Saturday, March 19, 2016

Succubus Summoning 212, part 3

A slight delay this week.  I always knew this chapter would be a nightmare to write because of the various bits of background being revealed.  Making this a weekly serial has finally got the overall series moving again, but expect the weekly updates to slide around a little.

This is a continuation of my long-running Succubus Summoning series.  The first arc, Succubus Summoning 101, can be found at your nearest online ebookstore.  Previous chapters in the Succubus Summoning 201 arc can be found here.

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Succubus Summoning 212, part 3

As the succubus sitting down in front of Darvill asked the question, the other one standing at her shoulder ran her tongue around her luscious red lips.  Her glittering black eyes were fixed on Darvill as she inserted a finger in her mouth and sucked.  The finger, moist with her saliva, went down to the shadows between her legs.

"You don't need to do that," Darvill said.  "I know what's going on here."

The lead succubus arched a pencil-thin eyebrow.  "Really?  And what do you think you know?"

Darvill glanced at the standing succubus.  "I know she's trying to tempt me.  I also know she's not using the full extent of her succubus abilities.  And I also know why."

The two succubi shared a glance.  "Do tell," the lead succubus said.

"There are seven circles of hell, each corresponding to a frailty of human nature, otherwise known as a sin.  When a warlock successfully contracts with their first daemon they align themselves with the circle the daemon comes from.  Beginning warlocks mistakenly believe this circle represents their strengths.  It doesn't.  It represents their weakness."

"Go on," the succubus sitting opposite said, her face a perfect unreadable mask.

"The first daemon does not come to us out of desire to serve or be our familiar, it comes—drawn by the vulnerabilities it senses in our character—to take our soul.  That is what daemons desire—souls.  They serve us because it gives them opportunities to harvest souls from the earthly realm, a plane they cannot otherwise reach, but only if we prove ourselves to be sufficiently strong of mind and discipline.  A weak warlock is of limited benefit to a daemon.

"The first challenge every would-be warlock faces is to prove themselves to their daemon.  They must demonstrate they have the strength of will to overcome their baser desires.  And it is not just the one circle, they must show they are able to resist the temptations of all seven.  Only then will their daemon see them as a potential future master rather than a soul to be claimed.  Only then can the warlock open the way to mastery of the dark arts.

"Which brings us to you," Darvill said to the two succubi in front of him.  "You are succubi, representatives of the Circle of Lust.  Not only are you here to confirm we understand the true nature of the bond between us and our daemon, Magus Stine has also engaged you to test we are able to resist the temptations of the flesh."

Darvill hadn't finished.  He slotted together the final piece.

"From your costume and your pink plumes I can deduce you are Bedmistresses from the Palace of Infernal and Iniquitous Pleasures, a powerful order devoted to the mastery of the arts of seduction, manipulation and sensual ecstasy.  If you were to draw upon your full repertoire of succubus charm abilities I doubt any student would be able to resist them.

"However, you won't and the reason you won't use the full range of your considerable talents is because the test must be fair.  If the student succumbs, it must because of their own flaws rather than the overwhelming temptation of a daemon far beyond their level."

Darvill turned his gaze to the succubus standing at the shoulder of the lead succubus.

"I imagine being restricted to using only a small fraction of your considerable seductive appeal must be incredibly vexing.  You have my sympathies," he said.

"I can show you more," the succubus replied.  "A lot more."

"Maybe later," Darvill smiled.  "After we've established some proper ground rules."

And a cast-iron safeword, he thought to himself.

He turned his attention back to the others.

"So, as much as I'd like to see the three of you put on a sexy show for me, we all know it would be a waste of your time and mine."

He gave them all a rakish smile.  Now that was how you ace a test.

"Very impressive," the sitting succubus said.  "Even seventh year students don't always attain this level of understanding.  Some warlocks never learn it."

"This one is cocky," the succubus standing at her shoulder said.

"I prefer to think of it as being confident in my own abilities," Darvill said.

"This one could go far," the first succubus said.  "Maybe very far indeed."

"I hope so," Darvill said, "Although I'm aware there's still much for me to learn and walking the path will require plenty of discipline and hard work."

He affectionately ruffled the eyestalks of Calli-Scitu-Oc perched on his shoulder.

"You are partially correct on what this test is about," the first succubus said.  "It reflects poorly on my master if few of his students survive to become full-fledged warlocks, and there have been an unacceptable number of losses in the last few weeks.  However..."

Her black eyes glittered malevolently in the midst of her otherwise heart-achingly beautiful face.

Before Darvill could react, the succubus on his left leaned forward and snatched Calli-Scitu-Oc off his shoulder.

"...this is not the only purpose of the test."

to be continued...


  1. Waited all week for this. I love you. I hate you. So good but god dam that cliffhanger!

  2. You are going to make Succubus Summoning 201 into an e-book. Also you are going to make a Succubus Summoning 301 continue book right?

    1. Yep. As soon as the last two chapters are written I'll give everything a good edit and submit to my publisher. Depending on how that does, I'll likely continue Phil's (or someone else's if Phil fails to survive) adventures in SS 301.

    2. Awesome I like this series. I for one prefer long chapter book instead of short stories.

  3. Mr.Hydra sorry for the wait. Here the link to the story that I was working on. About having robots in H-Space? I know I said give me by monday and it now sunday. I hope you can give it chance and tell me what you think.

