Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year's Writing (Non)Resolutions

There’s probably going to be a ton of these spunked onto the web. Given how just about everyone breaks their resolutions before the holiday season is over, I’m going to engage some reverse psychology and create some resolutions for things not to do in the hope I break them spectacularly.

1. I’m not going to write faster.

This needs work. When I first started writing stories for Literotica I told myself I wasn’t going to get bogged down with the self-doubt and obsessive perfectionism that had afflicted my horror short story writing and just have fun. Now I’m starting to take it a little more seriously, the stories have grown more complex and elaborate and the flaws have crept back in. This year I want to get back the fun and less worrying about what I’m writing.

2. I’m not going to make more frequent blog posts.

Related to 1 above. More writing and less chiselling. Often I’d have an idea of something to post, tie myself in knots with attempting to write it and then abandon the whole thing because it was taking too long. These are supposed to be quick blog posts, not graded essays.

And now the individual writing projects.

3. I’m not going to polish Succubus Summoning 101 up and get it ready for publication.

I should have done this earlier. It’s popular on Lit and about the right length for a novel. Plus, if I don’t do it, some sleazebag will probably try and plagiarize it as has unfortunately happened recently to various Lit authors.

4. I’m not going to finish Succubus Summoning 201

Ugh. Important rule for building up a fanbase—don’t leave them waiting months for the next chapter. Sorry peeps. 203 has been stuck on the backburner for a while now, mainly because the 201 arc has a plot I thought I needed to work out in advance. It’s a fallacy of course. I wrote 101 a chapter at a time and it dropped nicely into place.

5. I’m not going to finish two more short story collections.

This is the tough one. I should be able to get one done, but getting a second finished will be very much dependant on speeding up my writing, especially as I don’t have much left in the pool of already finished tales.

Now let’s get down to breaking those resolutions as fast as possible!

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