Friday, March 04, 2016

H-space MGB Profile: Ophimanibus

Name: Ophimanibus
Type:  Lamia
Habitat:  Desert.  Arid Mountains.

A dusky-skinned woman with snakes for her hair, snakes for her arms and the lower body of a giant snake.  Rather than a tail, her lower snake half—like her arms—terminates in another snake head.  None of these heads are false.  As in, they all possess working oesophagi that link to the same alimentary system.

(I have no idea how this all connects up inside them and I'm not sure I want to know.)

These charming ladies also possess fully functional poison fangs hidden within their breasts, although the poison is supposed to have some pleasurable side effects such as increasing libido and inducing euphoria.

Attack Strategy:
They are capable of altering perception so that they are seen as sultry dancing girls.  These dances have a mesmeric effect on their audience and allow the Ophimanibus to get close enough to bite her intended target.  Once bitten a man will become helpless and unable to resist while the Ophimanibus performs sex acts on him.

As with other hindigs, the Ophimanibi feed on semen, or rather some abstract spark of energy or life that is released during ejaculation.  While they consume the bodies afterwards, either with the lower tail mouth or sometimes even through their vagina, it is the draining of semen/energy that is fatal.  Their victims are usually dead by the time they are swallowed.

(Semen == Energy == Soul?)

Their hypnotic abilities appear to be sound based—possibly generated by the head snakes and occurring at a frequency outside the range of human hearing.  This is aided by a strange natural phenomenon at the edges of the Mandeville desert where they are found.  Wind through rock formations on the edge of the desert produces an odd acoustic effect that dulls reaction times and seems to make men more suggestible to the mesmeric abilities of the Ophimanibi.  Ear plugs should go some way to reducing the effectiveness of these attacks.

Conventional firearms are effective, assuming they're working.  If they're not, engaging Ophimanibi in close quarters is not advised.  They are fast, agile and the snake arms give them a lot of reach.  Their venom acts quickly once it enters the bloodstream and a single bite is enough to incapacitate a man.

Threat Level:

Even if their mesmeric abilities are resisted, Ophimanibi are extremely dangerous at close quarters because of their speed and multiple angles of attack.


  1. Tip: Here, the countermeasure part is lousy. Instead of saying "If firearms don't work, don't do this" you should be giving advice on what to do instead if the guns jam, not what not to do.

    1. True. Technically it should be: "If firearms don't work, disengage and retreat. Keep a safe distance. Don't attempt to engage with melee weapons." The current wording implies this, but a more realistic doc would spell this out in greater detail. I'll keep that in mind for future profiles.

  2. Great as usual... Are de ever going to ser any lesbian-based succubus (no, not inccubi)? Such as the ones that appeared briefly in Trent the traitor.
    Love the stories, as usual. Keep it up!

    1. Possibly. It does happen in the setting (as well as incubus-on-female). I avoid writing them because I don't think I could do those stories proper justice. (It's hard to write scenes describing how awesome having a big hard incubus dick in your vagina feels when you don't have a vagina and have no frame of reference to base it upon.)

      There will be at least one story where I give it a go and hopefully the results won't be too comical.

    2. You can also do it like in the "The Sweetheart Removal Agency". Show a woman having sex with a succubus but from the point of view of the male protagonist. I thought it worked really well in that story.

      Would be interesting to see some fellow female soldier get it on in the H-space with some sexy monster girl while Bate watches them (and possibly, is getting it on as well).

      But no pressure. Write whatever makes you comfortable. It's been great so far! :)

  3. To be honest, a snake giving out a blowjob with a vagina for a throat actually made me laugh. :D

    Also, the guy is right. Are we going to see any incubi? We know they exist, but you seem to not talk about them that much.

    1. They exist, but will likely only crop up in background references in my stories.

      For my own writing I tend to focus on what I like and what turns me on - which is horror and sexy femme fatales respectively. Trying to write things outside of this becomes a chore and when writing becomes a chore it's usually obvious to the people reading as well.

      Incubi ravishing women (and men) and monster girls/succubi ravishing other women definitely take place in the setting. While I won't be focusing as much on those aspects, I'm happy for others to take inspiration and write those stories if they fancy it.

  4. Fascinating, I wonder what crazy Hell-Space monster girl that you'll make next, Mr.Hydra.

    He's right, we don't need to go there. I love my succubi and monster girls, but it would be interesting to learn what their standing is with the succubi. Maybe an incubus background character would be nice.