Thursday, March 31, 2016

H-space MGB Story: Jelloid Squeezeball

"Anyone care to make fucking sense of this?" SGT O'Bannon asked.

He said anyone, but Embedded Biologist Stewart Peter Bate knew he was looking at him for answers and no, Embedded Biologist Stewart Peter Bate did not have the slightest clue what this fucking was.

The xplo party was underground, mapping the extensive cave system that had been discovered close to Camp Jacob.  They'd heard it got weird once you got deep.

This was... weird.

Bate looked out over a vast underground cavern.  They didn't need to use their torches.  The floor, walls and ceiling were covered in a phosphorescent mucilaginous liquid that bathed everything in a soft blue glow.  Strange objects—sculptures? eggs?—covered the cavern floor as far as the eye could see.  Each was a translucent blue ball with a naked woman sculpted from the same material sitting on top.  The sculptures were all posed as though they were asleep or quietly contemplating some mysterious conundrum.

Like what the hell this was, Bate thought.  This was a conundrum and then some.

From here he couldn't work out what the strange objects were made of.  The big blue balls looked soft and gelatinous, as though they were made out of translucent jelly.  They reminded Bate of eggs.  Then there were the women—or rather statues of women, as they didn't move at all—sitting on top of the spheres.  They were also blue and translucent, and extraordinarily detailed, as though they'd been spun from blue glass by a master artisan.  If they'd been on Earth Bate would have thought the whole tableaux was an elaborate modern art installation.

Bate doubted SGT O'Bannon, the commanding officer of their party, was interested in the artistic aesthetics of the cavern.

"Are they safe?" the veteran military officer asked.

And how the hell am I supposed to know that? Bate thought.

"Can't know for certain until I know what they are," Bate answered.

They descended down to the cavern floor and stepped amongst the strange objects.  The blue spheres, which looked moist and gelatinous, were deformed where the nude women sat on them.  At a closer distance Bate marveled at how lifelike the statues were.  He examined one.  The woman's head was angled downwards, as if she'd been checking her phone before this strange transformation had overtook her.

Transformation.  That was an uncomfortable path for his thoughts to follow.  The glass—or whatever other material they were composed of—statues were so extraordinarily detailed it was easy to imagine they might have been living breathing people at some point.

In the corner of his eye Bate noticed one of the squad soldiers reaching out to cop a feel of the exposed breasts of one of the sculptures.

"I wouldn't do that," Bate said.

The soldier drew his hand back in mortified embarrassment, and also childish displeasure, as if he'd been prevented from doing something he knew he shouldn't, but wanted to do anyway.

"Don't you want to touch to see what they feel like?" he asked.

"Sure, but I keep thinking about that scene in Prometheus," Bate said.  "I don't want to be the idiot biologist that spends the whole movie jumping at shadows and then tries to pet the killer alien snake thing for no goddamn reason at all."

"That film sucked," the soldier said.

"Word," Bate agreed.

"What is your opinion, Dr. Hurt," O'Bannon asked Bate.

"Mark it down and come back with a full research team," Bate answered.  "Professor Holm will definitely be interested in seeing this."

"Sir, I can see the opening to another tunnel system on the other side," one of the soldiers informed O'Bannon.

O'Bannon followed where the soldier was pointing and his jaw clenched while he ran calculations on the optimal route to take to reach it.

"The quickest route is right through the middle.  Risk assessment, Dr. Hurt?"

"I can't say for certain," Bate answered.  "They seem to be inanimate, but I'd recommend not touching them."

O'Bannon nodded and then addressed the rest of the squad.  "Okay, we're heading for the exit tunnel on the other side.  Do not touch anything."

Privately, Bate thought the philosophy behind the xplo teams was a little too fast and loose.  He understood the desire to map out H-space as swiftly and as efficiently as possible, but there was fast and there was reckless, and this seemed reckless.  They knew next to nothing about the dangers of this alien dimension.  Why the rush?

The xplo team moved out into the cavern, picking their way carefully between the strange sculptures.  The cavern was eerily quiet, like the main hall of a solemn cathedral.  The only sounds were their boots splashing through puddles on the rock floor.  They reached the center of the cavern with nothing untoward happening and the mood lightened amongst the men.

Lightened too far...

It was PFC Scotty Skerritt who doomed the party.  After cracking a couple of ribald jokes about the appearance of the lifelike blue statues, he noticed one that reminded him of a particular large-breasted porn star he'd fantasized about.

"Will you look at that pair.  I swear she looks just like Vikki Vulva.  I gotta get me a feel of those puppies."

