Sunday, January 30, 2011

"A Succubus for Valentine's Day" out in two weeks

My second collection of short stories, A Succubus for Valentine's Day and other Tales of Perilous Pleasures, is out in two weeks time. Here's a little excerpt to whet your appetite - a steamy shower scene with a succubus some of you might have seen before:

The girl pulled off her costume. Normally Pat would have respectfully looked away and allowed her to shower in a kind of pseudo-privacy, but they were far beyond such civilized niceties. The air in the shower crackled with the intensity between them. Primal forces were at work here.

The girl’s eyes locked with his as her costume fell to the floor. The swimsuit had only hinted at what lay beneath, what was revealed to Pat took his breath away. She had the figure of a svelte savage beauty—lithe, athletic and with a perfectly flat stomach. Pat was entranced as she padded across the floor to him like a jungle cat through exotic waterfalls. He knew he was her intended prey and didn’t mind. It was refreshing for the roles to be reversed.

Pat put up his arms to welcome her into his embrace, but she casually batted them away, sliding her body behind his instead. The erect points of her nipples rubbed against his back. Her hands came around and roamed over the firm contours of his chest and the taut muscles of his stomach. She liked what she found, leaning forward to blow warm air in his ear before planting a light kiss on the lobe.

She broke off her hug and continued moving round behind Pat. She plucked his shower gel from an alcove in the tiled wall and squeezed out nearly all the contents down the front of her body. Pat watched, his long dormant cock twitching to life, as the thick amber gel oozed down the valley between her breasts. She rubbed the gel into her flesh, bringing it up to a creamy white lather.

She turned to smile at Pat, a mischievous twinkle in her blue eyes. She upended the plastic bottle and emptied the last of the shower gel in a thick dollop on top of her outstretched palm. She discarded the empty bottle and padded stealthily behind him.

She pressed her breasts against his back again and Pat felt the slickness of the lather between their bodies. She moved her body against him, sliding up and down, side to side and in circular movements, using her breasts like a sponge to wash his back.

Different, and...pleasant.

Pat gave a shocked tremble as she reached around and closed her gel-slathered hand around his erect cock with an audible squelch. The coolness of the gel caused Pat to suck in an involuntary ‘ooh’ of surprise. It was a pleasurable shock though, and became more pleasurable as she slid her hand up and down his shaft with liquid pumps.

She giggled in his ear, the sound light and fresh like a bubbling mountain stream. Pat turned his head back, meeting hers for a wet kiss beneath the warm shower spray. She continued to pump his cock while spreading creamy lather across his chest with her other hand.

A Succubus for Valentine's Day and other tales of Perilous Pleasures - Out Feb 11th.

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