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Succubus Summoning 212, part 2

Not quite Monday, but getting closer.

This is a continuation of my long-running Succubus Summoning series.  The first arc, Succubus Summoning 101, can be found at your nearest online ebookstore.  Previous chapters in the Succubus Summoning 201 arc can be found here.

Part 1

Succubus Summoning 212, part 2

"We're here to give you your test," one said.

The succubi did not look like your typical examiners.  They looked more like high-class Vegas showgirls.  Each wore a black velvet bodice that pushed up their breasts and displayed their cleavage to the maximum effect.  These bodices were tightly laced together in a way that emphasised the gorgeous hourglass figures of their owners.  Each succubus wore a black velvet skullcap that curled around their horns to form an elegant widow's peak, and was adorned with a long fluffy plume that was flamingo-pink in colour.  If Darvill had not been a student warlock at Wargsnouts he might have thought their devilish horns, wings and tails were part of the same costume.

"Where is Magus Stine?" Darvill asked.  "I thought he was giving this test."

Darvill was alone in the room with the three succubi.  The only furniture was three plain wooden chairs.

"Our master does not wish to be bothered with such minor trifles," the first succubus said.

"He sent us to carry out the test on his behalf," the succubus to her right said.

The succubi standing before Darvill were a little underdressed compared to normal. In spite of their reputation, the succubi that accompanied The Scrote around the college were usually tastefully dressed in sumptuous black dresses that brought to mind exotic ladies of the night from period dramas.  These succubi had done away with those dresses.  They'd done away with everything below the waist as it happened.   Aside from the fancy black stiletto-heeled boots on their feet, there was nothing covering their crotch and long, lithe legs.  The hairless folds of their vulva were completely exposed, flaunted even.

The exception to this was the succubus who'd shown Darvill into the room, and this was only temporary.  As soon as the door was closed behind them she peeled off the little black miniskirt she was wearing and draped it over the back of a chair.

"You don't mind?" she asked Darvill.

Her exposed nether regions were as pink and shiny as the other two succubi.

"Not at all," Darvill said.  "I imagine clothes must feel inhibiting to beings of your nature."

"They are an irritation," the succubus in front of Darvill said, "but a necessary one when going out into the human world.  Our unclothed forms can be quite distracting for the weaker willed."

She pursed moist red bee-stung lips and placed a foot on the seat of the chair facing Darvill.

"I hope we're not affecting your concentration," she said.

Darvill simply smiled.  "A warlock should be above such distractions."

The succubus was satisfied by his answer.  She sat down in the chair opposite and crossed her legs.  Her attitude shifted from playful seduction to business.  She motioned to the chair facing her.  "Take a seat."

So, an oral examination, Darvill thought.  He used to dislike them as they forced person-to-person interaction.  Practise made them easier.

The succubus who'd shown him in took the remaining chair and sat facing him to his left.  That left nowhere to sit for the third succubus.  She stood at the right shoulder of the succubus sitting in front of him.

The succubus sitting in front of him—Darvill presumed she'd be the one giving the test—reached under the chair and picked up a clipboard.

"Let's get the preliminaries out of the way," she said.  "You are Evan Darvill, correct?"

Darvill nodded his head.

"And you're Outreach?"

"Yes.  I am the first potential warlock of my line."

"Tell us about your daemon."

"Their name is Calli-Scitu-Oc.  They are a poly-Oc from the Circle of Greed.  I summoned and successfully contracted with them on June 3rd."

"Poly-Ocs specialise in knowledge acquisition.  Was it a conscious decision on your part to align yourself with the Dominion of Greed?"



"At the time I thought it best suited my overall aims and ambitions."

"Which are?"

"Power, or more specifically—knowledge.  Knowledge allows one to both obtain power and keep it."

"You're very ambitious," the succubus said.  "We can smell it."

"It excites us," the succubus at her shoulder added.

"How far would you like to go?  A position at this institution, the Shadow Council... further...?"

"Maybe," Darvill replied.  "But that's a long way off.  First I must traverse the path from student to master.  Then we'll see.  Positions of true power and influence are not given out, they must be worked for and earned."

"And that's it, you have no other desires?"

As the succubus sitting down in front of Darvill asked the question, the other one standing at her shoulder ran her tongue around her luscious red lips.  Her glittering black eyes were fixed on Darvill as she inserted a finger in her mouth and sucked.  The finger, moist with her saliva, went down to the shadows between her legs.

"You don't need to do that," Darvill said.  "I know what's going on here."

to be continued...


  1. Monster-Girl Lover08/03/2016, 12:54

    I do hope that Darvill makes it out of this alive. He seems like an actually okay dude. Unlike most others that were overly cocky or just downright malicious. Only thing is wondering just what he wants to do with the power he's seeking once he obtains it.

    1. that is exactly why he needs to go 3:)

  2. I like Darvill and it seems like he'll make it out of this. It's Phil I'm worried about. I know he's the main character, so he'll probably make it out but he isn't know for his ability to resist the advances of succubi.

  3. H͔̟̬̟̰̲́e coṃe̖̤̬̱̬̦͔s͖͉͓̮̟

  4. Yup, if the goal is to resist them then I would fail this test, no doubt. :) Have to admire Darvill there. Hell, even if he fails in the end, he still held out long. :D

    I wonder if something fishy is going on here... like the Scrote being one of these succubi, hidden under glamour. Heh.

    Very nice! Keep up the good work! :)