Sunday, February 06, 2011

New manyeyedhydra Stories!

They do exist. I’ve been hoarding them as I aim to hit that half and half ratio between stories I’ll post up on the internet and stories I’ll keep for the anthologies. If you’re feeling withdrawal symptoms, there are three brand new stories in A Succubus for Valentine’s Day and other tales of Perilous Pleasures to look out for.

Puffed Up
An arrogant superhero tracks down the source of a new drug, Sin, hitting the streets. He discovers the drug has a hellish origin. Will his much-vaunted abilities be enough against the magical wiles of a succubus?

Fans of Garth Ennis’s work with series such as The Boys might like this one. Those with a smoke fetish or an inflation fetish might get a little extra from the story. And it goes without saying it’s perfect for fans of femme fatale super-villain vamps.

The Spiders of Thomisoidus
Off we blast into the future for a Science Fiction tale. Poor everyday dude Joe Baneham gets suckered into signing up for a five year commission on what he thought was a paradise planet filled with hot, blue-skinned alien babes. Unfortunately for him, the babes are completely inept at sex and the planet is a swamp-ridden dump infested with monstrous spiders. Things look up when Amycis, one of the beautiful indigenous locals, falls for him. But what dark secrets of her race is she hiding...?

Spiders, silk, blue-skinned alien babes, bondage and plenty of sexy teasing are all present in this little tale of extremely perilous pleasure.

Foam Shower
A guy, a girl and a very steamy shower scene. I put up an excerpt last week here.

Also features foam. Lots and lots of foam.

The other tales have been tweaked and touched up from their original versions. The title tale, A Succubus for Valentine’s Day, has a different ending to before. It’s even nastier. Beware of cutesy-looking succubi that are summoned from black stone tablets, especially when they offer to play Cupid. Brrr....

A Succubus for Valentine’s Day and other tales of Perilous Pleasures, out next week from all good online ebook stores. Please support me and buy a copy so I can continue to corrupt the internet with my twisted tales of perverse pleasures. ;)


  1. Hey ME Hydra,

    I gotta say I love your stories but its been a while since you published your last. I would love to buy your book but you gotta throw your fans a bone every once in a while.

  2. I threw out so many I left the shed empty ;). I'm in restock mode at the moment.

  3. "...out next week from all good online ebook stores."

    Will there be a print version?

  4. Yep, there'll be a print version from Amazon as well.