Saturday, October 06, 2012

More for the Bookshelf No One Can Read

My print copies finally wound their way to my remote abode.  I always look forward to seeing the finished book. (and that the covers are the right colour, in the right place and not wrong in the many ways printing can sometimes go wrong).

It's a little chunkier than my other collections (although obviously slimline in relation to the average George R. R. Martin epic).  I ran out of the short short stories and got too carried away writing all the sex in the new ones.

You can pick up a copy of your own from Amazon here, or here if you live in the UK.  One day it would be nice to have a mass-market paperback printing to make the price a little more acceptable, but that would mean I'd have to write something more mainstream and who'd want to do a boring thing like that . . . ;)


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  2. First off, you are a terrific writer. I check you're blog and literotica account regularly and if I come into some disposable income I plan to buy your digital anthologies. I'd just like to get that out of the way so their is a higher chance of you excusing the vulgarity of the next comment.

    It's hard to wank while reading a book.

    Sorry, I don't even know why I said that, it's just been driving me crazy these past few days.
    I wish you well and look forward to your future endeavors.

    1. Hehe. Maybe my future is digital only.