Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another excerpt from A Succubus for Valentine's Day

A Succubus for Valentine's Day and other tales of Perilous Pleasures is out on Friday. Here’s another little excerpt to get the juices flowing. This is from Puffed Up, a decidedly non-serious little superhero tale:


“Who are you?” the red-skinned girl asked, staring up at Straight Arrow with green eyes that shone like lamps in the gloom.

Really? She didn’t know who he was? Straight Arrow was astounded. She’d come here, to his city, with the intent to set up a new criminal empire, and she didn’t know who he was. No matter, she’d find out soon enough.

“I’m Straight Arrow,” he answered.

“Come in, Straight Arrow. My pleasures are for all,” Papavia said, her voice smooth and seductive.

“You misunderstand,” Straight Arrow said, striding purposely down the centre of the hall. “I’m here to free these people from your evil influence.”

“Evil?” Mistress Papavia said. “These people come to me of their own free will and I give them pleasure. Don’t I?” she said to the blonde girl in her lap, running a hand tenderly through the girl’s spiky hair.

She opened her legs a little wider and a large puff of white smoke welled up out of her vagina. The blonde girl’s head was engulfed and she squirmed in bliss as she inhaled the fumes. Straight Arrow watched in disgust as she reached down and began to masturbate herself, in public.

“Such a judgemental expression,” the mutant said. “It won’t matter. Soon my vapours will relieve you of your prudish sentiments.”

Straight Arrow laughed.

“Guess again slut-queen.”

Did she really expect him to be that green? Him, the most prepared crime fighter on the East Coast.

He tapped his mask. “Filters,” he said. “Your mutant emissions will have no effect on me.”

He knew, just knew, it would turn out to be a pheromone emitting mutant, or something like it, and had prepared accordingly. That’s why he was the best.

“So, are you going to come quietly or am I going to have to work up a sweat?” Straight Arrow walked down the centre of room towards her. “Believe me, babe, you don’t want me working up a sweat.” He flexed his considerable muscles for added emphasis.

“Mutant?” Papavia said.

She started to rise from her throne. The blonde girl protested sleepily as Papavia moved her head aside.

“Babe!” Papavia snarled.

Her eyes flashed red as she stood upright on her cloven hooves. A pair of wings, black and leathery like a bat’s, unfurled behind her back.

“I am Mistress Papavia, succubus and Arch-Delectatiotrix of the second circle of Hades!”


Hmm. I think our hero might be in a wee bit of bother... Check it out this Friday!

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  1. Big fan of yrs. Got your book soon as it's out on excessica.

    Looking forward to a good read this weekend :)