    1. Harpyia machina
      ugg. "My head" Sergeant Peter Masta Bate arouse from unconsciousness. After a few minutes of looking around it seems that he was in nest somewhere on a tree? "What the hell how did I get here!?" Then it all came back. He was in a two man reconnaissance team. There on a search for a UAV;that went missing in Hellspace in two months ago. Apparently they receive a signal from the UAV. Why and how? No one knew So HQ Sent him one other guy name Private Gerald Fist Ang.
      During the search Ang and him decided to split up to cover more ground. He pick up the UAV Signal from the tracking device that HQ give him and Ang. When suddenly something hit up from behind or was it above. "I got to get back to HQ." As Bate got up to find a way to get down. He heard a woman voice from Behind. "Leaving so soon?" "I have caught you and your are my prey" She cooed. Bate spun around to the speaker. What he saw Confuse him and arouse him. The Being that stood in front of him. Could been some thing out of Sci-fi movie.
      She was feminine beauty. An Alien beauty,but beauty none the less. standing at 6ft her skin was of a Metallic gray. Her breast was a proud and firm B-cup,Her lip a although the same color as her skin it was plump. Her hair was long and dreaded and it reach to her neck. But her form was also Avian,behind her was Metal wing that stood behind her. It wingspan was it least 5ft,her feet ended as claws of what one would see in birds. The scleroses and the iris on hers look like some from a circuit board. An her skin was cover in what to be some kind of tattoos some that looks oddly looks familer? As Bate back up weary he spoke. "What are you?" Hearing the beeping sounds from the scanner. Bate temperately forgot about the strange female and look down at the scanner. What he saw chill him.

    2. "You!?" "Your the missing UAV?!" Stammer bates. The tattoes now that he look at it,they were military Insignia's and color! At least some of them were. The others were just alien to him. "It seems that you were looking for me" Bate pull out his sidearm a M9 berrata and he stammered. "Your coming back to me to the base!" "I would love to but I'm close to running out of fuel" An a blink of an eye she was on him; clinging onto him seductively. "I need fuel,"
      She whispers as she rub her body on bate's. Bate feel himself harden,his mind getting cloudy. "I don't understand?" She smile at hand and with one of her hand she reach down to unzip his pants. Then reach inside to stroke him. Bates grone. "I need fuel and you have it." "Let me siphone it from you" Warning bells were going of in bate head. But they way she move her hands,felt to good for him to listen. "Sure go ahead." Spoke bate. "Good." She purr as kneel down and begin sucking him. Her mouth was incredible. Her suctions were like a vacuum,her tongue like satin. "Damn." Bate gasp. "Your really good at this." moan bate;he was doing all he could not to cum. It wasn't even a minute,and bate was already at his end. "Fuck!" Moan Bate as he came into her mouth. "Mhh delicious" She seductively whispers. "I need more fuel,and it seems you need a release." Despise what felt like an earth shattering orgasm;bate was still hard. More then hard,in fact he was hard as steel. "More fuel" She push him down and straddle him. Bate cock was now inside of her. If her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner,her pussy was like a black hole. A wet,tight,pulsating thing. Every stroke she was getting tighter,more wet,the pulsing became electrifying. The pleasure was exquisite and unbearable. Bate felt like he was floating. In fact he was floating! She look down to him and smile. There was a glent in her eyes that terrified him. "It would feel a lot better in the air hold tight."
      Without waiting for a reply she starting to ascend to the sky then accelerated. There were flying thought bate. AS Bate started to cling to her,the tempo her sex started to change. Her pussy was so tight, it felt like his dick was inside a clamp. The suction was much stronger now. It felt it was like his cum wasn't the only thing she wanted. An why is she so wet? Her juice was pouring as an open facet. Bate didn't get to thing further on when cum. It was the best orgasm he every had,and at the same time he never been more scare in his life. For when cum,he couldn't stop. He keep cumming like a broken facet. His body went limp,his skin feels dry,his bones felt like jelly. An Bate couldn't keep his eyes open for the life of him. He closed his eyes for the last time. "That was satisfying." She release the corpse and return to her nest.

    3. Yep, that gets the theme right. H-space would likely corrupt and convert any tech and turn it right back. I wanted to focus on the biological aspects because I prefer monster girls to ship/robot girls. Upping the tech level and have it be an alien dimension full of living tech that runs on human sexual fluids would work pretty well. In fact, given the success of KanColle and that ship/robot/tank girls seem to be the in thing, that might be the better route to take! :D

    4. I see your point. May I make another suggestion then. Why not just use Mimics Route? You know how an Rpg's you have creature that disguise themselves as treasure boxs. I mean you already have a story that features them. You could for example have a mimic that can disguise as a car. An drive like one but in a sort biological like instead of the wheels rolling it slides like a snail.

    5. No cars (as yet) in H-space, so it wouldn't work. On Earth, possibly. I imagine it would be something like Stephen King's Christine with added porn scenes.

      I might play around more with mimics. The typical chest monsters are a nod to old RPGs and don't fit. But there are plenty of diguises that might work - e.g sexy harem tents like the one angel in MGQ where the outer tent is an extension of their body (although the plan I had for her was a separate short story in a Game of Thrones-esque fantasy setting.

  4. I know the story kind of suck. It my first erotica. But I hope you can the concept of the story and see my point. By the way I'm working on the bio now.

    1. I wouldn't worry about quality if it's your first. The way to get better at writing is more writing (and reading).

  5. You're a genius!