Friday, March 18, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Anophelena

Name:  Anophelena (cn: Mosquito Girl)
Type:  Insect
Habitat:  Swamp.  Marshland.

Looks like an attractive human woman crossed with a giant mosquito.  This hybridisation manifests as the presence of antennae, wings, a long cylindrical abdomen extending from their rump, and an additional pair of arms.  Unlike the primary pair, the secondary pair of arms are not recognisably human, being spindly, black and closer in appearance to an insect limb, albeit on a considerably larger scale.

Despite being human-sized, their wings are capable of generating enough lift to enable them to fly.  As with Earth mosquitos, they possess a comb like organ that rubs against the wings to generate a constant buzzing sound.  At high volume these sounds have a disorienting effect on most humans.  At low volume the anophelena are able to shape these sounds into a facsimile of human speech in order to communicate with us.  Without this they would not be able to talk at all as their mouths, despite outwardly appearing human, hide a long retractable proboscis the anophelena uses to feed with.

Attack Strategy:
Anophelena are fragile and not evolved for direct combat.  Their wings give them some manoeuvrability, but they are not particularly fast fliers, preferring instead to skim close to the ground.  Their preferred strategy is to use the loud buzzing of their wings to disorient their target while they sneak up on them.  Once close enough, the anophelena jabs her proboscis into the target's flesh and injects a strong narcotic to render them unconscious.

The anophelena then carries her prey off to a safe location and ties them down so she can feed unhindered and at her leisure.  She can feed on blood, but for some reason, as with other H-space indigenous organisms, they prefer to get their prey aroused sexually and drink their sexual fluids.  In this case the anophelena inserts her proboscis into the urethra of her captive and sucks out semen directly from the base of the penis.  This urethral insertion combined with the suction of her proboscis triggers a strong, continuous ejaculatory response in most males.

While their captive is helplessly climaxing, the anophelena starts to suck up her captive's other bodily fluids.  She has multiple sacs in her breasts and abdomen to contain her victim's fluids and they are capable of generating enough suction to empty a full-grown man of all his fluids in a very short space of time.

Ear plugs are unfortunately not as effective at cutting out the anophelena's disorienting buzzing as would be hoped as the vibrations are transmitted directly through the skull.  While anophelena are extremely manoeuvrable, especially in the difficult, marshy terrain they're often encountered in, they're also fragile, with the wings a weak point.

If forced to engage in close combat be wary of the anophelena's proboscis.  The narcotic it injects is potent and will induce unconsciousness within moments of entering the bloodstream.

Threat Level:
Low, unless encountered as part of a larger swarm.


  1. Very creative, I always look forward to reading your H space profiles.

  2. Nicely done, i was oddly disappointed by MGQ when the mosquito girl did not use her proboscis on the game over scene.

    1. Actually that reminds me. I forgot to do a 'where did the inspiration come from' comment yesterday. The proboscis urethral sounding idea came from a piece of monster girl artwork I saw floating around.

      I'm trying to remember if the MGQ series had any urethral sounding Bad Ends. It might be something that isn't on TTR's fetish map.

    2. As far as i know it only mentioned in the in game encyclopedia that she sometimes uses her proboscis on her victims but she never uses it on luka.