He reached over and gave them a good grope.  That answered Bate's question as to whether the statues were sculpted from glass or some kind of softer, jellylike material.  He saw the breasts deform under Skerritt's fingers, just like yielding flesh.

He also saw they weren't statues.

The subject of Skerritt's groping lifted her head, opened her eyes and let out a strange ululating cry.  Within moments every jelly girl in the cavern was awake and adding their own voice to the cacophony.

The noise cut right through Bate's eardrums and shifted through frequencies Bate wasn't even aware the human ear could hear.  It left him totally disorientated.  His sense of direction, his sense of up and down, came flying apart.  Totally off balance, he fell right into the lap of one of the jelly girls.

"Hi there."  The girl smiled brightly at him.

In regard to shape, she had a perfectly normal, albeit attractive, human face.  Except her head was blue and translucent enough for Bate to be able to see through it.  If he'd seen it on a TV screen he would have thought it clever CGI.  In the flesh... how was it even possible?

The girl took advantage of his confusion to wrap her arms and legs around him and draw them both into the transparent jelly ball she was sitting on.  Before Bate could recover his senses he was enveloped up to his neck.  It felt like jelly as well—warm, soft, jelly.  Not that soft, though.  Bate's attempts to struggle back out of the ball were repulsed with elastic firmness.  The blue girl ignored his attempts to struggle free and snuggled up close to him.  The tight confines of the elastic blue sphere pressed their bodies close together.

"Let's get rid of those clothes," she said.  "They irritate me."

The jelly walls wrapped around Bate exuded corrosive fluids that only affected his clothes.  His uniform fell away in a mass of disintegrating threads and was excreted out through the wall of the globe.

"Flesh to flesh feels so much nicer, don't you think," the blue girl said.

She pressed up close enough for him to feel the curves of her breasts against his chest.  He felt the gentle pressure of the jelly on his back and all around his limbs.

"What are you?" Bate asked.

"You can think of me as a sort of sentient trap," the strange blue girl answered.  "I draw hunks inside my body and squeeze out all their yummy goodness."


Bate had been terrified she was going to secrete acids to do the same to him as she'd done to his uniform.  Now she'd given him something new to fear.

He tried again to move his arms and legs.  It was like trying to move through thick molasses.  He was trapped within the transparent blue ball like an insect stuck in a blob of amber.

"Yes, squeeze you.  Just like that."

She directed Bate's attentions to a neighboring ball of jelly.  It had a naked soldier, Skerritt, trapped within it.  Unlike Bate, Skerritt was making a much more concerted effort to break free.

No, he was seeing it wrong, Bate realized.  The way the blue girl thrashed against Skerritt... the grunts Skerritt was making...

They were fucking... loudly and vigorously fucking.  The ball pulsed and stretched with their movements.  Bate couldn't tell if it was driving or being driven by the movements of their frenzied coupling.  Skerritt let out a loud groan and his whole body stiffened like a trembling board.  A creamy white splash of liquid ran down a transparent tube that seemed to emerge from between the blue girl's shapely buttocks.

Was that Skerritt's semen?  It couldn't be; there was so much of it.

The violent pulsations of the blue ball continued unabated.  Skerritt's eyes were closed and his body was tense and trembling, as if he'd been taken to the peak of climax and wasn't ever coming down.  More white fluids ran down the internal pipe and collected in a large chamber at the base of the sphere.

No, that couldn't be his semen.  No one, not even the most virile could produce that quantity.

"He won't last long at that rate," Bate's blue jelly girl said.  "Oh well, some prefer it fast and hard."

The same gooey restrictions holding Bate in place didn't apply to her.  She placed hands on the side of his face and turned it to face hers.  Her full lips pouted seductively.

"Do you prefer it fast and hard," she asked.

Down at his crotch he felt something—a soft, toothless maw—suck at the tip of his penis.

"Slow!" he said in panicked haste.  "Really slow."

"How romantic," the blue jelly girl said.  She kissed him on the lips, leaving a pleasant, fruity aftertaste.

Bate's penis was drawn into a soft, stretchy tube with thick, padded walls.  He really hoped that was her vagina.

"I'll make it so we last the longest," she said.  "Long and slow."

The ball grew pleasantly warm around Bate.  It throbbed with slow pulsations.  Each pulse pressed the gelatinous walls tight up against Bate's flesh so that it felt like he was receiving a sensual massage all over.  The blue jelly girl moved her body against Bate to the same rhythm.  Bate's penis did not remain limp for long.  The elastic tunnel with padded walls squeezed and tugged on him with the same gentle rhythm and his cock responded to the stimulation without bothering to wait for his brain's approval.

