Friday, January 22, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Cephalotia Fleshpot

Name:  Cephalotia Fleshpot  (cn: Treehugger Fleshpot)
Type:  Plant
Habitat:  Jungle.  Dense Vegetation.

Resembles a plant and naked humanoid woman fused together.  The vegetative part consists of a single thick leaf rolled around to form a pot-shaped structure.  The humanoid part is fused within the pot wall and looks like a naked human female hugging the pot.  The buttocks and back are visible on the outside of the pot.  Her breasts protrude out from the inner wall and within the pot there is an opening that corresponds to where the vagina would be on a human woman.  The head hangs over the pot entrance in a way that makes it look as though she is sleeping.

They are sentient, intelligent and surprisingly will remain friendly even after their hypnotic scents are resisted.  They believe what they do to humans is not bad or evil... that most men would freely trade their lives for the pleasures they give them in their final moments.

Attack Strategy:
The cephalotia fleshpot lures prey to her by releasing a scent with both mild hypnotic and aphrodisiac effects.  This scent is dispersed over a wide area and can attract prey from a considerable distance.  When the prey comes close enough the pot emits a thick cloud of spores or pollen that, when inhaled, puts the victim into a highly suggestible state.  The fleshpot talks her victim into entering her pot, and once they do, the walls close around them and hold them in place while the fleshpot copulates with them.

Copulation is merely a way of getting the prey to produce semen, which is drunk by the plant.  In order to harvest the maximum amount of semen the fleshpot pumps a toxin up from reservoirs beneath the ground and secretes it through the pot walls.  This toxin is absorbed through the skin and acts on both the prostate and testes to stimulate the massive overproduction of seminal fluid and spermatozoa.  This production comes at the expense of other bodily functions and the fleshpot's toxin is powerful enough to force a human body to cannibalise its own tissues and organs to provide more raw materials for semen production.  The body literally falls apart as it ejaculates all its fluids and chemicals into the fleshpot's vaginal chamber.  Those parts not able to be converted into semen collapse into an organic mulch at the bottom of the pot and are absorbed by the plant over a slower period of time.

Why the plant (and this holds true for other hindigs) uses such a complex feeding mechanism to extract semen rather than drinking a more easily extracted bodily fluid such as blood is one of H-space's enduring mysteries.

Nose plugs.

Some of the toxins can be absorbed through the skin, so full hazmat protection is recommended when in close proximity to a cephalotia fleshpot.

The plant structure renders bullets ineffective.  A flamethrower is ideal providing the chemicals can be made to ignite.  Machetes will also do the job, although care must be taken to avoid contact with the plant's juices.

Threat Level:

Their luring scents can be potent and are dispersed over a wide area.


  1. It looks like Dieselmine just put up a place holder for what I assume is Violated Hero 6 on DLsite. Any chance for a Let's Play on that?

    1. Looks like it's only currently showing up on the Japanese side.