Thursday, March 10, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Venus Mantrap

PFC Stewart Peter Bate would have given the giant flytrap leaves a wide berth had he not heard noises coming from between them.

"Hello?  Is there someone in there?"

What were those sounds?  Bate heard soft moans and sighs.  They were more like sounds of sexual activity than moans of pain.  It reminded him of a hotel room he'd stopped in once, where he'd heard muffled sounds coming through the wall and had wondered if the sounds were coming from the next room's TV or its occupants.  And, just like that time back in the hotel room, Bate felt a burning curiosity to see what was making those noises.

The leaf was green and enormous.  It was about the same height as a two-story house and about the same length as an average garage.  It was roughly semi-circular in shape, with a fringe of green spines pointing inwards towards an identical leaf just behind the first.  It reminded Bate of a Venus flytrap, but on a vastly larger scale.  Bate wondered what flying prey this plant caught—helicopters?

The giant leaves did not look out of place.  The jungle was full of alien vegetation because it was well... alien.  It was also hot... and humid as hell.  The sweat poured off Bate.  It soaked into his uniform and collected in his underwear.  Bate wanted to give his balls and ass a good scratch, but he knew the itch would only get worse when he stopped.

He heard the noises again—soft slithering sounds punctuated with muffled sighs.

And now Bate's junk was itching for a different reason.

He rubbed a hand across his brow.  Maybe it was something in the air.  The whole damn jungle felt like it was bursting with fecundity.  Strangely, they'd seen no sign of any animal life since entering it—no birds, no monkeys, not even any insects.  Just plants, lots and lots of plants.

Gingerly, Bate touched the side of the flytrap leaf.  It was hard... shell-like.  Metal-like, even.  It was like putting his hand on the hull of a battleship.  He could still hear those muffled, strangely erotic sounds coming from the other side.

He had to know what was making those sounds.

He walked around to look at the leaves edge on.  At this angle it really did look like the entrance to a Venus flytrap.  The leaves were padded on the inside and livid red in color.  Green spines bridged the gap like bars.  Between the two leaves was darkness.  It was within that darkness the noises were coming from.

The leaves shimmered in the jungle haze.  For a brief moment Bate thought he was staring at a gigantic vulva.

It was easy for Bate to investigate.  All he needed to do was duck under one of those teeth-like tines.

Yeah right, like he was that fucking stupid.  No way was he stepping between those jaws.  Not even if the hottest starlet in Hollywood was getting herself off at the far end.  In fact, he was already standing a little too close to them than was comfortable.  He knew Venus flytraps on Earth were passive, but that was Earth and this was not Earth.  For all he knew those jaws might snap up anything straying too close like a turtle snapping up a frog.

He backed away to the far side of the clearing.  His eyes narrowed as he tried to pierce the shade between the two monstrous leaves.

There was someone or something in there, he was sure of it.  Bate took out an electric torch, switched it on and shone it between the flytrap leaves.

He was too far back.  The torch light didn't penetrate the gloom very far.  Wait, there was something back there.  He caught a glimpse of pink skin... a leg, an arm.

Attracted by the light, the something got up and walked to the edge of the leaves.  Bate saw it was a woman.  At first he thought she was naked, but on closer inspection her skin didn't look right.  The color was bordering on the unnatural and she looked a little too... moist.  It looked like she was wearing a second skin over her own that was too loose for her body.  Or she'd been rolling around in wet pink mud.

She smiled at Bate and posed for him on the other side of the green bars like a hooker trying to lure in a john.  And to be fair to her, she had the moves.  Her breasts were large and lovably squishable.  The rest of her had all the curves while still being slim enough to tick all the boxes.  Her movements were a slow, sensual belly dance that heated Bate's blood up more than the sweltering jungle around him.

She beckoned to Bate and urged him to come to her.  There was no doubt what she wanted from him, and even if there was, she made it more than clear in the way her other finger was trailing between the exposed labia of her pussy.

The leaves started to pull apart like great iron gates opening.  The maybe-naked girl threw her arms out to Bate as if imploring him to charge across the clearing and gather her up in his arms.

Bate was sorely tempted.  She had a really sexy bod, and he was between girlfriends so he didn't have to worry about cheating on anyone back home.

He held his ground.

Some sense was tingling.  She was too pink.  And a weird sort of pink at that, and wet... moist...  It was like she'd been turned inside out without any of the obvious grossness you'd expect from seeing someone with their skin turned inside out.  And there was still those great flytrap leaves.  They continued to swing open.

Still with her arms outstretched, the woman receded away from him as though she was bound to each leaf and the plant opening up was pulling her tethers taut.

Bate's heart quickened in his chest.  It felt like something precious had been dangled before him and was now being taken away.