"Relax," the blue jelly girl said.  "I'll make you feel nice."

Bate didn't want to feel nice.  He wanted to break free of the sticky clutch of this ball of jelly.  He wanted to...


The cushioned jelly walls of her vagina gently pulsed against his cock and Bate's thoughts became fragmented.

What did he want?

The blue jelly girl moved against him in a slow sensual wave.  Her jelly pressed all around him in an intimate massage.  His cock slid back and forth within a cuff of plump jelly.

Yes, he wanted more of this.

"When the pressure builds up too much, let it out inside me," the blue jelly girl whispered to him.  "You'll feel so much better."

The ball squeezed and Bate felt the pressure all over his body, gentle now but steadily increasing with each squeeze, becoming insistent.  The same pressure was rising in Bate as well.  He felt it in his loins—and a growing need to relieve, to release.

Another squeeze and Bate's hips were drawn down.  His erection was sucked deeper into a moist, tight cuff of plump jelly.

"Let it out," the blue jelly girl whispered.  "Empty it into me."

The cuff squeezed.

Bate couldn't hold it back any more.  He let out a groan and his body stiffened as a powerful orgasm ripped through him.  His cock throbbed within the tight jelly sheath and spurted a thick stream of semen down a pulsating jelly tunnel.

The blue jelly girl murmured her pleasures and kissed Bate on the lips.  Her vagina matched the throbbing pulsations of Bate's cock and the additional stimulation drew out Bate's ejaculation as she milked him.

Finally the flow receded.  Bate floated within her gelatinous body in a state of post-orgasmic bliss.

It was only a temporary respite to let him recover.  The ball squeezed again.  Bate's still-hard cock was tugged down and back into that internal cuff with the cushioned walls.

"Give me more," the blue jelly girl whispered.  Her soft lips brushed against Bate's face.  "Fill me up."

She squeezed and Bate grunted in surprise as she took him straight to orgasm.  His whole body jangled in pleasure as he emptied another massive load of cum into her.

So soon and so much?

His head rested on her shoulder as she lovingly caressed his back.  Through her transparent body he saw his semen pour down a pipe and collect in a chamber at her base.

So much.  Surely he couldn't have produced that much.

And then she was squeezing again and Bate shuddered to irresistible pleasures as he felt yet another mighty ejaculation well up from within.  He watched it pour down into a steadily growing reservoir of white fluid.

She was milking him.  His semen was pouring into her like milk.

But how?  Where was it all c—

She squeezed again and Bate's conscious thoughts were smothered in an overwhelming feeling of bliss.  It was like she'd wrapped his mind up in the same warm jelly.  Another surge of white liquid poured down the internal pipe.  Bate no longer cared where it was coming from.  He cared only for her next squeeze and the resulting pop of euphoric release it gave him.

"That's it, empty it all out," the blue jelly girl murmured.

She kissed him on the top of his head and milked him with slow gentle squeezes.

She kept to her word.  Bate was the last to be completely emptied.


  1. its like a mandragora jelly girl

  2. Love that you used the names O'Bannon, Holm, and Skerritt. Those are nice touches.

    1. I haven't done the Easter Egg names for a while, but it felt appropriate for this one ;)

  3. Hey Hydra, I'm a long time lurker on your blog and literotica page. I was starting a choose your own adventure story as a writing exercise and was wondering if it would be okay to direct contributors to your site for examples on Bad ends and all things sexy monster girl. Might've missed a better way to contact you, but my computer is more typewriter now than anything. I'll lurk as always and assume that its okay to direct new writers (and myself) here.

    1. Sure. You don't need to ask if you're going to send new readers my way. :)

      Psst, tell them the books are really good as well. ;)

  4. Wow, visual description, personality, technique...this might just be my favourite of your MGB creatures so far. Then again I always had the thing for the clingy, Mimic-esque mentality of "You done goofed. Now you're trapped in here with me!"
    Let's hope things work out that one day you get some artists at your disposal for an MGQ style adventure, I'd love to have some moment-to-moment imagery along with your writing.
    While I would have preferred she just kept him permanently trapped inside her(I'm imagining like a fruit trapped in some jiggling jello, where the source of the jiggling is a bouncing blue beauty), I do admire that you are making your Bad Ends as bad as they can be. Keep up the good work, will continue my daily checking in.

  5. Hey Hydra, have to say, longtime lurking fan here and I have to say, I think my favorite element is when the victim wants to escape, but she overwhelms them with pleasure. It's really what keeps me coming back. Brilliant writing as always, keep it up!!