Thursday, February 03, 2011

Valentine's Day Variety Box

One of the things I noticed when putting together the stories for A Succubus for Valentine's Day was the variety. There's a sequence in the collection that runs from Harry Potter parody, to superhero story, to science fiction set in the future, to modern-day horror, to swords & sorcery fantasy, and then to a story with gangster elements. That's variety. Whether or not that's a good thing...

Well it scares the shit out of me to be honest.

Now, I could try and run the usual arrogant bastard bullshit and burble some nonsense about transcending genres. And then someone else could make some catty remarks about firing blindly with a blunderbuss in the hope of hitting the target, any target.

Variety isn't a bad thing. It keeps things from getting predictable. Too much and a collection goes all patchy, like buying the new album from a favourite band only to find there's two decent tracks, a real stinker that's unlistenable, and a whole bunch of meh to round it out.

I think I'm okay on this one. The settings vary, but the stories are all essentially horror. The femme fatales are sexy and the sex is blistering hot. Job done, as I hope you'll find out next Friday.

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