Friday, March 11, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Venus Mantrap

Name:  Venus Mantrap
Type:  Plant (or possibly something else—mollusc?—masquerading as a plant)
Habitat:  Jungle.  Dense Vegetation.

Resembles a single trap of a Venus flytrap, but on a considerably larger scale.  The humanoid part, which nearly always takes the form of a beautiful naked woman, resides between the leaves and is connected to the rest of the plant via a fibrous membrane running down the spine.  Catapult muscles connecting the humanoid portion to the leaf walls allow the plant to cast her out from between the leaves in order to attract and catch prey.

While the outside of the leaves is extremely hard, the inside is soft and padded and feels like flesh.

Attack Strategy:
Her humanoid part functions as both a lure and centre of intelligence for the organism.  She is part of a muscular apparatus that can be projected outside of the leaves in order to capture prey.  Captured men (and sometimes women) are pulled back between the leaves, which then close around them.

Once her prey is caught between her padded leaves the Venus mantrap will strip them, wrap her arms and legs around them, and then get them aroused enough to have sex with her.  This is aided by various aromatic and aphrodisiac oils secreted through her skin.

She stimulates her captive to multiple climaxes and then, after no more sexual fluids can be drawn from their body, she disgorges a stew of various enzymes over them.  The primary component is a digestive enzyme to liquefy flesh and soft tissues.  Mercifully, this digestive fluid also contains substances with both strong analgesic and aphrodisiac properties.  This instils a state of heightened sensual bliss in the victim so that they are unaware of what's happening to them.

(Why?  Why care?  Why not just catch and digest?  The one specimen we were able to interrogate said it was important that they take their prey to the pinnacle of sexual ecstasy and keep them there as they begin to digest them, but why, why, why?)

Once digestion is done the Venus mantrap will open her leaves and use the catapult muscles to fling the indigestible material such as bones far from the main plant.

The Venus mantrap, being a plant*, is stationary.  She can only capture prey that stray within a narrow arc that extends from the trap opening to a distance approximately equal to the depth of the mantrap.  As long as you stay outside of that arc, the mantrap can't grab you.

*(Maybe, I'm not convinced on this.  The outer shell and inner flesh seem to be more in keeping with some kind of enormous shellfish.  Mimicry?)

Should one of your party be caught and brought between the leaves then I'm afraid the prognosis is not good.  It would take heavy earth-moving machinery to prise the leaves (shell?) open, heavy earth-moving machinery which we do not currently have access to.  The outer surface is impervious to all but high explosives, and using them would likely kill her captive in the process.

The soft interior is vulnerable, but if the Venus mantrap perceives herself to be under threat she will simply retreat between and close her leaves.

Avoidance is the best strategy here.  Be vigilant and don't step into her capture arc.

Threat Level:

**upgraded to Moderate.  Our men are still straying into her capture arc even when forewarned.  There might be an additional pheromonal or similar component to the lure that is drawing people in despite the warnings.


  1. Want to see more like this! maybe do one thats starts eating him during mating.

    1. Hmm. Normally I steer away from the... crunchier... side of things, but this setting is supposed to be horror-head's playground. A sneaky bit of guro or explicit absorption when people are least expecting it might be fun. :D

    2. While i understand you may not want to write more gore sided characters there should be a few that completely see humans as food and that the act of any pleasure they give is there only curtsy as they consume them in one horrifying method or another.

    3. H-space has odd rules. I created them to address the inconsistencies S... whoops, don't want to give that away too soon, [redacted] notices in the profile above. I will try to sneak some really horrifying Bad Ends in, but there's always going to be snu-snu before hand.

      There should always be an E in Erotic Horror, basically.

  2. Definitely digging these, even if I'm not a huge fan of the whole digested into bones thing.
    "Mollusc" you say? Does this mean we might see the Snail Girl that MGQ sadly lacked?! The Shellfish Girl was cool and all(up until the whole licking thing), and we did get a slug girl(several, if counting Paradox) but I feel that Snail Girls are underrepresented. And its not even hard, just take the one from the 2 page Pukarin Ko site comic, de-lolify her, and you're good to go. One day...

    1. I do have a snail girl idea that was initially pencilled in for a longer story (it was a longer series related to what the snail girl left behind after squeezing all the goodness out of an unwitting male). I might run the sex scene in the H-space MGB as proof of concept.

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  4. You know, I'm a believer in the idea of trans-humanism, and I have to wonder, how would the denizens of H-Space and succubi and what not respond to a person who had their mind transferred into a machine body? I'm imagining something like "why would you torture yourself with a body that can't feel pleasure?" and the guy going "This way there is nothing you can do to me, plus I can't die of age, so (metaphorically) suck it!)

    My mind goes weird places sometimes, so now I can't stop thinking about robot dudes verses assorted monster girls.

    Pseudo Edit: On that note, I'm curious, what's your opinion on trans-humanism? I for one if I had the option to transfer my mind into a machine body (so long as they manged to figure out a way to keep it able to feel emotions by replicating/simulating the functionality of glands) I would totally go for it.

    1. It's a staple of sci-fi - being able to download/upload the mind into something less squishy than a human body. The question I find interesting is even if the thoughts, memory, etc are transferred, would it necessarily be the same person. i.e. to an onlooker it might seem like the same person, but would the original be continuing, or would it just be a copy of their memories starting forth from that point.

      As for H-space. Someone in a machine body would have the advantage over the lesser succubi and monster girls. The more powerful ones - they'd have ways.

    2. Hmmm.... I'm guessing the more powerful ones would have ways because even if the machine body doesn't have semen or anything, if it still has the soul of a person inside.... then they could still find a way to eat it (or whatever) somehow, but I imagine with much greater difficulty with your standard meat person.

      As for is it a copy of the person, well, if they act the exact same way as the original, does it really matter? I mean, if the original is still alive, meaning it really was a straight up copy than of course it does, but if the process leaves no "original" what then?

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