Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Updates and a St Patrick's Day Sales Promotion on All Romance Ebooks

Yes, yes, there should be a Succubus Summoning 212, part 3 here, I know.  I knew that chapter was going to be a swine to write and likely slide around the weekly schedule until I got on top of it.  The next part has some interesting revelations and a bunch of exposition that was tricky to write.  My first draft didn't exactly nail it, which meant the typing up part was a little slower and more painful than normal.

There should be a new part out this week.  It's about 500 words and a decent edit away.  I was going to put it out tomorrow and shift the usual H-space slots back, but what I'll do instead is post the H-space MGB pieces in their usual slots (as they're already done) and bump SS212, pt3 to Saturday.  That'll give me a chance to triple-check I haven't borked the exposition passages.

In other news, it's St Patrick's Day tomorrow, so it would be rather remiss of me not to remind you of the appropriately themed collection of short stories I put out this time last year:

I liked the cover on this one, but for some reason the book didn't come out the gate with similar sales as the other collections.  One of those things, I guess.  Anyway, if you missed it the first time around, there are thirteen stories waiting for you to read, some of them brand new and appearing only within this book.

The other reason to mention St Patrick's Day is because my publisher, Excessica, has let me know they're part of a St Patrick's Day sale on All Romance Ebooks.  For that day Excessica's entire catalogue of books will be 25% off on All Romance Ebooks.  So, if you've found me recently through my stories/reputation and would like to see what my published work is like, tomorrow is a good time to pick up my previous books at a discount.

My books can be found on All Romance Ebooks here.

Also, here are the other books Excessica offers.  Give them a look and see if any take your fancy.

ETA:  Hmm.  Okay those links don't quite go to where I was hoping.  They're still easy to find.  Author -> M. E. Hydra in the top right search box on the page will take you to my books and Publisher -> Excessica Publishing will do the same for my publisher.

Further Update: The links now go to the correct places.  Thanks for the fix suggestion in the comments, Anon.


  1. Did you have plans in the future to put together an e-book placing the various Succubus Summoning side stories in one place? Excuse me if this has been asked before.

    1. It's something I've been thinking about. Some of the side stories have plot points that are important to the overall story.

      The side story with Cerulea I'll probably work into the main story to go along with the other chapters where she's (sort of) training him.

      The main problem is Carny. He has a bigger role in SS201 (and in the overall story), but is introduced in a separate side story (Halloween at McHooligans). That story is quite long, so reworking it as a new chapter or adding it as a bonus short story would bloat the book and also screw around with the pacing. The solution I'm probably going to run with is to put it out as a separate ebook (for free) to bridge the gap between SS101 and SS201.

      The Nyte stories and anything similar that don't really relate to the main SSx01 storyline will likely still show up in the other collections.

    2. MEH,
      Have you thought about collecting all of side stories in their own volume "A Succubus on the Side" or some such?

    3. First Anonymous guy again, I'd be first in line if you you did put all the sides in one e-book, they aren't that expensive and I'd love to have them all in one place. That said I have no idea how much effort/cash that takes you to put something like that together so I understand if that is unlikely.

    4. It's something I'll consider doing. I'd want a few more "exclusives" to add so that people are getting something for their money rather than slightly better edited versions of stories that are already up on the internet.

  2. BTW, if you want a working link to your books, search for yourself, select one of the sort options (e.g., sort by "Recently added"), and THEN copy the link.