Friday, August 23, 2013

A sort of entry for Literotica's Summer Lovin' Competition

Literotica have started their annual Summer Lovin' short story competition.  I wasn't going to enter, but then I remembered "Snared, Sucked and Slurped" had a summery setting and I'd been meaning to post it up on Literotica anyway.

It's not a serious entry.  I don't take the competitions that seriously.  Occasionally I enter a "nice" story to win like "A Summer Dance With A Succubus" or "Iron Girders and Steel Springs", but most of the time I have fun trying to see how many readers I can catch out with some weird and icky horror.  Regular readers here will remember "Snared, Sucked and Slurped", featuring vore and a Sea Anemone Monster Girl, is very much the latter type of story.

Feel free to put a vote in if you're swinging by.  I don't expect the story to place.  Bad End stories never do because of the bad ending (although "Halloween NĂ¿te" and "Don't Fuck The Flowers" came surprisingly close) and "Snared" is one of my more simplistic stories.  My objective is usually to see if I can pick up some extra readers from the increased exposure the contests have.

And to squick out unsuspecting Romance readers that didn't spot the category before they jumped in.  Hyuk, hyuk.

It's going to be a little quiet around here for the next month or so.  I'm deep into the last couple of stories for the next collection (more on that soon!).  You'll get a chance to see one of those new stories in the Halloween competition in a couple of months.  It features Nicole, which should please fans of my nicer stories, and yes, I will be trying to win with that one! :)


  1. Hydra how is Succubus Summoning 208 coming along?

    1. Slow :(

      I've hit a real busy point with my real life work and the deadline for my next collection is looming. There's a chance I might run to SS 208 as distraction behaviour. Realistically it might be another month. :(

  2. Well today i thought of a decent second chapter so i will be busy this weekend. I want to punch out about 4000 words, double my first chapter.