of those flak jackets.

  2. He's screwed (and not in the good way) if those jackets come off.