He didn't move forward, but he didn't move away either.

What happened next happened too fast for Bate to properly register.  The two great flytrap leaves whooshed together like bellows, there was a blur of motion and the pink, maybe-naked girl was standing right in front of him.  Bate was too surprised to react as she grabbed his collar, pulled his face forwards and pressed her lips against his in a kiss.  Her other arm looped around his lower back.

Bate barely had a chance to register a hot woman was kissing him when his feet left the ground and he was propelled forwards as if shot from a catapult.  He shot across the clearing and between the flytrap leaves until his forward momentum was stopped by the soft, yielding body of the pink girl.

It was a good way to be brought to a halt—jammed up against the naked body of a hot woman.  She hadn't stopped kissing him the whole time.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands slipped under his shirt to roam all over his chest and then around his back.  Bate got into it as well.  He slid his hands down her smooth, sweat-slick curves and returned her kiss with the same ardor.

He wanted to put his arms around her as well, but no matter how he tried to worm his hands between her back and the fleshy wall she was pressed up against he kept encountering some kind of stretchy barrier that blocked his way.  It was as if there was no gap at all and the woman's body merged seamlessly into the spongy wall behind them.

While Bate was trying to get his arms around his new companion, shadows fell across him as the giant flytrap leaves smoothly swung back together.  He was too engrossed in exploring the body of his new love to notice.  She was coated in some kind of aromatic oil that made it so easy for his hands to slide over her lush contours.

He was also too engrossed to notice he was now naked with no recollection of how this had occurred.  In a fanciful turn of imagination he wondered if she'd pulled him across the clearing so fast she'd yanked him right out of his clothes as though he was a character in a Looney Tunes cartoon.  In reality his uniform had rotted away on contact with the oils covering her body and sloughed off him like a reptile's discarded skin.

It took the padded interior walls of the flytrap leaves pressing up against his flanks to remind him where he was.  He glanced up and saw the light from outside was restricted to narrow bars filtering between the tines on the edge of the leaves.  It looked a long way away.

"Are we safe here?" Bate asked.  "This plant looks like it might be carnivorous."

The pink girl kissed him on the cheek.

"This plant is me," she said to him in perfect English.  "And now I have you caught, pinned between my padded leaves."

Her arms and legs slithered between the padded walls and Bate's body as she wrapped her limbs around him and drew him close.

"And you know what happens to those that get caught," the pink girl said.

"They're fucked," Bate said.

With horror, he realized he was fucked.  The walls had closed in so much he was wedged between them and couldn't move.  He wondered what the fluids covering her body—and now his!—really were.  They'd already rotted away his uniform.

"That's right," she said.  "We fuck... and fuck... and fuck."

Bate's sudden fearful revelation hadn't yet had a chance to percolate down to his boner.  Her oil-slick limbs roaming all over his naked body had perked his dick up into an interested erection.  She pressed up against him.  His erect cock pushed between two fleshy lips and entered her warm sex.  She sank down his shaft and he pushed up deeper into her heat and moistness.

This wasn't the fucked Bate had envisioned, but he was not about to complain.  Having sex with an alien girl was an infinite improvement over being eaten by one.  And she was tight, really tight.  Bate hadn't felt pussy as tight as this since high school.

She could also do things with her pussy Bate hadn't even realized were possible.  The walls tightened around his member, then relaxed.  Tightened... then relaxed.  Tightened... then relaxed.

It was a different kind of stimulation.  Wedged between the padded walls and tangled up in her limbs, there was no way for Bate to generate thrust in either direction.  Not that he needed to, the contractions of her vagina pulled on him with gentle tugs.  It wasn't just her sex—her thighs, her body, the padded walls, all squeezed him with the same rhythm.

It was... amazing.

"Water me with your seed," the pink girl said.

Bate hoped she was ready for a flood.  Those little squeezes of her pussy kept changing rhythm.  Every time he thought she was about to take him over the edge, she slowed down and let his climax build up and up until he knew the final release was going to be monstrous.

The padded walls sealed up around him until he was contained within them in his own little intimate pocket.  It didn't concern him.  He'd ceased thinking of it as a plant.  It felt more like he and a sexy playmate had been wedged between two soft mattresses in a kinky brothel.  Her body and the walls throbbed around him to the same sensual rhythm.

"Water you, I'm going to drown you!" Bate laughed.

She smiled at him.  Her pussy squeezed and tugged.  Faster now.  There would be no coming back from the edge this time.  Bate used what little degree of freedom he had to press his hips up against her and groan as he finally erupted.  It was monstrous, a gush of release like nothing he'd ever experienced before.

