Thursday, January 06, 2011

A game release I'm looking forward to

This game at looks like fun. It’s a Japanese RPG. You play a brave lad who picks up his sword and heads out into the world looking for adventure...and ends up being, um, molested by various sexy monster girls.

There’s a demo up which features a bit of introduction and a fight (sort of) with a slime girl. It looks a bit like Succubus Quest, only with more elaborate ending sequences when you lose the fight (which is the fun part let’s face it).

Yes, it is in Japanese, but I managed to hook it up to some automated translation software. Which sounds rather complicated, but thankfully a very nice person up on has posted a comprehensive guide on how to set this up. The translations are far from perfect, as you’d expect from automated machine translation, but if you use your imagination they’re good enough to follow what’s going on.

The first part of the game is scheduled for around January/February. They boast of featuring nearly 200 types of monster girl in the finished game, some of which look very weird indeed judging from the side menu. That sounds awesome, but also a little worrying. 200 seems like a heck of a lot of work. If the rest of the encounters are as detailed as the one with the slime girl in the demo, the game would still be awesome even with only 20 types. I’d rather see a completed game with fewer enemies than a too-ambitious project doomed to an eternity in development limbo.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to its release when I can go forth and engage in unmentionable sexual acts the world from dastardly demon girls.


  1. This game looks akin to your skilled writing, could be fun if it's done well. I'd try Slave Maker 3, if ya haven't, that's one of the best I've seen in the genre even while under constant development, plus it has some demon & non-human characters (

    By the way Hydra, a lot of the newer succubus/demon stories on literotica don't have your flare for arousing fear, sensuality, and lust. Demon salvation stories are fine, but I like many miss seeing the occasional piece of your skilled writing.

  2. I should be back on Literotica more regularly soon. I'm juggling various writing projects at the moment (including the long-delayed Succubus Summoning 201 series) and trying to find the right balance in how many stories I retain for the books and how many I put up for people to sample for free on Literotica (Ideally, around half and half I reckon)

  3. Oh how far monster girl quest has come...