Friday, March 25, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Succubus Cloud

Name:  Succubus Cloud
Type:  Succubus/Elemental [Air]
Habitat:  Unknown

Appears as a dense white cloud with a human face and human arms and legs emerging from it.  Her human features are described as being pale and unearthly beautiful.

After ingesting bodily fluids (blood or semen) the cloud becomes more opaque and appears wet or moist.

Attack Strategy:
Their primary targets are sleeping men or men on the verge of sleep.  The succubus cloud drifts over them and breathes narcotic perfume into their face while whispering seductive words in their ear.  Drugged into a state of pliant bliss, the man believes they are having a nice, erotic dream as the succubus cloud envelops them.

The succubus cloud is vampiric.  After enveloping her victim she absorbs their blood through hundreds of tiny, painless puncture wounds that resemble insect bites.  The blood is not taken for nourishment but to give the succubus cloud a more tangible form.  By thickening and making the cloud more solid around the man she is able to give more erotic stimulation, eventually taking him to ejaculation.

As with other H-space indigenous organisms, the succubus cloud appears to feed on sexual fluids, or rather—as I suspect—some spark of energy (soul?) they can induce us to give out during the moment of sexual climax.  (The similarities with the old succubus myths are worrisome.)

Absorbing the first release of semen triggers another change in the composition of the cloud—it coagulates still further and takes on a similar constitution to flesh.  At this point she is able to induce continuous, unending ejaculation in the man wrapped up in her cloud.  She keeps them in a state of insensate bliss while she drains all their fluids.

We have nothing.

Their bodies are as intangible as mist.  Our physical weapons can't touch them.  We also can't keep them out.  Their gaseous forms allow them to penetrate our defences at will.

This is not acceptable.  We need to be devoting resources to research ways—chemical, biological, radioactive—we can use to counteract the more exotic H-space inhabitants.  At the moment they thankfully appear to be rare, but that's no guarantee we won't run into more of them in the future.

Threat Level:

UPDATE: Since putting this file together other soldiers have come forward and contacted me with reports of possible succubus cloud encounters.  They describe the experience as a vague but extremely pleasant erotic dream followed by an inexplicable feeling of weakness for most of the next day.  Examination of their bodies has revealed the characteristic puncture wounds.

This deeply concerns me.

How frequently are these night-time attacks occurring?  Why are these men spared when others are drained of all life?

I can't shake the feeling there is a purpose to this.

It concerns me... concerns me greatly.


  1. I can't wait to see you get a drawer. I want to see your succubi and monster girls in art, instead of text.

    I always think that Verde is a combination of Poison Ivy from Batman, and Morgan from Dark Stalkers. Mainly because she has green hair and those 'head wings' like Morgan.

    Cerluean is strange. She's like an Alice from Kenkou Cross's MGE, but has the aura and vibe of an eldritch abomination. Could she be an ancient powerful daemon taking the form of a succubus child?

    Anyway, I love the profile. Can't wait to see more H-Space monster girls, and the rest of your SS story!

  2. I kinda want to see monster girl given a profile of herself. Sorta like she infiltrated a research lab and while 'sampling' one of her co-workers she find he was making a report and decides to finish it for him but adds her own thoughts to what he started.

    1. It gets weirder later. These stories, while not strictly chronological, are still only at the early timeframe of H-space exploration (about the same time as the "Initial Infiltration" and "Don't Fuck the Flowers" stories).

      At some point they'll start to catch up with the later period h-space short stories where things are not going so well for the humans, but they do have some of succubi/monster girls helping them out (sort of - "Vernon the Volunteer" shows that help comes with a price).

  3. I have a possible countermeasure, how about a vacuum?

    1. Would work for this type of monster girl/succubus and possibly for the liquid types like slimes. Problem would be generating enough force to suck the cloud in. Machinery is not too reliable out in H-space (To make the setting work, I had to think of some way to hamstring human tech otherwise it would just be burly marines mowing down monster girl demons Doom-style)

  4. Have you ever considered making a long-ranged succubus fighter? Like have a succubus that uses a bow and arrow to take down men from far away, then fuck them while they are paralyzed and horny from the arrow?

    1. Probably not with a bow unless I add an elf type race.

      One of the earlier profiles, Frilled spitzard, uses a medium range attack of sticky spit to immobilize. And one of the forthcoming stories for this months features the equivalent of artillery.

  5. I'm looking forward to see how you do undead type Monstergirls. Some do eat souls while the majority are cannibals. XD
    Maybe do a Lich-girl who captures a soldier and 'experiments' on him. When he expires she pulls out his soul and puts it in a jar for later and the soldiers is forced to watch as she uses his flesh for sustenance.

  6. These profiles remind me of SCP. Except without all the annoying Redacted things. So basically: Awesome job, I love it.