Here too was more proof that she was more than the hot little slut wrapped around him.  The pulsing tunnel of her sex was long and terminated not in a womb but a large chamber behind and beneath her body.  That chamber expanded and Bate felt the suction pulling at him.  He erupted again—a second orgasm in its own right and even stronger than the first.  It emptied his balls as fast as if she'd dropped a hose in his tank and siphoned of all his gas, leaving him a twitching wreck of jittery misfiring neurons.

A happy twitching wreck of jittery misfiring neurons.  That was... satisfaction.

"That was amazing," he said.  "And to think I thought you were a carnivorous plant."

"Oh, but I am a carnivorous plant, my dear," the Venus mantrap said.

She pressed her lips against Bate's.  Her throat worked and she spewed a torrent of liquid down Bate's throat.  Within the fluid mix was a complex anesthetic compound that drugged Bate and shut down his pain receptors.  This was a small mercy on the part of the Venus mantrap.  The majority of the liquid was a highly corrosive acid that melted through Bate's flesh like boiling water through soft butter.  Some ate through his throat and flooded his chest.  The rest flooded into his central cavity and liquefied his internal organs.  Bate didn't even feel it.  Within the digestive acids was another exotic drug—a potent aphrodisiac—that, together with the pulsing motions of her vagina, triggered another explosive climax from Bate.  His last conscious moment was the most intense burst of pleasure he'd ever experienced, even as his meat sloughed off his bones and he spurted his own liquefied innards into her pulsing vagina.

The mantrap drank him down with great lusty gulps.

* * * *

PFC Stewart Peter Bate caught movement out of the corner of his eye.  He turned to see a pink figure shooting forwards as if on a bungee rope.  In the brief moment he had to see her, Bate thought he was looking at an attractive and naked young woman.  At the apex of her forward motion she opened her arms and threw a collection of debris out across the jungle.  Then, just as fast as she'd appeared, she was reeled back between a pair of giant green flytrap leaves that closed around her like heavy iron gates.

The trash she'd jettisoned rained down through the foliage to the right of Bate.

Was that part of a human skeleton?

Bate went over to investigate and put his hand to his mouth as he made the horrifying discovery of a human skull and part of a ribcage lying against the base of a tree.  Both lay in puddles of vile green ichor.  Bate had a horrible feeling he was looking at the remains of one of his squad, but he couldn't for the life of him tell who it was.


  1. Will there be a more modern succubus like a robot girl or something? Also great stories, the wait between them is almost agony.

    1. Probably not on the robot girl. Which is unfortunate given how popular mecha and ship girls are at the moment. Conventional robots don't really fit with the succubi/monster girls of H-space (although MGQ does manage to pull this off reasonably successfully in their setting). There will likely be more glimpses of what the demons use for tech as we learn more about them, but I suspect it's going to lean more towards the organic rather than machine side of things.

    2. Mr.Hydra I have to Disagree with you. I can see many reason how robots can Fit into H-space. Give me to Monday and I write you a story and bio revealing why it work.

    3. True. They could. There could be a faction of demons that way inclined. The main worry I had with going that route was that it would be easy to botch it up and drift too close to Doom with marines engaged in firefights with heavily-armed robo-succubi.

      One of the main themes is that humanity is struggling in H-space because they're being attacked along an angle they're completely unprepared for. Robot or tech-themed (ideally alien tech) could work in this setting, but to fit I'd probably make their weaponry exotic and revolve around capture/subduing (with pleasure) rather than blowing things up.

      If you've got ideas, though, go for it! That's what I want to see more people doing! :D

      Especially artists.

    4. That the Thing Mr.Hydra you don't have mention Demon scientist making robot Succubus. Hell the story that I'm writing has no scientist demon or human otherwise. When you read it understand.

    5. Cool. Look forward to seeing it.

    6. They could just be living machines that due to existing in H-space are simply adapted to the environment. Techno organic machines(like transformers)

    7. I'd personally love to see the potential "genius scientist comes in, does research, and attempts to fight fire with fire by creating robot hindigs" story. Obviously ending with miserable failure, ofc.

  2. Hey Mr.Hydra What your Succubus name? Mine is Eternal Fire.

  3. Monster-Girl Lover10/03/2016, 15:34

    Wait, the guy at the start and end of the story have the exact same names and ranks? Is there some wonky time loop stuff going on or did you bork the names, MEH? Good story nonetheless!

    1. You know it could be a what If scenero. All past encounter Bate experience. Never actually happen and these store are what he choose to screw them and get screwed.

    2. Or Bate is like Kenny from southpark. In were he dies an one episode to come back to life and die again next episode.

    3. That's been happening in all of these, actually. They're all PFC Stewart Peter Bate.

  4. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) muehehehe i wished i was that guy doing it. Great story ( = w =) b i fapped on it, i hoped theres more story of plant girl to come >:D